Matcha Green Tea Powder

Japan is so old that there is a blur between where legends end and where verifiable history begins. To give an idea about the kind of past being referred to, the present emperor is the 125th monarch in a long and continuous chain of God kings. It is little wonder that this place is steeped in rituals and ceremonies.

Shintoism is an ancient way of life that instructs its followers not only in matters of spiritualism but also understand the body and soul in a holistic manner. To better appreciate the practices, one needs to be in the right frame of mind. The green tea brewed helps with that. However, to get the right brew needs time and effort, both of which are in short supply in today’s instant world. Fortunately, this is where Nature’s Blueprint with its Matcha Green tea powder comes in.

What Is Matcha Green Tea Powder?

The Matcha Green Tea powder is a high-quality tea. This finely stone-ground tea is:

Strong and smooth: This silky textured tea is consistent and dissolves easily ti form a rich froth. The naturally strong flavour is a eclectic mix of sweet notes and a barely detectable bitter finish; giving it an authentic Matcha taste.

Natural energy: This organic and pure leaf provides energy. It improves focus and gives mental clarity. It helps to improve the metabolism, suppresses appetite and assist with weight management.

Organic substitute: This drink is the perfect substitute for coffee. It provides the same energy with no jitter effects and has the added addresses the concern of teeth stains and bad breath.

Multipurpose: The taste and texture compares to authentic Japanese cafes. Add to that the multiple recipes for Lattes and Frappuccinos, that can be found in the free booklet. The orient tin packing is resealable and convenient to store.

How Does It Work?

The Matcha tea has been part of Japanese ceremonies and has been used by the natives for  medicinal purposes.

High Antioxidants: This mix is a potent natural antioxidants. This is mainly due to its unique cultivation process; the shrub  is grown under shelter which stimulates Chlorophyll and amino acids content. The handpicked leaves are then dried in a cold storage to deepen the flavour.

High energy and focus: This powder helps the body by a multitude of ways. Benefits include a stronger immune system, better cardiovascular health, detoxification, and mental alertness. Theophylline increases energy levels and enables an alert mind yet affords a certain calmness of the body.

Uncompromised versatility: The Matcha powder is a versatile product. The earthy flavour can be used to flavour inventive recipes. It can also be made into smoothies and lattes or to bake amazing treats. Made with only one ingredient, Matcha powder is vegan, organic, non-gmo and natural. It is completely free of any sweeteners  or fillers.

Reviews By Users:

With such a unique history and unmatched quality, it is upspringing to read all the positive feedback. For example Sheri notes her experience: “This was my first experience with matcha powder of any kind, I just liked the beautiful green colour of protein smoothies made with it. I added a half teaspoon to a protein powder shake and loved it. I can't wait to try the culinary grade.”

Matcha Green Tea Powder Conclusion

Made with the same customary precision and care that Japan is known for, this refreshing tea is the calm that most people need in an otherwise hectic schedule. With excellent customer service in support of this tantalizing product, it is a must try. It is priced at a reasonable $19 per box. For more details about the product or to order online, visit the Amazon page at


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