Iron Addicts Review – CT Fletcher’s Side Walk Cracka Pre-Workout Guides


Iron Addicts is the company of the bodybuilder and YouTuber CT Fletcher. CT Fletcher is a solid fines professional and respected in the industry. Read this review to find out more about Iron Addicts today.

Who Is CT Fletcher?

CT Fletcher is the owner and proprietor of the company Iron Addicts, he’s also the owner and founder of the famous, Iron Addicts Gym in Los Angeles. He’s one the more inspiration and entertaining YouTube host. His style of training is hardcore and balls to the walls. He’s not fluff, no filler and one of the more hardcore gym enthusiasts around.

Some of you reading this may have seen his videos. Fletcher was born in 1959 in Arkansas. He soon moved to Watts California and then Compton, where he grew up. He lived in a tough neighborhood and was the son of a preacher.

So CT didn’t have a lot of room to make mistakes when he was growing up. His father apparently started his preaching in a 4 car garage in the city. When CT hit junior high, they moved to Lakewood. His father then purchased his own church. He lived with his mom, dad and brother Walt. They made up the choir at his father’s church.

His upbringing was a bit different than what you’d expect coming from CT Fletchers natural way of being. He’s one of the most hardcore bodybuilders out there. And his attitude is there is no such thing as over training.

According to Fletcher, in 1977 he joined the military. He was 18 and was stationed in Germany. He learned martial arts and became a second degree black belt. One of his favorite idols was Bruce Lee. In the 1980’s he took a job working for the United States Post Office. And he found his passion, the Gym. He went 7 days a week, and he never quit. It was his passion. He claims, outside of his family of course.

After this, Fletcher went through about 25 years of serious struggle and strain. He went through a failed marriage. He nearly died and went through illness after illness before starting Iron Addicts. He lost his family and he kept going, he is one of the prime examples of what’s possible if someone stays dedicated and committed to what they love.

What is Iron Addicts?

At some point between 2001 and 2010, he started Iron Addicts. Iron Addicts started off as a small, simple place for people to go and get in shape. The main gym is in Signal Hill California. And is his first Gym. There is also an Iron Addicts Gym in Las Vegas Nevada. And apparently, as of April 23rd of 2016, there is now an Iron Addicts Gym in Miami Florida.

Now, CT Fletcher is expanding out. His next venture is into the clothing and supplement world. CT Fletcher is a series entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast. It’s likely that his products are going to be high quality products. He has a lot of followers and people who look up to him, that should give him the drive to push for creating the best products on the market today.

In this review, we’re going to focus on two products primarily. First is one of his shirts. The T-Shirt has one of his favorite slogans on it, “I command you to grow.”

It’s one of his favorite sayings and what he claims helped him grow such massive bicep muscles. The second product is the Sidewalk Crack Pre workout Blend. That pre-workout has yet to be released to the market. But is supposedly going to be one of the best pre workout formulas on the market today.

What Products Do they Make at Iron Addicts?

CT Fletcher is definitely not the kind of guy who plays games. He’s a hard worker and will put his hear into the products. The products will likely stand aside from the competition and will be designed to help anyone hit their fitness goals.

The T-Shirts

The I Command You to Grow slogan is one of CT’s favorite sayings. He encourages everyone to talk to their muscles when they are working out to get them to grow bigger. The sizes are standard, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL. It is made of 100% cotton and costs $16.60 with free shipping and handling. It’s important you calculate your size, using a chart that you can find on Amazon.

The Pre-Workout

The Pre Workout is Side Walk Cracka. It is one of the new products that will be released under the Iron Addicts Brand. The Side Walk Cracka will likely be a very powerful, stimulant based pre workouts. Ad you can see from the name, it’s designed to make you big enough to crack a sidewalk when you walk.

The preview doesn’t go into detail about what is in the pre workout. But it looks like it will be a good product. And according to a lot of people, you can count on the word of CT Fletcher. The supplement should be available next month along with other supplements on his product line. It’s uncertain however, as to where you will be able to purchase all of CT Fletcher’s products.

What Are Customers Saying About Iron Addicts?

People love the Iron Addicts Gym, CT Fletcher and are excited about the products. It’s likely that they will explode on the market place. Keep your eye open for these products, they’ll likely crush the competition.

Iron Addicts Review Summary

Yes, if you are serious about fitness, then Iron Addicts Gym are likely to going to be a good supplement line. They’ll probably be perfect to help you get the body, you’ve always desired.

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