Microlactin – Vitacost’s Enhanced Bovine Milk Proteins?


Microlactin is a dietary supplement that is manufactured from specially treated cow’s milk. Microlactin can be taken as a supplement to help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Microlactin can be taken in capsule or a powder form and delivers results in as little as two weeks with consistent usage. Please read below to learn more about microlactin and how it can help people living with osteoarthritis.

What is Microlactin?

Microlactin also known as hyper immune milk is a form of milk that is acquired by giving lactating cows stimulants which helps them produce larger amounts of antibodies in their milk. Users who consume microlactin have seen a reduction in their osteoarthritis symptoms and a boost to their immune system.

Microlactin has been shown to reduce blood pressure in persons with hyperlipidemia and a reduction in

LDL-C. People who consumer microlactin may get the same benefits as consuming glucosamine for supporting joint health and reducing joint pain. Some studies have shown that consuming microlactin can help reduce cholesterol levels but further research is needed to truly show its effectiveness.

The most common use of microlactin is to help minimize the painful symptoms of osteoarthritis. Microlactin helps reduce inflammation and improve joint lubrication to minimize pain and increase range of motion and flexibility. Men and women could benefit from adding microlactin to their dietary supplement routine to help minimize their arthritis symptoms.

Microlactin is available in capsule supplements as well as a dietary powder form. Supplements are available in multiple strengths giving users the flexibility to choose the strength that work best for their needs. Consumers who do not care for pills will appreciate that there is a powder formula available.

How Does Microlactin Work?

Microlactin can be taken in arrange of strengths but the optimum dosage in somewhere between 2,000 and 9,000 milligrams daily when taken daily over the course of a few weeks. The dosage will depend on many factors including body type and symptoms. The optimal dose is currently not known.

Microlactin is most commonly used to help reduce the pain of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the type of arthritis that occurs when the cartilage between joints breaks down overtime. Once this cushion has broken down there is no longer a cushion to keep bones from rubbing on each other when moving. The friction caused by the bones is painful and can cause inflammation which makes joints stiff.

Many users of microlactin see results within the first few weeks of use and have reported reduced arthritis pain in their joints.

Microlactin is a perfect alternative to other joint pain supplements that contain shellfish-based glucosamine and chondroitin which can trigger allergies or give adverse reactions.

Microlactin Pricing

Microlactin products are available by many supplement manufacturers. Listed below are a few products available online that feature microlactin.


Vitacost offers a 240 capsule bottle of 500 milligram capsules for $16.95. All purchases over $25.00 through Vitacost are eligible for free shipping.



  • 500 milligram: 120 tablets costs $13.98 and ships for free.
  • 1000 milligram: 120 tablets for $19.98 and ships for free.

-Glucosamine Joint Complex with Hyaluronic A: 120 capsules for $23.98. Ships for free.

-Microlactin Dietary Powder: Available in 4.9 ounce containers. Currently out of stock on Amazon.

-Vitacost: Each 240 capsule bottle contains 500 milligram capsules and costs $29.91 plus $4.41 in shipping.

There are more microlactin supplement products available online and interested consumers could also seek more information at their local health supplement store. Interested consumers can dig around online to learn more and find the product that seems like the best fit for them.

Should You Use Microlactin?

Microlactin is an easy to use dietary supplement that will help men or women living with osteoarthritis have more pain free days and better mobility. Microlactin is a fantastic supplement that helps improve joint mobility and reduce painful inflammation making movement easier and less painful.

Microlactin offers an alternative to glucosamine and chondroitin which contain shellfish sourced ingredients which can be harmful for people with allergies. Even though microlactin is sourced from cows’ milk there are lactose free supplements available. Consumers who are interested in finding out more should look online and talk with their healthcare provider about adding microlactin to their health and wellness routine.

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