Meaghan Terzis – Professional Health & Wellness Advocate?


Meaghan Terzis is a well known fitness model, mother, and advocate of clean healthy living. She has been published in magazines, has graced covers of fitness publications, and has her own website to advocate her health ideals.

She likes to mentor women on getting and staying fit, and on the importance of taking control of your health. We will be talking about Meaghan in this review today, and helping you determine if she can help you find your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Who Is Meaghan Terzis?

Meaghan Terzis is a fitness model and health advocate. She has her own website where she has her accomplishments and philosophy in hopes of helping other women take control of their health and fitness.

Her website is broken down into a couple of different categories:

Meet Meaghan:

This section introduces you to Meaghan and explains her story. She started her fitness journey after the birth of her first child left her feeling sluggish and overweight. She decided to turn it around and create a new version of herself: losing weight and becoming fit.

Once she became fit, she started competing in fitness competitions, gaining exposure for other projects.

Shortly after that she had her second child, after which she started fitness modeling. She has appeared in Women’s Health & Fitness, Fitness Magazine, Natural Muscle, Inside Fitness, Strong Magazine, Sweat Equity, OptiMYz, and Muscle Memory Magazines.

Meaghan has also appeared in gym ads and other commercial print ads including Reebok.

Meaghan’s life changed when she was rushed into emergency surgery for septic shock after her appendix ruptured. This is the turning point where she realized that health was more than just eating well and having a fit body.

She added essential oils and clean living to her already full lifestyle, and has found a new calling. She is determined to help women everywhere gain control of their health and fitness

Professional Bio:

This section of her website goes over Meaghan’s professional goals and experience. It also has some brief examples of print projects she has been featured in and shows a couple of magazine covers she has appeared on.

This also goes over some of the other experience she has, such as appearing in workout videos and tutorials, television shows, and workout manuals.

In addition to all of her modeling and ad experience, Meaghan is also a certified personal trainer; helping others meet their fitness goals as well. When she chose the road to fitness, she also committed to helping others meet their goals as well.

Published Work:

This section of the site is devoted to her modeling projects and print ads. It also goes over her achievements and has pictures of her magazine projects. She has been featured both on covers of some of the top fitness magazines, but in workout spreads as well.

She also has a link to her modeling portfolio and print ads as well.

This section also has links to some of the videos that she has appeared in on YouTube. You can view her videos directly from her website. She has a link to an informational video, an instructional workout video, and more.

She also has some links to videos for fitness and health food recipes

Essential Oils:

This section of Meaghan’s website goes into how essential oils have changed her life and created a new endeavor for her to work on. She realized because of her illness that health is way more than just fitness and having a toned body.

She has incorporated essential oils into her daily routine and lifestyle to make lasting changes for optimal health. This in addition to her workouts has made her health the best it has ever been and she wants to share those benefits with others


This section of the website is where you can get a hold of Meaghan for business inquiries and essential oil information. You can also request samples of essential oils and request information on how you can get involved in her business as well

Meaghan Terzis Summary

Meaghan Terzis still is a fitness model who has been seen in multiple professional ads, workout videos, workout manuals, countless magazines, and more. She has appeared in many fitness competitions and is a certified fitness trainer as well.

She also is a wellness advocate who sells and distributes essential oils. She uses her experience with fitness and health to advocate for women everywhere and help them improve their overall health as well.

She has a team of advocates as well that she works with for the essential oils.

For more information or to request samples of the essential oils that can change your life, you can visit her website.

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