Naposim – How Safe Is Metandienonum (Dianabol) Steroid For You?


Naposim is a product used most often by people who worry about the size of their bodies and who will do anything to increase their muscle size and strength. It is one of those products that works quickly to achieve this, as within a few days of using Naposim one develops huge muscles.

This is accomplished by influencing the synthesis of proteins in the body and controlling the body's metabolic rates. Among the first steroids to be produced, Naposim has been on the market for a long time. As with any new product you are intending to you, you should do careful research before determining if Naposim is safe for you to use, or even legal in your location.

Reasons People Use Naposim


A favorite of many body builders and models, Naposim is known to help develop muscles within a short time. It also increases weight gain within a short time so that it can balance out the body and not make one have huge muscles on a tiny body frame.

Better Sex

It is believed that this product increases one’s sexual drive and performance over those who do not use it. Specifically, men who use Naposim are believed to have longer erections and higher ability to please their partners than they normally would.

Increased Strength

This product makes one tougher than they normally are. One would say that this is in relation to the muscles that one gains that makes them sturdy.

Elevated Moods

People who take Naposim are known to be in good moods almost all the time. This is because this product triggers the body’s ‘happy’ hormones which are acknowledged for positive moods. Reason enough why most bodybuilders who use it have the confidence to show off their bodies to the public without feelings of regret or shyness.

Risks & Side Effects

While Naposim has benefits that seem almost too good the be true, they come at a steep price. The risks and side effects of using Naposim are extreme.

Naposim causes grievous liver damage as some of its components, the alkylated anabolics, are known to damage the liver and quite possibly lead to liver failure.

The longer one takes the product, the more one is at risk of having their liver malfunction. Therefore, before taking this product, it is important to asked yourself whether the risk of liver damage is worth it.

Moreover, Naposim exposes the body to a number of health conditions such as increased blood pressure and heart rate that are detrimental to one’s health.

The logic behind this is that the body’s normal functioning is altered by its use. If one notices these side effects, it is prudent to stop taking the product and see a doctor as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Another side effect of this product is that it causes skin problems for its users. Even people who have passed the puberty stage, when it would be normal to have acne, develop an acne problem that is difficult to get rid of unless one stops the intake of Naposim. Other users have complained of hair loss that is quite unexplainable.

At some point in using Naposim, users report a tendency to feel as if the body is slowed down and cannot actively engage in former activities.

This may go on for some time after which the body should adjust. However, if your body does not fine-tune with this, it is better to stop taking the product. Insomnia is also quite common in a number of its users.

In as much as Naposim promotes good moods, over-usage of this product can lead to the exact opposite; aggression and fits of anger may make one dangerous to others and over-reactive. Additional side effects of Naposim are that one gets the tendency to sweat profusely and urinate more frequently. This is because the drug causes the release of a lot of fluids from the body so that muscles can build. This mostly happens to people once they have finished their dose of this product.

Taking Naposim on an empty stomach can also be quite dangerous as it causes a lot of discomfort. The consequence of this would be that it damages the intestines, leading to abdominal pains.

Naposim is not a product that everyone can afford as it is very expensive and hard to come by. This is because it is prohibited in many countries and is not certified for human use. All in all, the results of using Naposim may be nice, but most would agree that the benefits are not worth the risks.

Top Naposim Products

Naposim is available in a number of forms. To receive maximum effect, users need take it through injections, where it takes a short time to get to the necessary parts of the body. For those who fear injections or just don’t want to go that route, it is also available orally. However, the impact with oral pills is not as effective as with injections.

To find the exact drug in its actual name can be quite difficult as it has been barred in many places, particularly by the FDA, which deemed it unsafe until comprehensive research is done on it and ways of countering the side effects are discovered.

Nevertheless, there are still underground companies producing Naposim under different names. Some of the top products which still contain dangerous Naposim include the following:

  • Dianabol
  • Liquid Metandienone
  • Anabol
  • Bionabol
  • Methandrostenelone
  • Metandienona

Despite their attempts to skirt the FDA, most of these products are still illegal in many countries, including the US. You can still find them available for purchase in many places online, and there is no way to determine how these companies are skirting the law.

Naposim Summary

It is quite clear that the risks and side effects caused by Naposim outweigh the benefits one gets from it. It is therefore our advice that you do not use Naposim and instead seek out other, safer alternatives. The fact that it is banned in many countries should be a sign that it is not safe to use, and no amount of benefits can outweigh the value of your health.

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