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Nulogic Nutritionals is the brainchild of Dr Fred Pescatore, MD, one of the most sought-after natural physicians in the United States. His practice covers over three decades, during which Fred has helped countless number of patients all across the globe.

Many people will also recognize Dr Pescatore from his appearances on many nationally broadcasted programs such as the O’Reilly Factor, Rachael Ray, the Today Show.

In addition to all the is also an author and has written the New York Times best-selling book, The Hamptons Diet and the No. 1 best-selling children’s health book, Feed Your Kids Well.

According to his official website, Dr Pescatore’s passion for traveling and education led him to an avenue where he was driven to research and produce some of the best nutritional supplements available in the market currently.

All of the products formulated by his company (NuLogic Nutritionals) are made through the use of high quality ingredients that have been derived from organic sources from across the globe.

NuLogic Nutritionals Product Range

Brain Logic:

As the name suggests, this unique formula has been made to deliver our Central Nervous System (CNS) with a powerful brain-boosting extract known as ‘Bluenesse’. It is a patented mix that infuses a highly rare lemon balm that has been extracted from trees grown in Germany.

From a research aspect we can see that this product has been validated by experts at Swinburne University, Australia. The study has revealed that Bluenesse can promote faster memory recollection as well as improve our mental processing speed in as little as 60 minutes. A single bottle contains a month's worth of supply and is priced at 89.95.

Dream Logic:

This is a natural sleep aid that works by promoting the uptake of “relaxation proteins” within our body. All of the nutrients used to make this product have been clinically tried and shown to work for a period of 8 hours.

Users will also be interested to learn that each serving of this powerful formula comes packed with 200 mg of ETASTM, a natural compound that has been shown to naturally support a feeling of deep relaxation.

In addition to this, there is also 100 mg L-theanine in the mix. Theanine is an amino derivative which along with melatonin works to control our sleep cycles. A single bottle contains 60 capsules and is priced at 49.95.

P.M Reboot:

This is a unique ‘protein boosting shot’ that has the potential to help keep our metabolism running at an ideal level. It comes in the form of a solution that can be taken either in the evening or just before we are about to go to bed.  When used as advised, P.M. Reboot helps relax our nerves and allows for the elimination of all unwanted stress that might have accumulated within our tissues and joints.

The formula also features a blend of natural antioxidants (obtained from turmeric) that have been shown to promote a healthy inflammatory response, fight free radical damage, and help guard every component of our metabolic health. A single purchase is priced at 69.95 and comes with a package of 12 units of P.M Reboot.

Macadamia Nut Oil:

This is an essential oil blend that features a ‘nutty, sweet, buttery flavor’ that is not only easy on the nose but can be used for a number of different purposes including cooking, searing, grilling and even baking. This product is completely natural and contains no preservatives.

In addition to this, it possesses an extremely high volume of oleic acid, a compound that has been widely studied and shown to help promote proper levels of inflammation support, memory, power levels etc. A single bottle contains 16 fl oz of the oil, and is priced at $27.95

Amino Booster Mix:

This is an ‘essential amino acid infused’ powdered drink. Owing to its highly powerful formula, this product can help us keep our weight levels in check, and can allow for an increase in our innate energy production capacity.

Recent research released by La Trobe university has pointed out that the amino derivatives in this supplement can also help curb hunger/ crush cravings, enhance our metabolism and heighten our fat-burning capacity. A single container contains 30 servings of the powder and is priced at $49.95.


This ‘mobility enhancer’ comes packed with special herbal extracts that can help our joints stay in shape well into our old age. It comes packed with special ingredients such as Green-lipped mussel extract, a nutrient that has been long used by the Maori’s of New Zealand to promote their overall wellbeing.

Additionally, there is also bromelain in the mix. It helps promote joint comfort and also increases our flexibility. A single bottle is priced at $39.95.

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics:

As the name suggests, this is an all new ‘Probiotic formula’ that uses ancient ‘Japanese fermentation artistry’ to create a product that is not only unique, but also capable of delivering immediate results.

When looked at in more detail, we can see that this supplement comes packed with 12 synergistic strains of probiotics that help improve our digestive health, as well as increase our immunity. The product comes in the form of capsules and is priced at $61.


This is a ‘multi purpose’ supplement which has been created after years of research.When taken as part of a daily dietary regime, it can help protect our bodies from free radical damage, as well as support the flow of blood within our circulatory passages.

Other recent studies are pointing to the fact that the core mix in Pycnogenol can also reduce oxidative stress, and ths improve of immunity and overall inflammatory responses. A single bottle contains a month's worth of supply and is priced at $39.95.

Where Can I Make Purchase NuLogic Nutritionals Products?

All orders can be placed on the official NuLogic Nutritionals website. The pricing and relevant compositional information has been provided with each supplement.

To purchase, all we need to do is click on a desired item and then complete the transaction using safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa. There are a variety of combo and subscription deals available for users to check out as well (all of them allow for added discounts).


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