Nudy Patooty – Fresh Organic Bamboo Undershirts For Women?


On a recent episode of Dr. Oz, a group of medical professionals went over a list of the most embarrassing health problems women have to deal with on a daily basis. While there were many interesting conditions on this list, the number one problem wasn’t something that was serious, but rather something that was a daily nuisance.

The number one problem health problem women face today is excessive perspiration. Not at all a life and death situation, excessive perspiration can cause women to feel uncomfortable in their clothes, to the point that many will avoid certain outfits because of the perspiration.

Nudy Patooty is a company that has created a solution for women who struggle with perspiration. The line of comfortable under wear products that use a special, innovative technology that keeps signs of perspiration hidden.

By providing women with this extra support, Nudy Patooty is offering a boost of comfort for those who are tired of always worry about perspiration.

What is Nudy Patooty?

Nudy Patooty was created by Michelle Shemilt, a woman who noticed that there was a serious problem in the female fashion industry. Working in the finance industry, Shemilt realized that she was avoiding some of her favorite outfits because she was afraid to sweat in them or they had perspiration or antiperspirant stains on them. Wanting a solution to preventing perspiration and keeping the stains off her favorite clothes, Shemilt created Nudy Patooty.

Using a bamboo fabric combined with a patented Sweat-Secret Fabric technology, Nudy Patooty offers a wide range of women’s under garments that can be worn underneath shirts, dresses, pants, and skirts. The advanced technology used in Nudy Patooty garments decrease the amount women sweat, allowing them to feel cool and comfortable all day.

And, just as importantly, if women do sweat, the amazing under garments will prevent the sweat from seeping through onto clothes. Feeling lighter than any other undershirts on the market, the clothes offered by Nudy Patooty lay flat on the skin, so they can’t be seen through any outfits.

While Nudy Patooty started as an undershirt company, it has expanded to offer several different categories of these shirts. Whether women want a sleeveless option or a three-quarter sleeve, scoop neck, Nudy Patooty has a solution. No matter what outfits women want to wear, Nudy Patooty offers the perfect support system, keeping perspiration and antiperspirant stains from favorite clothes and outfits so women can feel confident throughout their days.

Benefits of Nudy Patooty

The biggest benefit of the undershirts sold by Nudy Patooty is in the fabrics used to create the garments. There are several undershirt options available for women. However, most of these shirts are made using cotton or latex, which are uncomfortable and don’t breathe as well as they should.

What makes Nudy Patooty unique is that it uses bamboo fabric, which is known for regulating the temperature of bodies, allowing users to stay comfortable throughout the day. Nudy Patooty also uses Sweat-Secret Technology, located into the underarms of all the company’s undershirts. This fabric helps wick away moisture, stopping any perspiration that could cause sweat stains.

No woman wants to trade one problem for another, making life even more complicated. One of the biggest issues with undergarments for women is that they tend to bunch under clothes, leaving unflattering bulges that are just as embarrassing as perspiration stains.

Another benefit of Nudy Patooty is that its garments were made to lie flat underneath clothes, being seamless so they are practically invisible. By offering this little bit of extra support, Nudy Patooty can give women the confidence they need to move freely throughout their days, not worry about stains or bulges.

While the main goal of Nudy Patooty products were to prevent perspiration stains from ruining good outfits or embarrassing women, most of the undershirt options also work as body slimming garments.

In order to provide the seamless look that keeps the material close to the body, preventing unsightly lines and bulges, Nudy Patooty gently holds the body in. As a result, most Nudy Patooty undershirts have a slimming effect that allow women to look better than ever in their favorite outfits.

Finally, Nudy Patooty products are extremely comfortable. The bamboo fibers used in the undershirts are very breathable, keeping women cool or warm, depending on what their bodies need. Often, users of Nudy Patooty find that they sweat less while wearing the undergarments.

In addition to being so breathable, Nudy Patooty undershirts are also stretchy, allowing a full range of motion for women. Because Nudy Patooty was made by a woman for woman, every aspect of women’s fashion needs has been taken into account.

Purchasing Nudy Patooty Products

As mentioned above, Nudy Patooty has increased its product line to include several different shirt options for any outfit. All these options fall into two different categories, Undershirts or Basics. In the undershirts category, women will find seamless, lace cap sleeve, crop top, and three quarter sleeve options.

In the Bamboo Basics category, women will find fitted tee, relaxed crew, reversible tank top, and relaxed scoop options. All these options, plus a fuller description on the fabrics used for Nudy Patooty products, can be found on the company website.

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