MegaHydrate by Phi Sciences Review

MegaHydrate is a supplement sold by Phi Sciences that promises to hydrate the body and improve one’s overall health by increasing the number of hydrogen ions in the body.

MegaHydrate advertisers itself as “antioxidant food” and there are supposedly a number of benefits to taking MegaHydrate on a daily basis.

Is MegaHydrate a legitimate product or just another supplement scam?

What is MegaHydrate?

MegaHydrate claims to be the “key that unlocks the potential of water as the medium for nutrient replenishment and waste removal at the cellular level.”

As confusing and as gibberish as that may seem, MegaHydrate essential adds hydrogen ions to your water, which enables the body to actually absorb the water you drink – instead of just flushing water out of the system.

According to Phi Sciences, MegaHydrate works to combat the body’s constant state of dehydration, which MegaHydrate also claims most humans are in most of the time.

In addition, MegaHydrate claims to fight the negative effects of alcohol, stress, and free radicals, all of which contribute to aging. This is because MegaHydrate is “the most powerful known antioxidant food.”

Claimed Benefits of MegaHydrate

According to Phi Sciences, there are several benefits to taking MegaHydrate on a daily basis. Some of the ways MegaHydrate may help improve health is by:

— Reducing Pain, Swelling, And Inflammation.
Increasing Cell Hydration
— Increasing Energy Levels (by Increasing ATP Production)
— Releasing H-Ions That Are Powerful Antioxidants
— Providing Essential Hydration For Your Overall Wellbeing

What Customers Say

Surprisingly, MegaHydrate has mostly positive reviews on Amazon from verified buyers. Most customers seem to experience numerous benefits while taking MegaHydrate and many customers have been purchasing MegaHydrate for years.

It seems like the most common benefit is by increased energy, although we’ve seen numerous customers say MegaHydrate has reduced joint pain, improved their digestion, or even led to weight loss.

Side Effects of MegaHydrate

Customers of MegaHydrate also claim there are no side effects, which we can confirm to be true – for the most part. Phi Sciences warns that MegaHydrate may cause you body to flush out “toxins, waste material, and other compounds” from your body, causing you to feel odd or worse than you normally would feel.

This feeling generally goes away after the first few days, but you should at least be aware that it could happen to you if you aren’t careful. However, other than feeling slightly off for the first few days, we have not found any severe side effects, nor does it appear that MegaHydrate is unsafe for long-term use.

How to Buy MegaHydrate

You can buy MegaHydrate directly from Phi Sciences, or on retailers like Amazon. The price varies depending on the retailer you choose, but we’ve found it priced directly on Phi Science’s website for this:

— MegaHydrate Individual Pack: $39.95
— MegaHydrate 5-Pack: $149.75
— MegaHydrate Powder: $80.00

We were unable to find any money back guarantee or return policy, nor could we find a full ingredient list in MegaHydrate. However, we do know that MegaHydrate contains silica hydride, and we think that is the main compound in MegaHydrate.

Is MegaHydrate Worth Buying?

This is an especially tough question to answer, especially because Phi Sciences gives us little information about how exactly their product works. We’re encouraged by the numerous positive testimonials we’ve found, but we still are given complex, seemingly gibberish information about how MegaHydrate works.

Still, if you can get past the confusing “science” behind MegaHydrate and focus solely on what users are actually experiencing, then MegaHydrate may be something you want to consider trying. We know that hydration is incredibly important, so perhaps Mega Hydrate is worth trying after all.

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