NeuroCreamer: Brain Boosting Coffee Creamer Mental Clarity?


NeuroCreamer is a supplement that offers the great taste that creamer has, but with nootropic benefits that other formulas introduce within a capsule. The treatment is available from the official website and offers its own scoop for measurement.

What is NeuroCreamer?

When someone has an early morning, or they need to be able to focus on certain tasks all day long, they have only a couple of options – get more sleep or get more coffee. However, there are days when one or even two cups of coffee just is not enough to manage the mental fatigue. Nootropic supplements often help consumers to handle this change, but the creators of NeuroCreamer offer something unique.

NeuroCreamer has four concentrated ingredients that are often found in encapsulated nootropic formulas, but they have been added into this coffee creamer instead. The treatment is not much different than brewing a good cup of coffee, but with the mental benefits that most consumers need, regardless of their daily commitments.

Read on below to learn about the substances included, and what they can do for the brain.


The ingredients inside NeuroCreamer include:

  • Alpha-GPC, which reduces the inflammation in the brain and has been used to help patients with degenerative brain diseases
  • Huperzine A, which helps the neurotransmitters to get more energy to use towards brain power
  • KSM-66, which is a version of the Ashwagandha plant that helps to calm the mind for clearer cognition
  • L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that the body needs to increase energy in the brain in a more efficient way than caffeine

It is unclear if these are the only ingredients in the formula for NeuroCreamer. Consumers will be privy to the nutritional information on the label, though they should keep in mind that every person accepts these doses differently into their digestive system.

Using NeuroCreamer

To enhance the user’s coffee, consumers will measure out one scoop of NeuroCreamer, stirring it to blend. Every person likes a different amount of creamer, but it is important to pay attention to the dose to ensure that the benefits work as the recipe claims.

If the user still wants to add their own creamer, there is nothing on the website that says that they cannot.

Pricing for NeuroCreamer

The total cost of NeuroCreamer is $39.95, and buyers will receive enough of the supplement to improve up to 20 cups of coffee.

If the user is unhappy with the results of using NeuroCreamer, the company will accept returns within 30 days of the purchase.

Contacting the Creators of NeuroCreamer

Since this way of delivering nootropic benefits is so new, consumers may be left with questions about the product. Customer service can be reached by filling out the form on the contact page at

If the user wants a more direct form of communication, they can send an email to [email protected].

NeuroCreamer Conclusion

NeuroCreamer is meant for anyone that wants the mental energy of a nootropic supplement with the physical energy of a coffee. The treatment is easy to blend, and every package holds approximately 20 servings, which depends on how much creamer the user includes. A return policy protects consumers within 30 days of purchase.

If someone is experiencing issues with their memory or cognition frequently, they may want to reach out to a medical professional.

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