Nuru Gel – Natural Plant Extracts Increase Sexual Performance?


Nuru Gel is a topical remedy that is used to help you eliminate the issues you face with erectile dysfunction because of aging.

This remedy is easy to use and low in cost, but it can only be delivered to consumers in Thailand.

What is Nuru Gel?

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that millions of men around the world face. As you get older, your body doesn’t run in the same way you’re used to, which impacts everything from your joints to your skin to your sex life.

Most men’s priorities are not on the first two changes, but you may feel your masculinity being threatened by your inability to please your lover in the bedroom.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice this intense activity for the sake of reaching your 40th birthday. Instead, you can use Nuru Gel.

Nuru Gel is a topical remedy that you can use to stimulate the blood flow processes in your body to help you achieve an erection effectively.

In sexual activities with your lover, you won’t be able to enjoy the experience in the same way if you’re not aroused and completely flaccid. Instead, using this gel can:

Most people that succumb to the embarrassment and frustration of erectile dysfunction will speak with their doctor to get a prescription that can remedy the situation.

Unfortunately, even the leading brand (Viagra) comes with plenty of potential side effects, some of which end by taking a trip to the hospital room.

You can’t afford to have this type of embarrassment in the middle of sexual activity, but you also don’t want to ruin the moment by taking a little blue pill. Instead, you can take the more natural approach that Nuru Gel offers.

How Does Nuru Gel Work?

The reason that the Nuru Gel is so effective in treating your bout of erectile dysfunction is due to the composition of the formula.

There’s several ingredients that boost its power over other formulas. Those ingredients include:

  • NGI Goat Grass
  • Maca
  • Thistle
  • Elastin

Each of these ingredients contributes to how well you’re able to form an erection. Read on below to find out more about them.

NGI Goat Grass

NGI Goat Grass is a translated term on the website, so it’s difficult to find anything about this plant online elsewhere.

However, the website for Nuru Gel states that this substance helps you to improve your ability to perform sexually.


Maca root offers plenty of nutrients to consumers, like vitamins, B, C, and E. However, the most widely-known purpose is to improve your sexual function.

This ingredient is helpful to both men and women, heightening the libido or either gender. However, in men, it has the potential to improve your endurance in the bedroom.


Thistle is crucial in improving your hormones, which take a major hit as you age. The only way you’ll have any type of sex drive is by stimulating your libido, which is the main role that thistle appears to have in Nuru Gel.


The Nuru Gel supplement is one of the few formulas that contains elastin as a part of the remedy.

It is meant to improve the tissue regeneration in your manhood, while improving how sensitive you are to physical touch.

Using Nuru Gel

The regimen for improving your erections with the Nuru Gel involves a 30-day commitment to the formula.

The directions on the website indicate that you will need to massage yourself once a day with the gel for an entire month. Over that month, you will notice a stronger, firmer, and more impressive erection each time.

After the initial month has passed, you can continue to use it intermittently. There’s nothing on the website to indicate if it is safe to apply and leave on when you’re having intercourse, so you may need to speak with someone from the customer service team for additional help.

Pricing for Nuru Gel

If you want to incorporate the Nuru Gel into your routine, the total cost of the formula is ฿990 (or $28.13).

You don’t put any of your credit card information into the website. Instead, you will enter both your name and phone number to have a representative contact you about your purchase.

Then, your shipment will be delivered to your door via courier or mail, which will be determined during your purchase.

At this time, you are only able to purchase the product if you’re located in Thailand.

Contacting the Customer Service Team for Nuru Gel

The website doesn’t appear to have any contact information for the customer service tea at Nuru Gel, which probably because their information indicates that they will call you.

Nuru Gel Review Summary

Nuru Gel helps you beat erectile dysfunction in a way that is easy, natural, and safe. You won’t have to consume any huge capsules or go through any strange remedies.

Instead, you get to use a soothing gel daily to improve the size and strength of your erections. If you’re ready to revive the young stud that you used to be, Nuru Gel is here to help.

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