NuStep T5XR – Comfortable At Home Recumbent Cross Trainer?


Cross trainers offer a number of advantages when training the body. Able to train the entire body without negatively impacting the joints and far less likely to cause injuries, cross trainers target almost all of the muscles in the body in a low-impact but effective cardiovascular training activity.

Also known as elliptical trainers, these machines have been scientifically proven to deliver a more cardio-intensive training session without compromising the health of the body[1].

The T5XR Cross Trainer is a new elliptical training machine from Nustep, an internationally-renowned exercise machine manufacturer. The unique design of the T5XR positions the user in a recumbent position, providing a greater degree of comfort while training and further reducing the risk of injury, making it ideal for restorative physiotherapy or for use by individuals that are prone to joint injury.

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed assessment of the Nustep T5XR and outline the design and construction of this innovative training machine to help you decide whether it’s the right solution for your needs.

What Is The Nustep T5XR?

The Nustep T5XR is an innovative cross trainer that has been designed from the ground up to provide a simple, comfortable and effective method of exercise for individuals of all ages, body types and fitness levels. Adaptive and easy to use, the T5XR offers users a wide range of unique features that are intended to enhance productivity and fitness.

The recumbent position of the T5XR provides users with a low, step-through design that creates an ergonomic body position during cardio exercise, with a smooth stepping motion that is available in a range of resistance levels.

Suitable for users from 4’6” to 6’7”, the T5XR is capable of supporting up to 600 pounds of weight and has a quiet drivetrain that creates a low noise profile.

The simple easy-start procedure and intuitive design of this recumbent cross trainer makes it easy to use for individuals recovering from injuries, and has even been used specifically to help individuals with spinal damage recover due to it’s low-impact cardio workout.

Design & Construction

Weighing in at 275 pounds, the T5XR is a sturdy exercise machine that is self-powered through a dynamo attached to the drivetrain. Offering a low-inertia startup with a user-controlled step length, the generator of the T5XR can provide resistance levels between 0 and 1400 watts, with an instant free coasting start and stop action for maximum safety.

The seat of the T5XR has been designed with comfort and security in mind. A standout feature of the seat construction in this machine is the 360 degree seat swivel that allows locking in 45 degree intervals, making moving on and off the machine easier for individuals with joint issues or injuries.

The seat itself is ergonomically designed and is wheelchair-height, delivering 18 inches of adjustment. Built into the seat are two contact heart rate sensor grips that provide biometric information to the control computer to allow for targeted training.

The armrests of the T5XR are adjustable in length and are complete with hand grip rotation settings, keeping the arms and hands aligned in the correct position during a workout. An easily operated clamshell release makes adjusting the hand grip rotation fast and simple, while ergonomically-shaped hand grips provide comfort and prevent cramping during use.

The foot pedals of the T5XR have also been designed with physiotherapy and recuperative cardio training in mind.

A cushioned foot surface provides a soft platform for feet to rest on that can be adjusted into one of three lockable angle settings, and soft heel cups in the lower section of the pedal secure feet and prevent slipping. Also included in the foot pedal design is a flex foot system that allows the dorsi and the plantar to flex, as well as a dirt slot to provide simple cleaning function.


The intelligent console of the T5XR provides a vast amount of fitness data to users to assist with workouts and track progress. All of the relevant information gathered and projected by the control computer is available on a large, easy to read LCD screen that is powered by the drivetrain while in use, requiring no mains power input.

Starting up automatically when the machine is used, the console delivers push button workout control and comprehensive data readouts, providing users with the ability to set goals in time spent, distance travelled and calories spent.

15 different levels of resistance can be set via the console, with five different customizable and programmable modes. Motivational aids are also built into the console readouts, as well as seat position information

The console can also be set to management mode to customize the appearance of the LCD screen, and a contextual information button provides users with relevant help information on the fly. The biometric sensor suite of the T5XR allows for Polar heart rate monitoring and a target heart rate control program, while the drivetrain sensors provide constant speed and constant power programs.

The console is even able to discern between separate users and track workout progress with specific user ID’s, with the capacity to track up to 200 users. Data gathered from user ID’s can be exported via USB along with machine data for statistical analysis, an excellent feature for gym enterprises or physiotherapy practices.

Lifespan & Warranty

The T5XR is covered by a 10 year frame warranty, a 5 year parts warranty, and a one year labor warranty with a 30 day comprehensive money-back satisfaction guarantee. Designed to sustain millions of steps, the T5XR is built to last.

Nustep T5XR Review Summary

The Nustep T5XR is a high quality fitness machine that is backed by clinical science for its effectiveness in providing a low-impact but comprehensive full body workout. Made in America, the T5XR offers a wide number of features not found in other elliptical training solutions.

Sitting at the top of the Nustep cross trainer line, the T5XR provides every feature you’d expect in a high quality elliptical, and then some. If you’re looking for a recumbent elliptical trainer, the Nustep T5XR is one of the very best solutions available.

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