LT Pain Master CBD – Lawrence Taylor 56 CBD For Sports Relief?


CBD oils as we all know have become highly sought after in the past couple of years. This is in part due to their amazing healing and rejuvenating properties. When looked at from a compositional angle, we can see that cbd is the second most abundant component of the cannabis plant.

However, it is ‘non-psychoactive’ and does not contribute to us getting ‘high or stoned’. This is because there is no THC (the active agent in cannabis) contained within cbd, and thus it is safe for use at all times.

LT Pain Master CBD Product Range

(i) Painmaster CBD Cream:

As the name suggests, this is a highly potent ‘CBD infused topical cream’. From a benefit standpoint, we can see that LT Pain Master cream comes packed with anti-inflammatories that help in the relaxation of ‘localized sore muscle areas’.

What is most interesting is that this product is especially designed for people who are used to intense sporting and physical activity. Each dollop of this cream contains 1000 mg of specialised cbd extracts that help in relieving pain and muscle soreness within minutes of use.

At this junction, it is also beneficial to mention that the oil is naturally derived from raw hemp that has been grown organically. A single container possesses 4 fl oz of the cream and is priced at $149.99.

(ii) Pain Master CBD Oral Drops:

These oral drops have been infused with cbd to help deliver users with a highly efficacious ‘pain relief product’. According to data available online, we can see that this supplement has been made in conjunction with NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor. Each serve comes packed with a large 1000 mg CBD dosage and is ideal for use after heavy physical activity.

Also, similar to the LT Pain Master Topical Cream, these drops have been made using some of the highest quality hemp extracts available in the market today. Lastly, a single vial contains 15 ml of the solution and is priced $159.99.

Other Details To Keep In Mind Regarding LT Pain Master CBD

(i) Designed for Athletes:

The manufacturer has made it clear that the dosages in these products are ideal for people who like to workout and generally stay active.

(ii) Organic:

All of the added components in the cream and oral drops have been organically grown and sourced.

(iii) Endorsed by Lawrence Taylor:

What makes this supplement range unique is the fact that it is endorsed by world famous athlete ‘Lawrence Taylor’, who played as a linebacker for the New York Giants for the entire duration of his career.

(iv) Natural:

The aforementioned products are completely natural and contain 100% CBD extracts that have been clinically tested and validated.

(v) Quality Assured:

LT Pain Master CBD are made within the United States in facilities that are governed in adherence to strict FDA rules and cGMP guidelines.

What Are People Saying About The LT Pain Master CBD Products?

According to feedback that can be found online, LT Pain Master CBD has received good reviews.

Satisfied customers include Lawrence F who says ‘I tried the Painmaster Cream with no expectations. I've had severe back issues for the past 5 years and pain meds have been the only thing that helped up until this point.

The very first time I tried this, I felt a BIG difference. The pain subsided greatly! I'd say about 70%, then I mixed that with the CBD drops and I was feeling great! I highly recommend this product and extremely happy with it.’

Where Can I Make A Purchase?

All orders can be placed on the manufacturer's official website. Pricing and other relevant information has been clearly listed there. Payments can be made via safe means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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