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NeuroRX Review – Is It Right For You?

Living with constant pain isn’t really living. Unfortunately, for those who suffer from certain nerve disorders, this pain has become a daily part of life. The medications used to treat this pain aren’t as effective as they should be, and are so filled with unrecognizable and questionable chemicals, that taking them causes more stress than relief.

Until now, the natural supplement options to help treat nerve pain, whether due to diabetes or other conditions, were just as ineffectual as prescribed medications. However, with the birth of NeuroRX comes a whole new option for those who want to reclaim their lives.

Based on in depth scientific and medical research, the formula used in NeuroRX has been proven over and over again to help reduce pain of the nerves. And, because it is all-natural, it can be used without worrying about side effects or what harm the ingredients are causing in the body.

What is NeuroRX?

NeuroRX is a supplement filled with alpha acids. These acids work with the body to reduce pain, but in a way that protects the stomach from irritation. Because many of the other pain relievers on the market cause irritation or even bleeding in the stomach, NeuroRX is one of the only options available for those who want an effective pain-fighting option that also protects their bodies.

NeuroRX contains only the highest quality herbal and botanical extracts. These extracts have been proven to work as natural pain relievers in multiple studies across the world. And, because NeuroRX is also filled with natural ingredients to fight inflammatory, the supplement is one of the only options available for those who want to be pain free, but in a healthy way.

NeuroRX was designed to fight pain in all seven of its pathways, a concept explained in more detail below. By working in these specific areas of the body, NeuroRX is able to provide users with the pain relief for which they’ve longed.

Benefits of NeuroRX

The research and studies that support NeuroRX will state that the biggest benefit of NeuroRX is that it can help those who have struggled with nerve pain finally find relief. While this is benefit enough for hundreds of thousands of sufferers, it isn’t the only benefit that comes with using NeuroRX. In fact, there are several benefits that give users their lives back, pain-free and happy.

Some of the benefits that come with taking NeuroRX include:

  • 25 Times More Effective than Other Natural Supplements
  • Removes Joint Pain
  • Decreases Muscle Pain
  • Removes Limb Pain
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Works Safely
  • Gentle
  • No Side Effects
  • Natural
  • Targets 7 Pain Triggers
  • Protects Stomach from Irritation
  • Protects Joints, Nerves, and Tendons from Damage
  • Protects Bones and Cartilage from Damage

And, all these benefits are available to users by just taking a dose of NeuroRX every day. The natural, powerful ingredients in NeuroRX will get to work and start reducing pain throughout the body immediately.

The Seven Pain Pathways

As mentioned above, NeuroRX works by targeting all seven of the pathways that cause pain. These pathways are the most common reasons for excruciating pain and by targeting every single one of them, NeuroRX is able to give users relief they haven’t felt in years. And, NeuroRX is able to accomplish this goal completely naturally.

Below is a list of the seven pain pathways that NeuroRX blocks to give its users quick and effective pain relief.

COX-2: Triggers inflammation and is the cause of most common pains.

PGE-2: Released when the joints are stressed, especially by physical activity. Also damages joint and connective tissues.

5-LOX: Another inflammation causing enzyme that is thought to be even more crucial than COX-2.

TNF-alpha: Promotes inflammation and destroys bone and tissue. Has also been linked to joint issues and back pain.

iNOS: Triggers inflammation throughout various cellular functions.

Reactive Nitrogen Species: A free radical compound that causes inflammation that has been connected to heart disease and cancer.

NF Kappa B: A protein of the blood that supports certain inflammation in the body, specifically ones that cause asthma, allergies, and other airway inflammations.

By targeting every single one of these pain pathways, NeuroRX is able to reduce pain throughout the body, offering relief to its users.

Ingredients in NeuroRX

A supplement is only as good as its ingredients, which is why so many supplements on the market are of poor quality. So many big manufacturers of supplements use crude powders, instead of quality concentrated extracts. While this helps these companies cut back on costs, it also reduces the potency and absorption abilities of these supplements.

The ingredients used in NeuroRX are all-natural and have been proven by multiple studies to be safe for daily use. Unlike companies that try to costs where and whenever they can, NeuroRX used a research team to develop and formulate NeuroRX, sparing no expenses. The end results were a supplement that can naturally fight pain and combat the effects that diabetes causes throughout the body.

In order to provide all the amazing results it is known for, NeuroRX had to be made with a formula of some of the most potent natural ingredients on earth. These ingredients are botanical and herbal extracts of the highest quality. And, they have been proven effective in dozens of scientific and even clinical studies across the world.

Below is a list of these amazing ingredients, as well as a few of their benefits.

California Poppy

This herbal extract has been use for decades to help with several conditions, like insomnia, achiness, nerves, and liver and bladder diseases. California poppy works to prevent nerve pain and problems in the blood vessels, while also aiding sleep and keeping moods level.


The compound extracted from the root of this herb, called DHCB, has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammatory pain. In addition to lowering this type of pain, DHBC also helps minimize neuropathic pain. Working in the same manner as prescription pain medicines, corydalis is able to block pain signals to the brain naturally.

Passion Flower

Another ingredient that helps reduce nerve pain, this flower is also able to reduce nervous stress, anxiety, and encourages deep sleep. Plus, research has found that passionflower can reduce fasting blood glucose levels.

Marshmallow Root

The etymology of the world marshmallow means ‘to heal’, which is what this little root does for those who take NeuroRX. It has been found to relax the muscles and nerves, which in turn reduces pain. And, this ingredient can reduce inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Prickly Pear

Prickly pear is an amazing fruit, but it is used in NeuroRX for its rich magnesium and potassium sources. These two minerals have been found to support proper nerve and muscle functions. And, they are being studied for their links to helping the development of DNA and RNA in the body.

Purchasing NeuroRX

NeuroRX is currently being offered completely risk-free. A full bottle of NeuroRX, which contains 60 tablets, is available for $69.95, plus free shipping, from the NeuroRX website (

In addition to being offered at such a low price, NeuroRX is currently a risk free offer. If customers use NeuroRX for 90 days and do not experience less pain during that time, they can contact NeuroRX and they will get a complete refund. In addition to the refund, they will be sent a check for $100, just as thanks for their time.

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  1. There are several typos in the ad. The math & refund info is utterly unclear. I believe they are saying that if you use it for 90 days with no results, they will return all you paid plus $100.
    Even the most naive, one of which I can be, can clearly see something is wrong with all this.
    We want to buy it but don't trust you are legit due to the typos & poorly written guarantee. Additionally, the $100 offer makes it seem less & less true.
    Fix the typos, get rid of the $100 bologna, make little packs of 15 as a trial offer for, say, $15 & follow through on sending a quality item out fast. Oh, and reply to your comments & issues here.
    If it's a good product, pay it forward & we will buy.
    And; please fix the grammar, tense & oh yeah, typos! :)

  2. Cuanto sale cada frasco. Y cuantas pastillas son diarias. Y como esta el reembolso.del los 100 dls si no funciona las parai mama.ella sufre diabetis por 35 años. Y tuine arterias tapadas y pir diavetico.y sufre mucho dolor y piernas y pies en túmulos y muertos.sin sencibilidad. Mucho dolor al pisar en sus plantas suinto que pisa en agujas. .será eficaz este producto.neuroRx si es así .le compraría todos los frascos del mundo si este frasco de neuroRx le funciona en su problema tan grande que tuine en sus piernas y pies y su malasima circulación.por sus arterias tapadas.. solo quiro saver si de verdad esto le puede ayudar a caminar sin dolor y mejor circulacion. No sólo que sea estar en promoción este producto que no había escuchado de esto.ya la han visto varios drs especialistas.y solo le dan gabanpetina para su todo. Y sige igual.. sería lo último un recurso una cirujia
    Pero no .pueden pierna.y yo no deseó por nada eso.gracias espero y si esto ella mejora yo le compro todos los frascos de este producto neuroRx.

  3. You advertise risk free with the purchase of a bottle. The bottle contains 60 tablets. You say after 90 days if you are not satisfied you will get a refund (plus $100 check). My elementary school arithmetic does not equate with your mathematics. Please explain and respond. Thank you!

    • i like your statement common sense indeed lets see they give you feedback on this matter certainly appears they want you buy 2 bottles i guess ? 120 pills 70.00 each equals 140.00 so they give you refund back of 100?

      oh btw i got notice you can get 4 bottles purchase 49.95

    • OMG! I was thinking the same thing. I love when I discover am not the only one using common sense. You posted your question April 16, and it is now June and I see no reply. Uhmmmmmm I guess no response is the answer. I was excited to try this product but until I see a change in the offer or a reply I won't be buying this product.


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