Nola Air – Portable & Lightweight Fast Inflatable Lounger?


Looking for ways to achieve a sense of relaxation? In need of a convenient yet peaceful lounging essential?

When it comes to resting indoors or out, consumers need to consider factors like one’s comfort and support levels, convenience, ease of use and weather capacity to name a few. Fortunately, Nola-Air claims it can provide the support with many more features to come.

Nola Air is said to help consumers lounge and enjoy a given moment without having to worry about carrying heavy, inconvenient and uncomfortable furniture. With its uses, consumers might, not only achieve a peace of mind, but can also alleviate one’s overall body.

The following review will look closely at Nola-Air in terms of its purpose, its uses, its notable features and its affordability.

What Is Nola Air?

Nola Air has been designed with the intentions of satisfying a consumer’s overall experience lounging while eliminating unwanted pains related to one’s body and state of mind. It is a Holland-based product that a group of friends have come up with to increase one’s comfort levels while enjoying each other’s company.

How Does Nola Air Work?

What makes Nola Air worth considering is the fact that it uses air to gain form. In other words, consumers must open Nola Air and swing it around that way air enters it. Upon filling it with air, consumers simply need to clip the ends, and the end result is said to be similar to a lounge chair found at the beach, but with increased comfort.

When considering its uses, consumers have endless options, as Nola-Air can be great while boating, mountain viewing, camping, by the pool side and at the beach, indoors, at a festival and much more. The one thing consumers should avoid is trying to float on top of water, as it has not been designed to serve that type of purpose.

What Can Be Said About The Embedded Features Found In Nola Air?

Nola-Air is made with lightweight nylon materials that are responsible for making it compact, inflatable, lightweight and portable. In addition, the use of nylon is believed to increase and form a comfortable backrest design that may seem impossible to create given that it is filled with air.

Some of its other notable features may include, flexible pockets for optimal storage, waterproof and built in with security loops at each corner to stabilize Nola-Air with pegs.

How Much Can Consumers Expect To Invest In Nola Air?

As the creators of Nola Air are currently seeking funding for this innovative idea, consumers can expect to invest $59USD per Nola Air, which also includes a carrying bag and set of ground pins.

Consumers also have the option of choosing from 7 different colors, which best meets one’s taste and needs. Here is a price breakdown for those interested in investing more money:

  • $145USD for two Nola-Air sets
  • $345USD for five Nola-Air sets
  • $720USD for ten Nola-Air sets
  • $3750USD for fifty Nola-Air sets

Nola Air Review Summary

Overall, Nola Air can come of great use, especially in times of travels or merely relaxing. Its usefulness can be reflected in its lightweight design, as it can be easy to carry and put together.

Furthermore, its ability to support one’s weight with something as simple as air is something worth considering. For more information, check out:

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