MoveStrong Salmon Ladder – Functional Climbing Fitness Equipment?


Athletes who are constantly trying to push themselves to new levels are often attracted to physical challenges.

They want to prove they can do new things.

They want to strive and reach new goals. Because of this often innate mindset, workout equipment is always evolving, working to keep the attention and focus of those who want to push their bodies to new levels.

One example of these different forms of equipment types is the salmon ladder. Made popular on the Japanese show Sasuke, the salmon ladder has stormed the Western athletics market.

After being featured on the Sasuke American equivalent, American Ninja Warrior, and the CW show Arrow, athletes across the country are wanting to try the challenge for themselves.

The problem with the salmon ladder is that it can be difficult to build a safe version for home use and gyms still don’t regularly offer the option.

The MoveStrong Salmon Ladder makes it easy for gyms and home gyms to use the popular equipment option, knowing they’re getting the best and safest option available.

With its sleek and safe design, the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder makes it easier than ever for athletes and those training for American Ninja Warrior to get in the practice they need.

What Is MoveStrong?

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts know that quality matters. Whether it’s with their supplements, workout routines, or workout equipment, picking the options with the highest quality is vitally important.

When the quality of something is tied directly to the health and wellbeing of people, it quickly becomes the most important aspect. For those considering getting a salmon ladder, MoveStrong offers the best option because it has long provided the best workout equipment on the market.

Founded in 2011, MoveStrong is a company that has always been focused on providing athletes, no matter what stage in their journey, with efficient exercise options.

Using goal orientated training and workout equipment of the highest quality, MoveStrong has aided its customers with tapping their potential, growing their bodies to be fitter and stronger.

While MoveStrong gives its customers access to a wide range of services, from training to advice, it has become most popular for its convenient and functional workout equipment.

Whether for an indoor or outdoor space, professional gym or home gym, MoveStrong has always provided its customers with the tools needed to exercise and push themselves to new levels.

Through intense research as well as testing, MoveStrong can furnish any space with the equipment necessary to promote fun and functional fitness training.

About The MoveStrong Salmon Ladder

MoveStrong is proud to announce that it has officially created its first MoveStrong Salmon Ladder. With a unique and superior design and style, the training equipment is perfect for those who want to push their capabilities or even train for Ninja Warrior.

Made with wood to prevent wear and damage, the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder will challenge users when it comes to their agility and upper body strength.

As mentioned above, since the salmon ladder has become so prevalent in pop culture, adding this amazing option to its line of workout equipment allows MoveStrong to supply its customers with what they truly want.

Ninja Warrior is considered a true test of athletic ability, making it a goal for many athletes who want to prove their worth. While there isn’t a possibility to train for many of the obstacle options on the course, one of the mainstays of Ninja Warrior has always been the salmon ladder. For those who seriously want to compete on the show, practicing on a superior salmon ladder is a necessity.

The MoveStrong Salmon Ladder allows potential competitors to test their strength and endurance on the equipment before heading to the course.

With continued practice, the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder will help prepare athletes for the greatest competition in the country.

Benefits Of The MoveStrong Salmon Ladder

Because there are many salmon ladder options on the market, the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder knew it had to differentiate itself.

The company decided to start this process by using the highest quality equipment. While most salmon ladders are made from metal, the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder is made with wood catches.

These catches decrease the amount of wear on the equipment over time, which means less money spent on fixing and replacing it.

By using wood catches, the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder also decreases the amount of damage on the equipment, while also producing less noise when athletes are training.

Another benefit of the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder is that it provides a training space for those who haven’t tried the ladder yet.

On either side of the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder are dual height pull-up bars which allows for various practice methods.

On these bars, users will be able to practice kipping and jumping from bar to bar, making the transition to the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder easier than ever. Plus, the MoveStrong equipment also comes with a top center rope climbing station.

Not only does this rope allow for another form of exercise, but it also gives athletes a way to descend once they make it to the top of the salmon ladder.

For those who already own MoveStrong equipment, another benefit of the salmon ladder is that it can easily be added to the Nova FTS.

As an attachment feature, the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder adds the perfect challenge option for those who truly want to push themselves to new levels in their training.

Purchasing The MoveStrong Salmon Ladder

At the moment, the MoveStrong website ( does not have a price on its salmon ladder.

However, for those wanting to keep on top of when it will be available, they can subscribe to the company email.

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