NeuroScience SeroTrex

Due to the pressures of daily responsibilities, high levels of stress can lead to various health risks. Because stress can affect every area of life, the physical, mental, and emotional health is at jeopardy when people can’t resolve the source of their stress.

Recent studies have shown that stress can lead to health-related problems such as obesity, depression, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, and gastrointestinal problems. To prevent potential illness, it is crucial that individuals deal with stress and avoid negative feelings and emotions.

NeuroScience SeroTrex is a natural supplement that is designed to alleviate stress and feelings of anxiety. Strengthening the body’s emotional and physical response to stress, SeroTrex is formulated to treat symptoms of nervousness, mild forms of depression, low energy levels, and insomnia.

About NeuroScience SeroTrex

Distributed by the company Accutrition, SeroTrex is manufactured by NeuroScience Incorporated. Specializing in dietary supplements that formulate a variety of nutraceuticals, the company is focused on supporting the nervous system and improving mental health. With the formulations designed target specific neurotransmitters, each formula use natural ingredients that are safe and effective.

Accutrition, a team of nutritional consultants, is committed to providing their customers with healthier, active, pain-free lifestyles. Providing more than 7,000 products from trusted brands, the company believes that optimal health can only be achieved with knowledge, commitment, and balance.

Prioritizing health and wellness, the NeuroScience SeroTrex supplement is an innovative mood-enhancing supplement that delivers properties used to control stressors and trigger hormones, such as serotonin and GABA. Providing a relaxed mood and alleviating stress, SeroTrex uses high-quality mood stabilizing ingredients that offer long-lasting results.

Unlike other mood-enhancing supplements, SeroTrex balances the hormones in the body regularly, improving the body’s reaction to daily stressors. Designed to improve mood and enhance the ability to experience regular sleep, it is recommended that users take 1-2 tablets of SeroTrex twice a day.

Ingredients in NeuroScience SeroTrex

Using a unique blend of ingredients, SeroTrex successfully manages neurotransmitters in order to improve the function of specific neurons. Supporting GABA activity and improving serotonin production, SeroTrex stabilizes mood and alleviates stress.

Containing L-theanine, an essential amino acid that blocks glutamate receptors, the formulation balances inhibition and excitation in the brain. Because glutamate is the main excitatory neurotransmitter, it is responsible for creating feelings of anxiety. By inhibiting the high levels of glutamate, GABA works to prevent increased feelings of stress. Providing a calming effect and preventing overstimulation, GABA balances mood.

In addition to L-theanine, the key ingredient found in SeroTrex is 5-HTP. A precursor to serotonin, it regulates neurological functions such as emotional balance and mood stabilization. Low levels of 5-HTP can cause irritability, negative moods, and anxiousness.

Because serotonin is responsible for improving mood and providing a calming effect, the enzyme monoamine oxidase often deteriorates serotonin before it reaches the postsynaptic neuron. Increasing serotonin levels, 5-HTP is responsible for transporting extra serotonin to the brain, replacing the deficiency and providing the raw material needed to produce more serotonin. Calming anxiousness, the formula decreases irritability.

Purchasing NeuroScience SeroTrex

SeroTrex is available for purchase on the company’s website ( Each bottle contains 60 capsules, enough for a one month’s supply, and currently costs $40.00.


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