Lipo Express Shapewear – Men & Womens Body Compression Garments?


Lipo Express Shapewear is a lineup of shapewear for men and women. Find out if Lipo Express Shapewear is worth the price today in our review.

What is Lipo Express Shapewear?

Lipo Express Shapewear, found online at, is a shapewear company known for its women’s shapewear and men’s shapewear. The company also offers compression jeans, lace shapewear, and lace waist trainers. The Miami-based company calls many of its products “Colombian shapewear”, and much of the company’s marketing specifically targets the Hispanic community.

Many people credit their Lipo Express shapewear with helping them look slimmer, feel great, and lose weight. Some Lipo Express are also categorized as medical devices, and can be used as compression garments to encourage healthy circulation throughout the body.

Today, Lipo Express products are sold by distributors across the country. You can also purchase the products online, or in certain retail outlets. The full body shapewear is typically priced between $80 and $120.

Lipo Express Shapewear Products

Lipo Express offers dozens of different shapewear products across multiple categories, including shapewear products for men and women as well as medical devices, waist trainers, and more. Here’s a brief overview of the company’s products and what you can expect.

Women Shapewear

The Lipo Express women’s shapewear category includes 75 shapewear products in total. Popular options in this category include the Bodyshaper, which is typically priced at around $120 and available in three shades (white, tan, or black). The Bodyshaper is available in a wide number of styles, including the Classic Half Leg, Thin Strap Half Leg, Classic Half Leg Derriere, and Strapless Short.

In addition to the dozens of Bodyshaper styles, the Women’s Shapewear category includes the Classic Bikini Body Shaper, the Bikini Body Shaper No Hooks, the Body Thong No Hooks, and the Postpartum Body Shaper, among others.

Some of the unique products available in the Women’s Shapewear category include the Female Vest Posture Corrector ($80), the Neoprene Girdle ($80) and the chin or face masks. The chin and face masks are compression garments that you wrap around your face to help firm up areas of sagging skin or alleviate wrinkles. Yes, you will look silly while wearing them – which is why you wear them at home.

Typically, Lipo Express women’s shapewear products are priced between $90 and $120 for a full body shapewear piece, although some of the company’s cheaper body shaper units can be found for as little as $12.

Men Shapewear

The Men Shapewear lineup from Lipo Express features just five pieces, including the Male Body Shaper ($140), the Male Vest ($100), the Male Vest Posture Corrector ($80), the Compression Shirt ($80), and the Male Boxers ($40). Each of the shapewear products is designed to lift and firm a different part of your body to help you look and feel slimmer and more toned.


In addition to shapewear, Lipo Express sells a full lineup of beauty products – including anti-aging skin creams – you can use in conjunction with your Lipo Express shapewear products.

Some of the popular beauty products sold by Lipo Express include the naturally slimming teas (priced at $25 for 30 tea bags) and the Thermoactive Reducing Gel ($20 for a 4 oz container). There’s also a Hypothermic Firming Gel, a Caffeine Gel, Body Wraps, and a Breast Gel. All of these products are designed to alleviate skin problems in some way – like by reducing inflammation, removing scars, or firming the area.


Lipo Express offers a full lineup of jeans. These are compression jeans that mold to the shape of your legs and butt. There are 15 different styles currently listed on the official Lipo Express website. The jeans range in price from $40 to $60 and are categorized as “Colombian Jeans” – kind of like how the rest of the Lipo Express lineup is categorized as Colombian Shapewear.


The Lipo Express Lace category features two distinctive products: the Classic Body lace shapewear or the Fashion Body 2 lace shapewear, both of which are priced at $35. They work in a similar way to the other shapewear offered by Lipo Express, although they have a lacier design, including see-through sections and floral patterns.

Waist Trainers

Lipo Express’s Waist Trainers are priced at $50 to $60. Just like other waist trainers, they’re designed to slim your waistline over time. Waist trainers have been popularized by Kim Kardashian and other celebrities in recent years. Kim K – and others – swear that waist trainers have helped them lose weight, slim their waistline, and look sexier. Some women wear the waist trainers only while working out, while others wear them for most of the day.

In any case, Lipo Express offers about a dozen different waist trainer designs. Some styles can be worn discreetly underneath your clothing, while others can be shown off to the world and worn like ordinary exercise apparel.


A number of Lipo Express’s products are categorized as medical shapewear, including products listed in other categories – like the Bodyshapers for men and women. This shapewear can be used for medical purposes. If your doctor has told you to wear shapewear to help you lose weight, or to encourage circulation throughout your body, then the Lipo Express Medical category is a good place to start.

About Lipo Express Shapewear

Lipo Express was founded in 2001 in Miami, Florida. The company, according to the official website, is “dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of shape-wear, postpartum, medical and daily use, girdles, vests, waist trainers, for women and men”.

Lipo Express products can be found at retail stores, online outlets, and independent distributors across America.

You can contact Lipo Express by phone at 1-800-323-0452. The company is located at the following Florida address:

12235 SW 128th St. Suite 212
Miami, FL 33186

Should You Buy Lipo Express Shapewear?

Lipo Express shapewear includes shapewear in dozens of different styles and varieties. There’s medical shapewear for those who need to encourage circulation throughout the body, for example, and there’s sexy lace shapewear, athletic waist trainers, and a wide variety of other shapewear garments.

You can find Lipo Express shapewear online at the official website. It’s also sold through Amazon, or through local retailers and distributors in your area.

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