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Metabolic Fire Review

If you're over a certain age, then you might already know that getting rid of fat is particularly frustrating. Metabolic Fire is a product that capitalizes on the omnipresent problem of extra pounds after you hit the age of 40.

Metabolic Fire Company & Founder


The Metabolic Fire phenomenon is centered upon the experience, the training, and the creation of one man. His name is Dr. Dean Raffelock and he claims to have the key to revving up people's metabolisms, especially if they're over the age of 40.

What are his qualifications?

  • He is a Doctor. The MF website says he's retired but that's not what the Dr.'s site says.
  • He is certified in clinical nutrition, integrative medicine, acupuncture, applied kinesiology, and chiropractic
  • He has 4,500 hours of medical training
  • He had a clinical practice for 37 years
  • He helped over 10,000 patients

The company which sells Metabolic fire is called “Natural Health Sherpa LLC”. They are listed on the Better Business Bureau website and have a total of 32 complaints in the last 3 years, all of which are closed or settled. About 2 out of every 3 complaints was over having a problem with the product or the service, as opposed to the billing, delivery, warranty, or advertising.

Natural Health Sherpa runs a health newsletter. They also run a blog, whose last post was almost a year ago. The last news item is from almost 2 years ago.

The 2 Founders are:

  1. Marc Stockman, a marketing specialist.
  2. Jeff Radich, a product development specialist

Others involved are:

  1. Jonny Bowdden, PhD, a nutrition writer and owner of a supplement company
  2. Ross Finesmith, MD, a physician and medical writer
  3. Kimberly Day and Kathleen Robers, natural health writers

Not a whole lot of business experience here but certainly some publishing expertise is at work behind the company.

Metabolic Fire Overview

There's just one product, and it's called Metabolic Fire. The formulation is based on Dr. Raffelock's expertise on how people burn fat and lose weight. In his years working with patients he apparently learned a lot about metabolic hormones and their proper functioning. In looking for ways to keep them balanced, he discovered there were some natural ingredients which enhanced metabolic activity in the body.

The concept hinges around 7 different metabolism enhancers which are:

  • All Natural, 100% Verified For Purity
  • Fully Tested For Safety
  • No Caffeine
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • GMO-Free
  • Dairy, Egg, Soy, Sugar, And Gluten Free

It Costs:

  • 1 Bottle is $69
  • 3 Bottles is $177 ($59 each)
  • 6 Bottles is $324 ($54 each)

The product ships to just about everywhere in the world and can be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

The Metabolic Fire Compensation Plan

Earn 50% commissions if you are accepted into the affiliate program. It's free to apply. Here are the details of the compensation plan:

  • 50% commission on front-end sales
  • 50% commission on upsells (buying more bottles)
  • processing fees are half of what Clickbank charges
  • that's it: pretty simple!

A few more things to be aware of:

  • $50 threshold for getting paid on Revenue Share (aka commission) Payments, and if your account sits there for 90 days or more with less than $50, you lose whatever you did manage to make
  • you get 50% of net revenue after coupons and credits and less all taxes, shipping and handling
  • if product you sold gets returned, they'll deduct your share from your next commission, but if there are no further commissions for you, they'll invoice you!

The Verdict on Metabolic Fire

Metabolic Fire is one product and the affiliate program is quite simple. Therefore, everything hinges upon the product and whether you think you can sell it. The 7 ingredients are impressive yet familiar and when you read about them you do feel as if Dr. Raffelock might be onto something.

The fact that one bottle costs almost $70 is a little daunting, but in these days of supplement frenzy that's about average. Therefore, if you can get your affiliate link out there you might have chance at some extra income.

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  1. Please does the product have an expiration date? Is it just the date of manufacture on the pack? I saw it without an expiry date, but it had just a date of manufacture. Is that how it comes?

  2. I have been on this program for a month now, and it is working for me, my health has improved, I am loosing weight, I have had no negative side effects, I agree it is pricy, but so was all the meds I use to be on just to keep my allergies in check, which I no longer need. I will continue on this program. It has gotten me to completely change my diet, switching to organics, which was by far the most expensive part at least at first. I have since found that we eat far less, because the food we are eating is not only delicious, but very sustaining. So in the end our money is going much farther, and our health and energy has greatly improved.

  3. There should be a better price if it truly does what it states and we purchase the exercise program we should be able to receive a better deal at least on first bottle then after a month if trying let the customer decide if the cost is worth $69 for one bottle. Most people over weight are on fixed income or retired how about a good USA discount on first trial bottle if it works then it would be worth looking into digging up the high price. These company’s amaze me at there prices

  4. I am 66 years old. Health and active but putting on pounds way too easily.
    Is this safe and productive for people this age?

  5. Is this safe for people with autoimmune conditions (ITP) and with adrenal fatigue concerns? The green coffee makes me nervous to try…. :(

  6. I have been using this faithfully two tabs twice a day for two weeks now. I feel great, my cravings are down and clothes are becoming looser. I also have chosen to eat more sensibly. Eating things like egg whites for breakfast fixing them many different ways, packaged salad for lunch at work, raw nuts and fruit for snacks and a sensible dinner. So far it’s working for me!!!

  7. The Sherpa program works !!! I have lost 10 lbs. halfway thru the bottle . Mainly around the midsection. I have actually gained muscle mass in my legs, which normally become spindly whenever I diet. The Doctor has REALLY done his homework. Any naysayers are simply plants by the competitors who are loosing their shirts to something that actually works.

  8. My question is once you use Metabolic Fire do you have to keep using it to continue to get the results?

  9. I am 61 & usung Metabolic Fire & I am not a seller – helping a lot with digestion & not feeling so bloated where previously was feeling bloated b4 I even ate anything. Not hoped on scales but clothes fitting better & lots of energy – only on 1st bottle

  10. Has this worked for anyone? I need to lose weight for health reasons, but I can’t exercise due to an injury. I can barely get through one hour of shopping on Saturday. (yes I see doctors). Recovery is slow…I need to lose the weight to help with mobility. Anyone have any advice, my diet is on target, have seen a nutritionist. Thank you for reading.

  11. I tried to buy metabolic fire and the metabolic aftershock workout. They put a charge on my card I didn’t authorize. I called and I didn’t feel the company was reputable so I asked they reverse both charges. I called my bank and they said never had they seen a company reverse charges so quickly.

    • I ordered the Metabolic Aftershock videos and added a one month trial for $1 to their special metabolic club with recipes and extra’s, etc. There was 2 charges on my account, one for $46.99 and one for $47.99 (added $1 trial). Before I even contacted them; there was a charge reversal and the money back into my account. No problem at all!!!

  12. Numerous ingredients are found in this diet formula. Some of which are Caffeine Anhydrous (a stimulant and diuretic that increases energy), Hoodia Cactus Powder (may help suppress hunger), Chromium (helps regulate blood sugar levels and reduce cravings), Green Tea (contains caffeine and antioxidants to boost the metabolism), Theobromine (a natural stimulant and diuretic), Maca Extract (a natural stimulant), Glucomannan (a form of fiber that helps with bowel movements), Guggulsterone (may improve the metabolism of fat), Guarana (contains caffeine to increase energy and focus), and Magnolia Bark Extract (lowers Cortisol levels).

    there is no official website for this product although it can be found on amazon for 1/3 the developer’s ‘advertised’ price – watch the high caffeine content – if you’re on any medications check with your doctor first to avoid adverse reactions

    • I have this product and you are wrong there is no caffeine in it.There are two types of medabolished fire the one your speaking of is sold by Amazon.The one I have is only ordered through Sherpa Formulas.

    • I believe the one you are referring to isn’t the sherpa ,but the Life Power labs. Those are actually different. I didn’t see the Sherpa version on amazon,but did see the Life Power and it seems to have different ingredients.

  13. I was thinking about trying one bottle just to see if it works. The Metabolic
    website no longer works. I went to the Natural Health Sherpa’s website and searched for it and there is nothing on the site about their own product. Glad I didn’t give my credit card number to this company!

  14. Was offered this product at half-price when attempting to leave promo page…. WITH a $65 shipping charge to the UK. Buyer Beware! (The internet no longer operates in the manner it was set up to do by its originators. We are all grist-to-the-mill for profiteering scams.)

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