NoHBO Review – Will it Work?

NoHBO is a single-use, eco-friendly shampoo ball. This is our review.

What is NoHBO?

NoHBO is a single-use, eco-friendly shampoo ball, which has a March 2016 release date. The product is named NoHBO as an abbreviation for “No Hair Bottles.” The company focuses on both the ability to create an environmentally-safe bathroom product, along with the ability to deliver it in an efficient format.

The shampoo is designed to strengthen and condition your hair with natural chemicals and substances, which essentially eliminates the need for additional hair-cleansing products.

According to the website’s claims, the NoHBO shampoo:

· Contains No Harsh Chemicals
· Is Animal/cruelty Free
· Is Plant-based
· Is Paraben-free
· Is Sulfate-free
· And Is 100% Compostable

The main appeal of the shampoo ball is that it is easy to travel with. By packing the shampoo ball when you go on a trip, you don’t have to worry about abiding by the airline’s policy on bringing liquids onto a plane. Additionally, if you’re travelling by car, you don’t have to worry about the shampoo ball leaking on your other belongings.

However, the company also advertises that the product is safe for children, due to the natural and recycled materials used. Much of the reasoning for creating this product is to help promote a healthier environment, which has been a major cause of concern since many companies and individual households started “going green.”

Available Scents/Variations

Right now, the shampoo ball is available in three different designs – Smokey Sandalwood, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Unscented.

The Smokey Sandalwood design is meant to “revitalize” your hair, leaving your hair with the woody scent of the sandalwood tree.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom shampoo ball is described as “rich,” “gentle,” and “creamy.” The formula is meant to make your hair feel light and soft. Each one uses the natural antioxidants in the cherry blossom tree, which also gives your hair the same subtly floral scent.

How Does NoHBO Work?

To activate the components, you need to introduce the shampoo ball to water. The ball can be crumbled or wet with water as a solid. The water changes the ball from a solid into a liquid with a similar texture to regular shampoos.

This shampoo has a compostable plant-plastic wrapper, which can be recycled and turned into compost.

Right now, the company still has patents pending. Two provisional patents have been filed, which will be able to be converted to full patents with the capital given to the creators by Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Using NoHBO

Using the shampoo ball is very easy and straightforward. Just like other shampoos, you focus on the lather-and-rinse method.

The steps are as follows:

1. Rinse your hair and unwrap the shampoo ball from the plant-plastic wrapper.

2. Place the shampoo ball in your hands and lather it under the shower water.

3. Wash and lather your hair, just like you would with any other shampoo.

Pricing for NoHBO

At this time, you cannot purchase shampoo balls produced by NoHBO, you can only pre-order. The product is not due to be released until March 2016. You can check the Indiegogo campaign, which is now up and running to learn a little more.

At this time, no products have been sold, so there are no customer reviews or claims available to support the performance of the product. However, the lack of using a plastic bottle makes it possible for the company to give it a lower price that standard bottled shampoo.

Right now, Hyatt Hotels is interested in using the product in their hotel rooms.

The Makers of NoHBO

The creator of NoHBO is Benjamin Stern from Melbourne, Florida. The design was presented to investors on the February 19th episode of Shark Tank.

Benjamin told producers that he came up with the idea for the shampoo ball after a video in his science class exposed the dangers that plastic water bottles pose to the environment. This was the reason he came up with a compostable wrapper instead of a plastic bottle for the shampoo. Benjamin sought out the right people to help him come up with the formula, including a chemist.

While there are no opportunities for others to invest in NoHBO at this time, Mark Cuban decided to invest $100,000 in his project, stating that Benjamin is his “mini-me.” With Cuban’s financial success throughout his personal finances and the show, this product must be a good purchase.

To contact Benjamin or the rest of the customer service team, you can fill out the electronic form on their website to find out more.

Is NoHBO a Good Purchase?

Right now, it is too soon to tell if the NoHBO shampoo ball is a smart purchase, from a financial standpoint. However, the formula for the shampoo ball benefits the environment and allows consumers to reduce their carbon footprint. If you are concerned with the impact your choices make on the environment, this product is for you.


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