Nutra Tosterone Supplement Review


Nutra Tosterone Review

Nutra Tosterone, which one can only assume is akin to be named after natural testosterone, and oftentimes seen under the name “Rage DNA”; is a fairly well-known muscle growth/enhancing supplement that is currently being widely discussed in the health industry.

But we will tell you right now, this product is rough around the edges until further notice. But let's discuss in-depth details about what we do and do not know about this advertised and publicized product.

What Is Nutra Tosterone?

Nutra Tosterone

This product claims to reduce the average individual’s body fat while simultaneously boosting his or her muscle mass, all without the help of a diet or consistent workout schedule (dream scenario).

If you are currently thinking to yourself, ‘this sounds too good to be true’, you are not alone. Professionals across the industry have criticized Nutra Tosterone for being no different than the many other muscle building supplements that are made available for purchase each year, and this belief has gained a surprising amount of support and in all fairness is pretty self-evident.

Nutra Tosterone Benefits

Nutra Tosterone’s main selling point is its claim that it causes three main things to occur within the body;

— An Increase In Muscle Cell Production
— Increase In The Hydration Of The Body’s Blood Cells
— An Increase In The Production Of Enzymes That Are Responsible For Breaking Down Adipose Cells, Which Are Commonly Known As Fat

Additionally, Nutra Tosterone also states that it stimulates the body’s metabolism and allows for food to be digested in a quicker and healthier manner (our recommendation for this is pure forskolin).

While all of these health benefits do sound amazing and beyond beneficial, they are the same health benefits that many other dieting and workout supplements claim to accomplish as well. Despite the fact that Nutra Tosterone’s sales pitch is seemingly revolutionary and unique, it is by no means something that consumers have yet to see before.

Nutra Tosterone Side Effects

However, there have been very few reports of Nutra Tosterone causing negative side effects thus far, and many individuals have claimed to have very positive experiences with this product.

Almost all of the ingredients that make up Nutra Tosterone are popular compounds used in many products floating around the health industry, and none of them currently pose a particular risk.

But, like any other muscle growth supplement, there is always the potential for negative side effects to occur, thus making it critical that you first check with your doctor in order to determine that using this product will not pose a risk to your health.

One of the most common health benefits that users have claimed to experience from Nutra Tosterone is a higher tolerance and endurance when working out. If true, this side effect can wind up making it substantially easier to strengthen the overall body and sculpt particular body parts.

While this is not the only health benefit that Nutra Tosterone boasts of, it is certainly one of the ones that users and future consumers should be paying close attention to, as it is something that very few other products have been able to achieve thus far.

Should You Trust Nutra Tosterone?

All in all, Nutra Tosterone has given critics little reason to believe that it is a scam product, but it has also failed to set itself apart from the many other muscle growth products that are currently being sold as well.

Yet, as this product has only just been made available for purchase quite recently, it will still take some time in order to determine if the supplement is truly all it is cracked up to be or not.

We will update our review about NutraTosterone as soon as we get some feedback and find credible and reliable information about this new natural testosterone booster.

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Supplement Police
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  1. This is the fourth site I have read that claims the same thing – this product and its free trial offer are unsatisfactory, possible scam material.
    I have phoned the bank and cancelled all money going to them.
    After researching this product – I suggest to others not to order the product and not to participate in the free trial.

  2. I got a add sayings makes a d##k bigger by 3-4″ inches is that true. Can some one tell me the truth, some one that has used it or that is a professional at this formula

  3. I ordered this product and they charged me double “security fee” for shipping which they did not refund when i asked and they proceeded to charge me 0.47 for an email which i did not want and when i called to ask to cancel they beat around the bush they also had a hard time refunding me the money i asked for so i cancelled my card.

    I just received the two products (tosterone and power pro) and the labeling looks as though it was printed from a 40$ printer and stuck on.
    Just looking at the packaging makes me not want to even bother with the product, although I’m definitely not sending them anything back after all the hassle they put me through.

    This seems like a huge scam I would recommend not purchasing from this company.

    • Do you have an email address for these people who are distributing these products. I too am a sucker and need to make contact with them…

  4. I phased the trial bottles too, received the product and also the same letter. They prescribed me to an online subscription for a magazine which would cost 0.47 cents per month, along with random fees of $1.09. I canceled my cArd immediately, is there any way they might still be able to charge me? What’s the best thing to do now? First time I’m ever experiencing a scam like this – usually I’m not that stupid!

  5. Just ordered a trial bottle and was shocked to learn that if I used a single pill it was going to cost me 100 pounds.

    Have tried to get a RMA number to return it within 14 days and I cannot get through with the phone no given.

    It is a SCAM

    • Yeah I did the same. Ordered my trial and when found out the cost thereafter I immediatly called their number to cancel. When that really didn’t work a simple call to my bank blocked any monies being taken from the company.

      No cash was ever taken from my account.

      Product was pretty useless too, it’s expensive rice powder lol

  6. Hi,

    I purchased the trial of Power pro and NutraTosterone on Monday and it arrived on Saturday (today) after opening the package and reading the page that came with the order it sates that i have 14 days from date of order to cancel the product and return th bottle or i will be charged 100£ for each bottle!!! this was never mentioned in the advert!!!

    I fear purchasing from this company is a scam! stay away.

    Do not purchase this product or from muscle and or any of the links on google to do with this product as they are all linked together.

    • I got the same and now 6 months after blocking my card to prevent them getting the money I have a legal proceeding from Holland trying to get it

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