MSPrebiotic – Natural Gut Bacteria For Digestion & Metabolism?


The balance of the microbiome in the human body is incredibly important to overall health. The digestive tract of the body is home to a vast amount of microscopic organisms that work in harmony with the metabolism to assist the body in many different ways.

These microorganisms are referred to as the gut flora, and play an important role in the breakdown of food, the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food, and are essential to the function of the immune system. More than 70% of the immune system capacity of the body is modulated by the health of the microbiome, so taking care of this “hidden organ” is essential.

In order to ensure that the gut flora of their body is balanced and working efficiently, many people choose to supplement their diet with probiotics. Usually taken in form, probiotics are supplements that contain billions of colony forming units of positive bacteria, generally in a few different strains that are able to colonize the digestive system and deliver health benefits.

While these supplements are effective in boosting the amount of probiotic bacteria strains in the body, they often have one serious flaw- they don’t provide the helpful bacterial strains they contain with the raw nutrients they need to thrive. This often results in these supplements becoming ineffective, as the increased competition in the microbiome ecosystem causes the new microbes to starve.

When adding probiotics to your diet, it’s important to include a prebiotic supplement that works in a synergistic fashion with the probiotic formula. Prebiotics contain all of the nutrients that the probiotic strains in a supplement need to survive and thrive, as well as promote overall digestive health.

One of the most popular prebiotic supplements available on the market today is MSPrebiotic, which is able to enhance the health of the microbiome, as well as re-energize the body and restore healthy metabolic function. The MSPrebiotic formula offers a number of advantages over many of the other prebiotic supplements available on the market, and is completely natural.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the MSPrebiotic formula and find out what makes it different than other prebiotics to help you determine whether it’s the right microbiome health boosting supplement for your needs.

What Is MSPrebiotic?

MSPrebiotic is a groundbreaking new prebiotic supplement that has been formulated to promote health in a different way to most supplements available on the market. Most of the health supplements that are sold on the market today are intended to provide direct nutritional support to the digestive system, providing the body with key micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

While ensuring that your body is provided with all of the micronutrients it needs, there is another type of nutrient that can offer a wide array of benefits- non-digestible dietary fibre. While the body doesn’t use this kind of dietary intake, it provides a massive health boost to the microbiome, which regulates blood sugar levels, immune system function, insulin resistance, and a broad spectrum of other benefits.

The ingredients in the MSPrebiotic formula have been clinically proven to be able to balance the health of the microbiome through the use of a unique, naturally occurring starch. The MSPrebiotic formula is completely free from any kind of damaging synthetic ingredient and is completely free from GMO ingredients. Importantly, the MSPrebiotic formula contains no grains or gluten, making it suitable for celiac individuals, and is completely lactose-free.

In addition to boosting the overall health of the microbiome, MSPrebiotic is able to help fitness enthusiasts maximize their physical performance by enhancing the rate at which the cells of the body release mitochondrial ATP.

About The MSPrebiotic Formula

The core ingredient of the MSPrebiotic formula is dietary fibre. Each individual scoop of the MSPrebiotic formula contains 9 grams of the daily recommended fiber intake, which not only promotes microbial health in the body, but also help to regulate bowel movements, prevent constipation and diarrhea, and balance the inner ecosystem.

The MSPrebiotic lists their active ingredient as Solanum Tuberosum, which is a fancy way of saying “potato”. The unique aspect of the MSPrebiotic formula, however, is that it’s composed only of the indigestible fiber compounds of the plant that promote microbiotic health.

The powerful and natural potato extract in the MSPrebiotic formula increases the rate at which the body is able to produce butyrate, a highly important short-chain fatty acid that the body uses as a source of energy independently from glucose. This immediate energy boost is accompanied by a wide range of other health benefits, as butyrate has been demonstrated to promote immunological balance, modulate cognitive function, and even protect the body from cancer.

The starchy composition of MSPrebiotic also means it provides dieters with a great low-calorie way to minimize food cravings while on a restrictive diet. Potato fibre extracts have been clinically proven to have a powerful effect on the biochemical processes that induce satiety in the body, preventing binge eating and promoting fast fat loss.

Another benefit of the MSPrebiotic formula is, unlike probiotic formulas that are extremely fragile and can lose their potency if exposed to high temperatures or poor handling, MSPrebiotic is effective at all stages throughout the product lifetime.

Unfortunately, however MSPrebiotic can’t be added to hot drinks, and must be consumed at a cold temperature.

MSPrebiotic Summary

The MSPrebiotic formula is one of the only gluten-free, completely natural potato-based prebiotic supplements on the market. If you’re looking for a healthy way to balance the microbiome of your body, MSPrebiotic is a great choice.

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