Stacked Protein – Evlution Nutrition Fast & Slow Release Stack?


You can never have too much muscle.

Ok, yes you can. But for most of us, too much muscle is not the problem. More often than not, too little muscle is the issue that most people want to fix.

This isn’t necessarily just an aesthetic thing. Yes, more muscle mass can greatly improve ones appearance, but muscle has many more benefits that just making someone look good.

For one, strength is an important thing for men to develop for many reasons. A few can be making people who may wish their family harm rethink their position. Another reason is so they can actually get things done that require a more herculean base.

Muscle also comes in handy by keeping people younger. Studies have shown that strength training works wonders for telomeres, which are what causes us to age, effectively making strength training a literal fountain of youth.

Now with all of these benefits of having muscle mass how do people actually effectively build muscle? Well, of course strength training is needed, but it’s not all.

Diet is just as important in building muscle as exercise is, unfortunately this is an area where a lot of people tend to place less effort. Namely when it comes to protein, the building block of muscle mass.

A good deal of protein has to be consumed if muscle is to be built effectively. For those who don’t want to consume it via their diet, another option is available.

Protein shakes.

These shakes have been around for a long time, and for good reason. They simply work. But not all are made with the same quality. has released their own brand of protein that looks as if it could be a strong contender on the market. Let’s see exactly what this stuff is made of.

About Stacked Protein

Stacked Protein is a protein powder concoction developed by the popular niche site;

This site is an all-in-one stop for everything fitness, and it has been around seemingly as long as the internet has.

With a brand being around for as long as has, it means that consumers trust whatever they put out.

This type of blind trust makes the decision process a lot easier, and for the most part, this brand has lived up what consumers expect from them and at first glance this product is no different.

The first thing that strengthens the trust of consumers is the fact that this product is made at a NSF and GMP certified facility.

It’s a rule of thumb that if a supplement is to be purchased, find one that is manufactured in this way since they are generally safer and honest.

The fact that this product in manufactured in this way is certainly a good thing, but a good deal of products are also manufactured in these types of facilities. The more interesting thing about Stacked Protein is what makes it stand out.

Product Differentiation

The first notable thing that stands out about Stacked Protein is that it contains both fast and slow release protein.

What this means is that the mixture of proteins contained in this product will both quickly feed muscle as well as sustain a sense of satiety when consumed.

This is a great thing because a lot of similar products either do one or the other. This one differentiation makes Stacked Protein a useable protein for anyone.

Although the two proteins play into why this product is called Stacked Protein, there are not the only reasons.

Stacked Protein also includes 5g of BCAA’s, 5g of glutamine., and 2.3g of leucine. These extra ingredients will help consumers with their results even more than just pure protein would.

Their inclusion also saves customers money since usually they would all have to be purchased separately.

As if all of the above weren’t enough, this product also innovates the protein product line by way of diverse flavors.

They include: Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Decadence, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry and Birthday Cake.

Now, normally when fitness companies give their products these bold type of flavors, they are just flat out disgusting.

But with the social proof that’s available on’s website, they seemed to have made an exception with Stacked Protein.

Stacked Protein’s icing on the cake is the fact that it is offered for just $28.99, which is fairly cheap for a product that has this high of quality. may just have one of the top 5 protein powders available on the market right now.

Stacked Protein Review Summary

Stacked Protein is just a monster of a protein powder.

It has some of the most important muscle aiding products included in its formulation, making it a smarter buy for people who take fitness seriously.

Also, it comes in a number of delicious flavors that will make one forget they are drinking a protein shake.

To top it all off, for just under 30 bucks, this product can be taken home. You just can’t beat that value.

The verdict is out; Stacked Protein is one of the top proteins available and should be seriously considered by anyone looking to increase their muscle building potential.

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