The Metabolism Reset Review


Metabolism Reset by Eric Davis

Metabolism Reset is a new weight loss program which promises to help you lose weight while eating the foods you love.

Does that sound too good to be true? Find out how Metabolism Reset works today in our review of Metabolism Reset by Eric Davis.

What is The Metabolism Reset?

Metabolism Reset

Metabolism Reset is a downloadable eBook featured on You pay for the book online, download the PDF eBook, and read it to discover weight loss tips and advice.

Metabolism Reset was written by Eric Davis and Dr. Albert Li. When you buy it, it comes with two bonus gifts, including a guide on how to sleep better and a guide on how to lower your blood pressure.

Like all Clickbank products, Metabolism Reset comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can buy the eBook, download it, read it, and if you don’t like the lessons given in the book, you can return it for a full refund.

How Does Metabolism Reset Program Work?

Metabolism Reset promises to help you lose weight while eating the foods you enjoy. It claims that it’s not a gimmick or “snake oil sales pitch.” Instead, it claims to be a “well-documented, scientifically-proven weight loss solution guaranteed to help you shed weight and become a happier, healthier person.”

The secret tips behind Metabolism Reset come from a 70-year old naturopath named Dr. Albert Li. According to Metabolism Reset’s creator, Eric Davis, Albert “decided to spill the beans about this revolutionary program”.

He claims the weight loss industry tried desperately to prevent this secret from getting out and spent millions trying to bribe the pair not to publish.

So what’s the big secret the diet industry wants to suppress?

Mr. Li claims that the secret lies in unbalanced hormones. He referenced a Japanese study that showed only 3% of the country was overweight – compared to about 40% in most developed nations.

Mr. Li attributed the good health of the Japanese to a healthy regional diet which boosts levels of a certain hormone within the body. This hormone breaks down the food you eat and turns it into energy more efficiently. Instead of being stored as fat, your body burns off that food as energy.

Eric Davis doesn’t explain what that hormone is or exactly how it works until you actually buy the book – so I’m not going to spoil it for you here. But according to Eric Davis, Metabolism Reset has generated thousands of fans around the world due to its high levels of success.

The goal is to eat exactly what you want, supplement your diet using the foods recommended in Metabolism Reset, and wait for your hardworking hormones to burn away fat.

How Much Does The Metabolism Reset Cost?

Eric claims that he could have sold Metabolism Reset for $300 – that’s how valuable the information was.

Mr. Li didn’t want to sell his information for $300 because he thought it was immoral. So Eric decided to lower the price once more – to $97.

But just before Eric’s website went live, Mr. Li called him once again and told him that he couldn’t live with himself selling diet information for $97.

So the pair finally reduced the price of the book to $37 – which is how much it costs today. At least, that’s the story Eric Davis describes on his website.

You can buy Metabolism Reset for $37, download it, and ask for a refund tomorrow if you don’t like it. Like all Clickbank eBooks, Metabolism Reset comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Who is Eric Davis?

Eric Davis is one of the most common names in the United States, so it’s difficult to find out more about the mysterious creator of Metabolism Reset.

Fortunately, the front page of Metabolism Reset explains his story. Eric claims that he was self-conscious and shy his whole life. At age 40, he suffered from major self-esteem issues and health complications.

To back up his claim, Eric has posted a badly Photoshopped photograph of himself at the official Metabolism Reset website. Eric claims this is what he looked like at age 40.

Some customers have pointed out that you can tell it’s Photoshopped because of the mismatching resolutions around the face: Eric appears to have copy and pasted his face onto a much larger man.

That’s a little suspicious – especially since Eric claims to have almost died from his obesity problem during one trip to the hospital.

Finally, with nowhere else to turn, Eric turned to Mr. Li, a mysterious Chinese man who operated a market in China town. That’s where he learned the secrets inside Metabolism Reset.

Within “five months” of following Dr. Li’s weight loss advice, Eric claims that he looked like this:

These are the photographs you see on the official Metabolism Reset website. Once again, the resolution of the face and body are horribly mismatched, which suggests that this isn’t actually a photo of Eric Davis.

Who Should Buy Metabolism Reset?

Eric’s story is a little odd – especially since the main “evidence” behind is weight loss story is two badly-Photoshopped pictures of his face attached to the body of a different man.

Nevertheless, many people exaggerate the truth online to bring knowledge to people all over the world.

Metabolism Reset contains some genuinely powerful advice about boosting your metabolism – whether you believe the story or not, there’s a lot of valuable weight loss information included within this text.

And hey, if you don’t like the book, Clickbank will let you return Metabolism Reset for a full refund with no questions asked – you’ve got nothing to lose.

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