Mitte – Smart Home Purifying Essential Mineral Water System?


Water is a major influencer in the human body; which is believed to constitute a total of 70% of it. What makes water potent is its ability to increase the body’s absorption levels. If water can help absorb different nutrients found in food, why does it not contain essential minerals?

Most bottled water providers work efficiently in filtering and purifying water, but at one expense: by ridding water of all its essential minerals and electrolytes that can potentially promote overall wellness. Is there any point in drinking water if its nutrients are sucked right out? The answer to that comes in the form of what’s known as “mitte”.

With mitte by one’s side, it is believed that consumers can get the most minerals-dense water that is both good and safe for the body right from one’s faucets. In addition, mitte can help consumers acquire insights and better control over the type of water consumed.

The following review will analyze it with respect to its purpose, what it delivers, what it comes with, and many more.

What Is Mitte?

Mitte is an at-home water purification system that claims to clean the water the same way water undergoes its natural cycle. What makes mitte different from other water purification systems is the fact that it does not merely work to purify the water, but it goes above and beyond to potentially deliver a quality source of essential minerals that the body requires.

Furthermore, it claims to allow consumers to have a personalized experience with one’s water that reflects one’s health on a individualistic basis. Let’s take a closer look at what mitte can deliver.

What Can Consumers Expect To Get Out Of Mitte?

Using mitte to purify one’s tap water can result in much cleaner filtered water, minerals required based on one’s personal health, a taste that can satisfy consumers on an individualistic basis, better insight on the quality of water and most importantly a low TDS Value.

TDS, also referred to as Total Dissolved Solids, is a measuring scale used by the World Health Organization. It calculates the total amount of ions, minerals, salts or metals that are found in a given quantity of water.

Tap water is typically believed to contain 350ppm (parts per million), which is fairly high, which is why mitte can be valuable, as its overall purification system can result in water that contains a significantly low TDS value of 2ppm. This implies that consumers are getting quality and safe water that has been cleansed to its potential.

How Can Consumers Create A Rather Personalized Experience With Water?

mitte is said to create a personalized experience because it carries a wide range of mineral cartridges that consumers can choose from. Consumers can choose a mineral cartridge that best fits one’s individual taste, health, and lifestyle. Currently, mitte carries three types of mineral cartridges: Vitality, Balance and Alkaline.

mitte Vitality is for anyone who takes part in an active lifestyle, as it claims to ensure maximum hydration while helping to restore lost electrolytes. mitte Balance is made for much younger consumers, babies to be more specific, as it can be used a base for baby formula.

Lastly, mitte Alkaline has been created with the intentions of eliminating free radicals in the body, especially for those who take part in acidic diets.

What Do Consumers Need To Invest In When Purchasing Mitte?

When purchasing mitte, consumers must also consider the investments in mitte cartridges. On average, each cartridge is said to last for 400 litres of water (approximately 105 gallons of water).

The duration of each cartridge cannot be stated with certainty, as it depends on how much water each family purifies on a daily basis. However, the creators of mitte have estimated anywhere between 50 and 200 days.

How Does The Mitte App Come Into Play?

The mitte app is used to help consumers better understand the importance of minerals in water. Some of the features embedded within the app are believed to be as follows:

  • Allows consumers to set up recipes, which can be customized with respect to water volume and temperature
  • Provides reminders as to when consumers should consider cleaning mitte
  • Allows consumers to automatically set-up cartridge ordering
  • Delivers crucial information like amount of water dispensed, and amount of water donated to a developing country

Mitte Review Summary

Overall, mitte is a worthwhile investment, as it can help consumers satisfy their essential minerals intake in an individualistic manner. Not only can consumers drink purified water without worries, but consumers also get water that has been infused with electrolytes for potential health benefits; something that most bottled water providers have failed to consider.

It is also considered a smart water filtration system that can warn consumers of when to clean the machine or when it is time to change the mitte cartridges; making it potentially proficient.

Lastly, consumers can finally gain some sense of what makes water good and how many others are benefiting from it via the mitte app. For more information on how to support mitte, go to:

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