Noway HCP Protein

Proteins are the basic building blocks of our bodies, and nearly 60% of all our muscles and tissues are made up of proteins or other amino acid derivatives. Thus, whenever we talk about physical fitness, it is almost impossible to not discuss the role that proteins can possibly play in shaping our physiques. Even when looking at today’s mass builders and weight gainers, we can clearly see the important role amino derivatives and whey compounds play.

This is because, when key proteins are delivered to our metabolic centres on time, they are able to speed up the energy release and muscle development process in our bodies. Thus, there is a need to optimise the proteins in such a way that, when they enter our bodies, they can be easily broken down and harvested by our cells.

In terms of protein options, there are many protein extracts that can be found in the market today. Whey extracts have caught the attention of the masses recently because they possess a high volume of pure protein (>80%) within them.

However, in recent years scientists have come up with newer alternatives such as Bovine Collagen that have been shown to possess a similar protein content, but even higher absorbability rates. By absorbability we mean that the compounds are highly bioavailable and can be used by our bodies quite easily. They are also easy to expel from our system, and thus can be easily removed via our excretory passages once their full use has been extracted.

About Noway HCP Protein

Noway HCP Protein is an all new protein supplement that has been produced from a ‘specific combination of bioactive dietary peptide from hydrolysed bovine collagen’. Due to its unique structural nature, our bodies are able to reduce the compound into usable substances, and thus beneficial results can be obtained within hours to days of use.

Since the protein content is highly bioavailable, it can be easily reduced by our our skeletal muscle cells, and hence can aid in the rapid generation, repair of lean muscle mass present in our bodies.

From a biological point of view, the components in the supplement have been designed using a unique process that is known to mimic a ‘real, live digestive process’ which takes place within our stomachs. Thus, the proteins function more naturally and are able to get delivered timely to their required destinations.

Lastly, Noway HCP Protein has been made using specific acids and enzymes that make it really potent and efficacious. The supplement is also made to undergo rigorous testing in certified laboratories to confirm the presence and activity of the specific peptides so as to ensure that the results that one gets are consistent and of high quality.

Noway HCP Protein Key Features and Benefits

  • Collagen: apart from all its protein related benefits, there is also the presence of healthy collagen content in the supplement. This helps keep our bones and skin structure healthy, allowing us to obtain a glowing and radiant look.
  • High Bioavailability: as mentioned earlier, Whey supplements are tough to breakdown within our bodies, and thus cannot be utilized completely for optimal benefits. However, Noway comes with a ‘high bioavailability quotient’ which allows the base nutrients to be broken down and harvested by our bodies quite easily and efficiently.
  • No Alkaline proteins: there is no trace of any alkaline compounds in the mix. This allows the supplement to be fit for long term use.
  • mTor Enabler: the active agents in the mix have been found to be useful in activating the mTor metabolic pathways within our bodies. This allows users to produce more energy that can in turn be utilised by our various muscles, tissues and tendons.
  • Fat Loss: the primary components of Noway have been clinically found to increase the lipid transfer rate within our bodies. This allows for fat deposits to be gradually reduced into fuel based compounds, allowing us to easily get rid of excess kilos from our belly, gut and thigh areas.
  • Strength: as is natural, the components within Noway increase the transfer rate of proteins within our bodies. This helps in the development of lean muscle mass which can enable us to become stronger and increase our overall athletic output.
  • Acid Regulation: through trial based studies, the supplement has been found to optimise the working of our digestive systems via a balancing of our stomach acid levels.

Noway HCP Protein Pricing and Availability

Noway HCP Protein comes in sleek black/gray packages which contain 1 kilogram of the supplement. There are 2 distinct flavours to choose from, namely Choc Caramel Fudge and Vanilla Caramel, and all units have been priced at $53.70.

To make a purchase, all orders can be placed on the official website. Similarly, payments can be done using means like PayPal, Mastercard etc.


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