Nootbot – Smart Chat Assistance For Nootropic Brain Enhancers?


NootBot is a chat robot that wants to help you pick out the best nootropics for your unique needs. Learn more today in our NootBot review.

What is NootBot?

NootBot, found online at, is a chat robot that wants to teach you everything you need to know about nootropics – including how to use them, which stacks are best, and which stores provide the best deals.

The robot introduces itself by asking if you’re already familiar with nootoropics. Then it asks you if you drink coffee, and explains how nootropics are similar to coffee. Obviously, if you drink coffee, you’re already a nootropic user: caffeine is a type of nootropic (unless you’re one of those people who thinks stimulants can’t be nootropics).

In any case, the robot follows up by explaining what nootropics are, how they work, and why people use nootropics.

When asked who uses nootropics, for example, NootBot claims that they’re “mostly used by students from higher ranked universities (Stanford, Harvard, Oxford,…), startup founders in Silicon Valley and business executives all over the world”. The robot doesn’t cite a source for this information.

You can carry on a conversation with NootBot to learn more and more information about the world of nootropics.

How Does NootBot Work?

NootBot is technically a chat robot. But it’s not as responsive, as say, Siri, OK Google, or some of the other AI systems available today. You can’t type in anything and get an intelligent response back. Instead, you’re restricted to a few pre-selected responses.

When the robot tells you what nootropics are, for example, you’re given three possible chat questions:

  • How do they work?
  • Why nootropics?
  • Who uses nootropics?

However, you can go off script and ask the robot basic question. If you type in a question like, “What is modafinil?”, for example, then you’ll get a good response on the benefits of modafinil, how it works, and what the best dosage may be. In this case, NootBot recommends a dosage of 100mg to 200mg.

What’s the Point of NootBot?

NootBot, like most things on the internet, is designed to sell you something. After you learn about nootropics, you’ll eventually see a button that says “find shops”. If you ask about modafinil or other nootropics, for example, you can ask NootBot to find shops that sell those nootropics. You can narrow down your search even further by giving the robot your location.

Then, you choose shops based on their price or time delivery.

Clicking on price, you’ll be able to choose a number on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the cheapest nootropics available, and 5 is the most expensive.

Alternatively, if you click on time delivery, you can choose between delivery times of 3 days, 7 days, or 14 days.

After you choose your price or delivery preference, you’ll see a list of vendors that meet your needs, along with their prices. You can click on those product listings to go to their online stores.

You can also use NootBot to look up nootropics by condition. When I typed in “cure ADHD”, for example, NootBot claims to have “looked at user ratings on the internet” and found “the best 3 nootropics for ADHD”, which included adrafinil, CDP-choline, and pramiracetam.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to talk to NootBot, you can also scroll through a list of articles on the official website. Recent articles include, “Nootropics and Students”, “Racetams – The Most Popular Nootropic Family”, and “Nootropics Introduction”.

Who Made NootBot?

NootBot’s official website claims it was created by a big group of people that are interested in both artificial intelligence and nootropics. The robot describes its mission as “to help anyone who is interested in nootropics” learn more about supplements. The robot also wants to prevent people from wasting money on useless nootropics.

When you dig a little deeper into the disclaimer section, you’ll find that NootBot is linked to a company called Upress O.O.D, which appears to be based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company’s Facebook page, however, claims it was founded in Boston in 2016.

Meanwhile, when you look up the WHOIS data, the website is registered to a Slovenian man named Peter Jamnik, who is also the listed author for all articles on the website.

You can contact the makers of NootBot at [email protected].

Should You Use NootBot to Learn More About Nootropics?

NootBot is a straightforward chat robot that can give you basic information about nootropics, their uses, their recommended doses, and their safety. The robot will also recommend specific online nootropic stores for you, including their pricing, dosage, and ratings.

You can access NootBot online today through The company also plans to launch a version for Facebook Messenger in the future.

Ultimately, NootBot is the world’s first AI-based nootropics assistant. The makers of the robot claims it will get smarter and smarter the more it’s used – so we’re only beginning to see the potential of the NootBot nootropics chatbot.

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