Normatec PULSE Recovery Systems – Leg, Hip, Arm & Body Massaging?


Normatec happens to be a leading maker and vendor of highly innovative systems that make recovery a simple walk in the park. These given devices can conveniently furnish professional athletes, athletic trainers, and even coaches with the much needed edge when it comes to training and performance.

The primary mission of this company is to ultimately help make the recovery process a key component of each and every athlete’s training regimen on a global scale. Its patented PULSE and PULSE PRO systems are essentially dynamic compression gadgets, which have been specifically geared to enhance recovery as well as rehab.

These cutting edge gadgets can enable athletes to recover in a markedly quicker and more effective manner than they would ordinarily do. This, of course, encompasses relevant times in between their training sessions and after their actual performance on the field, as well. Should you wish to access further information on this company, please feel free to head visit their website.

About Normatec Compression Systems

The PULSE and PULSE PRO systems come with a digital control unit along with a set of attachments. The latter of which include those that have been designed to fit the legs, arms, and even hips. These systems make use of compressed air to be able to massage the limbs, recruit essential fluids, and in the long run, fast track the recovery process.

Normatec refers to this technique as the PULSE massage pattern. This pattern is highly acclaimed for employing 3 different crucial factors to achieve the desired results. These results are purely and simply to improve blood fluid in order to optimize recovery.

To begin with, there is the pulsing factor. Rather than using static compression (squeezing action) to relay vital fluids from the limbs, this technology leverages on dynamic compression (pulsing action). This sort of ‘pulsing’ action can conveniently imitate the exact way muscles in the legs and arms pump. In turn, this immensely promotes the free movement of fluids and metabolites away from the limbs, particularly after rather vigorous exercise sessions.

These recovery systems incorporate the gradients factor, too. As you might be aware, the veins and the lymphatic vessels possess one way valves, which are specifically meant to do away with the risk of fluid backflow.

So, just like these natural fluid vessels, the PULSE technology utilizes what are known as the ‘hold pressures.’ These make sure that fluids can never be driven in the wrong direction during the compression process, a factor which lets these cutting edge recovery devices deliver optimal pressure in all zones of the limbs.

Finally, Normatec systems integrate what it refers to as ‘distal release.’ Protracted static pressure exerted on the limbs can in the long run wreak havoc on the body’s default circulatory flow. With this in mind, the sequential PULSE technology sets to work by releasing the hold pressures when the need for them elapses.

In its turn, this goes a long way in preventing fluid backflow in the limbs. By relinquishing the pressure exerted on every zone of the limbs, every part will be able to gain optimal rest time. Thanks to these innovative gadgets, this occurs without any significant pause in between the compression cycles.

At this juncture, it is important to note that the PULSE technology has been fully backed by in-depth scientific studies. These studies have been published in leading journals. These include the Journal Of Strength and Conditioning Research, European Journal of Applied Physiology, and even Experimental Physiology.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Normatec PULSE Recovery Systems?

Like it was previously mentioned, the recovery devices that this company offers are specifically designed to optimize recovery. Still, to be able to fully comprehend the magnitude of this benefit, it is necessary to take a brief look at each of them.

Normatec PULSE System

This particular gadget comes with a number of cutting edge features and specifications, which facilitate recovery from literally anywhere you may be. You can utilize the PULSE system from the comfort of your home or, if necessary, on the go wherever you may be located. One of its most appealing features is, without doubt, its large digital control unit.

Its ultra compact design is yet another plus in its favor, too. In a nutshell, the PULSE system will allow you to recover from anywhere in an extremely hassle-free manner. It offers the zone boost feature that lets you achieve optimal intensity in your recovery whenever you require it. This gadget is especially suitable for individual athletes, together with smaller athletic teams.

Normatec PULSE PRO system

The Normatec PULSE PRO system incorporates much newer capabilities and user-friendly interactions than the PULSE model. This makes it arguably the most highly advanced recovery and rehab device that is currently made available in the market.

To this end, it comes with an innovative touchscreen user interface, which lets you fully customize each and every facet of your recovery compressions. Some of the most prominent are time per zone along with pressure per zone. This Normatec gadget can also be excellent for post op and post injury compressions. The PULSE PRO system can be suitable for high profile professional athletes, teams, and even athletic trainers.

Besides these 2 recovery devices, Normatec also offers a wide variety of useful accessories that can come in very handy in your compressions. This includes hip attachments, leg attachments, arms attachments, international power supply adapters, carry cases, and even microfiber bags, the last of which can be extremely useful when it comes to the safe storage and cleaning of either your PULSE or PULSE PRO recovery systems.

Are There Any Risks?

As it was earlier noted, Normatec was able to develop both of its systems, and more particularly, the PULSE technology they leverage is based on in-depth scientific physiology research findings. This definitely signifies that each and every due consideration was placed not only on the effective function of these gadgets, but their safety as well.

Therefore, the possibility of their giving rise to any complications as you use them is extremely low indeed, unless you use them inappropriately. As such, always make it a point to strictly adhere to the user instructions Normatec offers with the packaging of these innovative recovery devices.

Normatec Compression Systems Review Summary

As you can evidently see, Normatec is certainly a leading player in the athlete recovery device industry on a global scale. This company’s main objective is to play a pivotal role in eventually making recovery an integral component of every athlete’s training regime.

To this end, Normatec has made it its business to develop cutting edge recovery systems, which are definitely in a class of their own. These devices incorporate the highly innovative PULSE massage technology that is characterized by 3 critical processes. If you remember, these are the pulsing gradients along with the distal release processes. All of which when combined deliver a dynamic compression rather than the too often detrimental static compression.

The last, if you remember, can lead to fluid backflow if it is executed for a prolonged period of time. Also, both the PULSE and PULSE PRO systems can facilitate for optimum and quick recovery times in between workout sessions and after performance, too.

Best of all, these products have been fully backed by exhaustive physiology scientific studies, which have been published in leading scientific journals. So, you can certainly see the benefits of Normatec recovery systems if you wish to optimize your athletic training and performance.

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