Encanna – Puerto Rican Medical Cannabis Marijuana Products?


Encanna is a company with various dispensary locations in Puerto Rico, focusing on the help of medical marijuana to improve the condition of the users’ bodies. They offer a wide variety of cannabis based products to aid consumers, depending on the remedy that suits them the best.

What Is Encanna?

Holistic healing methods have been around for centuries, and help consumers to get a natural treatment for the issues that ail them. According to some cultures, the earth already provides a natural solution to any human issue, and one of the ways that some people deal with their conditions is medical cannabis. This substance is still being legalized in many states in America, but the Encanna brand has plenty of ways to help.

Encanna is based in Puerto Rico, and all the different flowers and products come from their dispensary. Each format provides different benefits, which is why the company offers:

The flowers are the simplest form of the cannabis plant, and has the same amount of THC as it did during cultivation. Vape cartridges offer cannabis oil that consumers can use with vaping pens, giving the same effect but with less versatility.

Edibles have a concentrated amount of THC oils and other derivatives for consumers that do not want to taste the cannabis. CBD products do not have THC at all, but they have the non-psychoactive effects. Tinctures are meant to be extracts with THC, which is perfect for consumers that want to cook with the product or mix it into various foods.

Concentrates are a bit different, since it can be many different formats, but it is generally available in a wax or is a more intense tincture. Accessories are available to help consumers get the benefits of using medical cannabis in the first place.

The specific types of products can only be purchased in the store’s physical locations, which means that consumers will need to follow the company’s social media page. There are no dispensaries presently available, but the company consistently posts online about their progress for interested consumers to see when they will have the option to purchase.

The only way for a consumer to get medical cannabis is with verification in their state. Right now, only a few states even have it legalized in the first place, so it is important to follow the local laws to obtain this substance.

Visit a local doctor to see if the consumer qualifies for the prescription that they seek, and follow the regulations of the health department to ensure that the proper registration process takes place.

Contacting Encanna

Even with the details on the website, consumers still need to learn more information about the different strains and benefits before making a decision with Encanna. The customer service team is available via phone or email.

There is also a form on the contact page that allows consumers to submit their questions through the website directly.

Encanna Review Summary

Encanna will soon be able to help consumers that need to fulfill their medical marijuana prescriptions. The company uses organic growing methods to preserve the health and benefits of each flower, which means that consumers will not be exposed to pesticides in the way that they deal with at a grocery store. Once the website is available, the company hopes to let qualifying individuals make their purchase online, though there is no shop setup right now to order.

The company can also be contacted by other dispensaries to carry their strains, though the only way to get it seems to be in Puerto Rico right now.

If you qualify for a medical cannabis card in your area, you may want to keep up with the Encanna blog to see how soon you can try out these exclusive strains.

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