Mini-Farm Grow Box – Grow Food At Home Soil Free?


The Mini-Farm Grow Box created by Supply Source is readily available to cater to all of your farming needs, Supply Source incorporates state of the art technology in order to provide farmers with the best product possible.

Supply Source has just recently introduced their brand new ‘Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box’ in order to expand their existing range of farming products.

Why Grow Your Own Food At Home With the Mini-Farm?

The Food Rising Mini Farm Grow Box is a revolution in self-reliant production of food, it is able to grow foods without the use of any soil or electricity, saving large amounts of energy for use elsewhere. It also contains a self-water system which needs only a few seconds of attention every day after the seeds have been planted.

The box comes with almost all the essentials you need, except for sunlight, water and seeds which can also be bought through the Supply Source online store.

The box has an added bonus of having no pesky weeds due to its self-contained nature, this can save so much time during the day.

A great advantage for some to using this product over natural ground soil is that it eliminates the process of bending over constantly in order to manage your plants, with this box you can easily grow it on a bench or a table negating the need to bend over.

Homegrown Organic Health Benefits

The benefits of creating nutritious food at home never end. The Mini Farm box can easily be expanded over multiple growing containers using a single source of water to power it. Consequently, the amount of water used compared to traditional ground soil is reduced to a miniscule amount.

The box is extremely simple to use and has no moving parts such as pumps, gears or motors which could harm small children. It is also useful in extreme cases of natural disasters as it can be replaced and fixed using objects in your natural environment.

The box grows lettuce better than any organic soil can and other crops for only around 10 cents’ worth of plant food. The food produced from the grow box contains around 500% more mineral nutrition that those bought in a supermarket or retail store, not only is it cheaper, but it’s also much healthier.

The whole box is constructed using parts produced by a 3D printer, so if any parts become broken or you just feel like replacing them, you can freely download printable parts off of their website.

The amazing advantages you gain from owning the Mini-Farm Grow Box don’t stop there, the low-tech technology utilized in the box comes with all sorts of beneficial features.

Any sort of power failure will neglect to effect the grow box, compared to other appliances such as aquaponics or hydroponics which need electricity in order to keep plants alive.

The whole system is relatively EMP-proof as it comes without any electronic parts, which makes it extremely effective for use in survival situations. The box works anywhere there is sunlight available making it extremely practical to use in most conditions.

Seeds are directly injected into the grow medium, meaning the process of transplanting is not utilized or required. This means grow boxes are easily transportable and can be started indoors, moving them out when needed.

Design and Construction

An accessory of the grow box system are the grow lights, these do not come with the original package but are compatible with the Hydrofarm brand grow light systems.

As said before, the grow box is completely replaceable using parts from a 3D printer, this is due to it being inherently designed this way, the researchers at Supply Source took their time and looked at simple everyday objects such as pencil erasers, paper clips, water bottles and more and figured out ways in which they can be used to replace parts on the grow box in times of disaster or survival situations.

Therefore, this also means the grow box easily works in third-world countries which don’t readily have expensive objects available to power these types of appliances.

The Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box was created by talented researchers from all over the world, which include its initial inception by Texas born man Mike Adams.

Mike Adams is an atomic spectrometry lab director, and award winning journalist. He credits a lot of the work towards his invention to another researcher by the name of Dr. Hideo Imai who belongs to the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center, as well as Dr. B. A. Kratky who is a professor in the University of Hawaii.

These two men have studied innovative non-circulating plant growth strategies which originated in Taiwan. Additional help was provided by another two, authors by the name of Christian Berg and Terry Moore Cadle.

Setting Up Your Mini-Farm Grow Box

The initial setup of the system comes in 8 simple steps. Number 1 includes filling up the grow box with nutrient water.

Number 2 describes the process of how net pots filled with coconut coir grow medium are to be places in the holes of the precision-cut lid, and then the seeds are to be put in the coconut coir to begin the sprouting procedure.

Number 3 describes the sprouting of the seeds and the water growing into the roots which being to use the nutrient solution.

Step Number 4 explains that due to this, the water level drops and the roots chase the water down lower and lower inside the grow bin.

Number 5 shows that when the water level drops, the valve automatically opens due to gravity which creates an avenue for new water to come into the grow container at a reasonable rate.

Number 6 is the process of plant roots staying suspended in water pulling in nutrients for the plant.

Number 7 shows that the plants continue to grow and produce using nutrient and water and occasionally need to be replaced. Lastly, number 8 describes that when the crops from the growth cycle are collected, the box needs to be rinsed, sanitized and is then ready for use once again.

Mini-Farm Grow Box Pricing & Availability

There are a multitude of different sizes and containers for the grow box, the most basic of them being the Food Ricing Mini-Farm Grow Box that comes with a lettuce starter kit and a 9 hole lid.

This will cost around $120 and is occasionally discounted, shipping is fast, taking only around 5 business days and can be sped up through extra payment.


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