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NervaCORE Review

CEL Nutrition’s NervaCORE claims to be a premium focus supplement. Here’s our NervaCORE review.

What is NervaCORE?

NervaCORE is a nutritional supplement that claims to sharpen your focus, reduce mental fatigue, and boost energy. The supplement is made by a company called CEL Nutrition and can be found online at

NervaCORE is priced at $65 per bottle. You get free shipping to the United States or Canada when you buy two or more bottles. All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

How Does NervaCORE Work?

NervaCORE relies on a “powerful neurological enhancing nootropic” formula according to the manufacturer.

That formula includes:

— Vitamins
— Amino Acids
— Antioxidants
— And Other Nutrients

There are many of the same ingredients you would expect to find in nootropics, including the amino acid Tyrosine as well as Huperzine A.

There’s also a B vitamin blend that looks similar to the blend found in energy drinks.

Ingredients like Alpha GPC and the registered trademark formula BioPerine (black pepper extract) round out the selection. You can view the full ingredients list below.

The ingredients used in NervaCORE are well-studied and their effects have been reinforced in numerous clinical and scientific studies over the years. Best of all, CEL Nutrition publishes its dosage information: so you can easily compare those dosages to major studies to determine the exact effects to expect.

NervaCORE Ingredients

NervaCORE, unlike many other nootropic retailers on the market today, publishes its full ingredients list online. Yes, a handful of ingredients are hidden behind a proprietary formula. But for the most part, you know exactly how much of each ingredient you’re putting into your body when you take NervaCORE.

Here’s what the product’s label looks like:

NervaCORE Ingredients

Vinpocetine is typically taken at a daily dosage between 15mg and 60mg, so the 20mg in each 2 capsule serving is an ideal amount. At this dosage, Vinpocetine has been clinically shown to boost memory recall as well as reaction time. However, it’s not nearly as well-researched as other major nootropic compounds (it’s especially hard to find studies published outside of Russia).

Meanwhile, the vitamin B blend is similar to what you’d find in energy drinks (without the caffeine). B vitamins are a proven and safe way to boost your energy. Don’t let the high percentages on the right hand side scare you: you can’t take too much of any of these vitamins, as they’re water-soluble vitamins and your body will simply excrete any excess B vitamins through your urine.

The vast majority of the ingredients are shoved inside the “Proprietary Neural Complex”, which consists of 1,160mg of seven different nootropic compounds.

How to Buy NervaCORE

NervaCORE is available exclusively online through When you checkout through that website, you’ll be directed to, where you can pay using the secure online form.

The supplement is priced at $64.99 USD.

$1 from the sale of each bottle will be donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. You can learn more about that cause here.

Free shipping is available when you buy two bottles or more. Otherwise, expect to pay $5 to $10 depending on your location.

Who Makes NervaCORE?

NervaCORE is made by a company named Catalytic Edge Lifestyle, Inc., better known as CEL Nutrition.

That company, according to the official website, “was founded with the sole purpose to enhance our customer’s everyday lifestyle through unique and result-producing products.” That apostrophe placement isn’t a typo, by the way: the official website legitimately says “customer’s” instead of “customers’”. Whoops!

Anyways, poor spell checking aside, the company is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the following address:

Catalytic Edge Lifestyle, Inc.
9903 104 Street
T5K 0E4 Edmonton, AB

You can contact the company at the following number: 587-873-4858 (“call or text”).

Catalytic Edge Lifestyle, Inc. is an official Alberta corporation that was registered on June 24, 2015. NervaCORE appears to be the company’s only supplement.

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