NLA For Her Thermo Energy Performance Chew – Pre-Workout Fat Burner?


If people were to look at the fitness industry with fresh eyes, they would come to the conclusion that it was a place for men only, with the occasional female visitor.

But this is an incorrect depiction of the fitness world. Just take a look in any gym. Most likely there will be more women there than men.

So if women are just as into fitness as men are, why does the fitness industry seem to be dominated by men?

That’s because most of the products available are made with men in mind. No, this isn’t fair, but that’s just the way it is.

But we live in a new day where women are just as capable as men. These capabilities extend into the gym and beyond. With that being said, it’s about time for women to be represented in fitness correctly.

And guess what? That is beginning to happen.

One of the ways this is beginning to come into fruition is by way of a new supplement company that is taking the industry by storm.

What makes this supplement company different from all others? Well, for starters, it’s product is targeted specifically to women.

Let’s take a look.

About NLA for Her

NLA is a woman’s supplement company that was started in Los Angeles, CA back in 2012.

NLA claims that it exists due to a hole in the market. Before their existence women had two options when it came to fitness supplements; either choose weak plant-based supplements or go the extreme route and take the overly-strong supplements made for men.

Neither one of these were viable options, so NLA was birthed out of necessity.

While it has not yet been determined in this review whether or not NLA supplements are of quality, NLA has earned points for being innovative.

It seems kind of silly that there hasn’t been any female supplement companies before this. Yes, hindsight is 20/20 but it’s weird that in a world with 7 billion people no one thought of this idea before 2012.

But let’s not digress.

The NLA for Her website looks exactly how one would expect a woman’s supplement web-presence to look.

It’s filled with images of fit women as well as images that showcase the community this company has played are part in building.

That brings us to our first noteworthy point; this company has built a pretty extensive community. This is something that must be pointed out because it speaks to the quality of the supplements NLA for Her develops.

A company that offers lackluster supplements wouldn’t be able to build a community from grassroots marketing. They simply wouldn’t be able to get enough people on board.

By NLA being able to accomplish this lets us know that their products are good enough to have people talking about them and wanting to spread the word.

So far, so good.

What also must be pointed out is the fact that all of NLA’s products are manufactured at NSF and GMP certified facilities.

This fact puts their products above every supplement that doesn’t have that certification backing up its products legitimacy.

From an aerial view, NLA seems to offer legit products. But the true assessment of this company will take place once we take a keen look at their products.

Products for Her

NLA offers a good amount of products for all of those fit women out there.

One of the tabs at the top of their website is labeled “recipes” which leads one to believe that their products can be used for cooking.

NLA certainly knows their market.

All of their products are grouped into a handful of categories. They include; Workout supplements, health and beauty, dietary supplements, fat burning/weight loss, and performance chews.

Performance Chews is a category that just seems to jump out at you so let’s look closer at this particular category.

These chews seem to be chewable versions of the type of products that men would usually mix with water.

For example, one of the performance chews that NLA offers is a chewable called “Her Thermo Energy Performance”, which is basically a chewable pre-workout.

This chewable contains 55mg of caffeine per serving and will provide a great deal of energy and mental focus.

Aside from that, not much is said about the product itself, which is a little disheartening. For a product this innovative, it would help a lot if NLA were to be a little more transparent about what actually went into this product.

Transparency goes a long way in the supplement industry. NLA just doesn’t provide enough info for this product to really show the customer that they have nothing to hide.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that these products are low quality. It just means an outstanding company is a little less outstanding due to lack of transparency.

I guess you can’t have it all.

NLA for Her Review Summary

NLA for Her is a truly innovative supplement company.

It’s one that cannot be ignored strictly due to all that it is doing for women in the fitness space. Giving them something of their on.

These products give women something new to try that was made with only them in mind.

It may not be perfect, it may have its flaws, but it’s definitely forging new ground for the fitness industry.

Hopefully NLA is the first of many.

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