When looking for personal care products, many consumers report that they turn to a familiar name or company that they feel are trustworthy. It makes sense that a company that has been in business for more than one hundred years and has a core value statement, might inspire trust. When that same company offers an extensive product line designed to take care of the skin and body, it narrows down the choice quite a bit.

Beiersdorf Global AG are the makers of Nivea, and have been manufacturing skin care products since 1882. The company was founded by pharmacist, Paul Carl Beiersdorf and though he sold the company in 1890, the company still honors his name. Beiersdorf Global AG carry a total of four skin care lines including the popular, Eucerin.

In today’s review, we are going to focus on only one of the product lines, Nivea.

What Type Of Products Does Nivea Offer?

From lip care to body wash, the line of Nivea products is diverse while still concentrating on individual needs. Nivea has a variety of products targeted to different skin conditions and needs. Below are some examples:

  • Body Wash
  • Relax 3-1 Body Wash (Nivea Men)
  • Sensitive 3-1 Body Wash (Nivea Men)
  • Renewal Moisturizing Body Wash
  • In-Shower Body Lotion
  • In-Shower Nourishing Body Wash
  • Extended Moisture Lotion
  • Extended Moisture Hand Cream
  • Express Absorption Lotion
  • Skin Firming Cellulite Gel-Cream With Q10
  • Sun Kissed Radiance Lotion
  • Maximum Hydration Lotion For Men
  • Milk And Honey Lip Care
  • Raspberry Rose Lip Butter
  • Moisture Essential Lip Care
  • Lip Butter Cocoa Butter
  • The Original Nivea Cream
  • Nivea Soft

With so many products to choose from, Nivea makes choosing a skin care product easier than ever. The makers also have products that are formulated just for men and targets individual skin care problems. The website has an easy to use product link that in informative and descriptive.

A Closer Look At How To Use Nivea Products

One product that might not be familiar is Nivea’s line of in-shower body lotions. Thanks to a well designed website, all questions are answered on how to use this product. According to the makers of Nivea, the following steps should be taken to get the most out of the in-shower lotions.

  1. Shower as normal and then rinse completely.
  2. While still in the shower, apply Nivea in-shower body lotion on wet skin. (Avoid bottom of feet.)
  3. Rinse off. Nivea recommends washing down the shower with hot water to make sure there is no lotion residue left that could be slippery.
  4. Dry off and get dressed.

This seems like it is pretty simple, but if there are still questions, Nivea has the answers right on their website. Some of the questions concerned how this product works and the answer given was easy to understand. The moisturizers found in Nivea in-shower lotions are activated by water. You should not use the lotions, except in the shower and on wet skin.

As with any over-the-counter product, discontinue use if any irritation should occur. Always check ingredients to make sure there are no known allergens.

Is Nivea A Trusted Name In Skin Care?

The Nivea product line is just one of four that the parent company, Beiersdorf, makes and sells. It can be helpful to know a little about the makers of any product before purchasing. On the Beiersdorf website they list the core values for their company and they are:

Care – Acting responsibly towards colleagues, consumers, brands, society and the environment.

Simplicity – Striving for clarity and consistency, making decisions quickly and focusing on what’s essential.

Courage – Committed to bold objectives, taking initiative, learning from mistakes and seeing change as opportunity.

Trust – Telling the truth, keeping promises and treating all with respect.

Where Can Nivea Be Purchased?

There are multiple places where Nivea can be purchased including at traditional brick and mortar stores as well as online. Most major retailers including, Walmart, CVS and Target carry the line of Nivea products. If you are looking to shop online, your choices are almost endless. Amazon and Walgreens are two big names that will carry the Nivea line of skincare products, as well as many other online retailers.

Positive Reviews For Nivea?

Looking at the reviews for all of the Nivea product line, it’s easy to conclude that this company that has been around for more than a century has outstanding name-brand recognition. More than 80% of all reviews are very positive. Consumers are very satisfied with results after using any of the Nivea products.

There were very few negative reviews, but perhaps concerning enough to learn about. The biggest complaint was the texture of some of the products, especially, Nivea Cream. Consumers complained that it was too thick, had an oily base and that it was overall more messy than other lotions and moisturizers.

Some reviews stated that not only did the product not work for them, but that it had actually had a drying effect on the skin after use.

Digging a little further, research revealed that for this particular product, (Nivea Cream) that a different formulation is used for the European market than for the US market. It seems that the company adds the sensitizing preservatives methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone only in the US version.

The Takeaway – Why Buy Nivea?

Whether the need is body wash or perhaps to try a new moisturizing lip balm, there are plenty of brands to choose from. Most consumers feel more comfortable buying a product from a name they know. When it comes to skin and body care, Nivea is a name that almost everyone will recognize. The company that makes the Nivea product line has been around for more than a century.

So, it comes down to name brand recognition, ease of buying the product, good customer reviews and consumer’s personal preferences. Nivea couldn’t be easier to buy, both in retail outlets and on numerous websites. When visiting the Nivea website, a coupon is even available for a free trial sample.

The makers of Nivea certainly make it easy to try their product and their website gives customers the knowledge needed, before spending money on yet, one more, moisturizer that didn’t work.


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