Meadow – Medical Marijuana Delivery For Cannabis Users?


Meadow is a recently-released medical marijuana delivery service that promises to bring medical marijuana to anyone with a medical marijuana license. Here’s our review.

What is Meadow?

Meadow is a medical marijuana delivery service. You visit the website online, confirm you have a medical marijuana card, and then browse through an online store filled with different types of cannabis and cannabis products.

Meadow calls itself an “app”. But in reality, you just visit the website through your smartphone, mobile device, computer, or anything else connected to the internet. The company tried to release an app, but was rejected by Google and Apple’s respective app stores.

You can order up to 28 grams of marijuana with each visit. Deliveries arrive within an hour after you make your order.

Meadow is currently available in California. The service started in the Bay Area of San Francisco after graduating from the Y Combinator startup program.

Meadow doesn’t actually have its own delivery drivers. Instead, here’s how the company explains its business model:

“Meadow facilitates cannabis delivery between patients and existing delivery services. Our service makes it easy to browse through the available strains without having to go to the dispensary. Our service is reliable, secure, and easy.”

You order from the Meadow website, they send your order to drivers (the company has partnered with Onfleet for its deliveries), and you receive your legal marijuana within an hour.

Basically, it’s the Uber of medical marijuana. Meadow doesn’t actually handle any of the deliveries or marijuana: it just arranges purchase, pickup, and delivery between customers, dispensaries, and delivery drivers. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Meadow Work?

In order to order through Meadow, you’ll first need to verify your medical marijuana card. In most cases, the verification process is completely instant. Verification is as easy as taking a picture of the required documents and uploading them to your Meadow account.

After you’ve done that, you can shop the online store, order products, pay for them online, and then wait for your delivery to show up. According to the FAQs section, you don’t need to tip your delivery driver.

The marijuana comes from “reliable and experienced growers in the Bay Area”, according to Meadow. It comes from local dispensaries – typically, the dispensary closest to you.

Meadow Products

What kind of products are available through Meadow? There are all sorts of strains, flowers, edibles, and concentrates available. The Meadow product selection is split up into all of the following categories.

Strains: Includes sativa, indica, hybrid, and high CBD strains. The strains are sold by the 1/8th and the THC and CBD content (by percentage) is listed on each product listing. You also get a brief overview of the strain. The Bubba OG description, for example, says, “Tingly body and sleepy eyes, you will want to sit but your mind can remain focused or is free to wander.  Great for relaxing, hanging out, and just enjoying life.”

-Flowers: Includes all of the strains we just mentioned above.

-Edibles: Includes drinks, candies, and other edibles that contain marijuana in some form or another. There’s the Breez Original Mints, for example, and Dixie Peach Iced Tea. There’s also marijuana-infused chocolate bars from Kiva.

-Concentrates: The Concentrates category includes Banana OG Crumble, Master Kush #2 Crumble, and other hybrid concentrates.

-Accessories: Currently, Meadow sells just two accessories, including the Absolute Xtracts Vape Pen and the Raw Cones King Size 5 Pack.

Meadow Lets You Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online for $100

Don’t have a medical marijuana card but still want to smoke? Meadow makes it easy to get one without even leaving your home through their CannabisMD program. Meadow’s marijuana card evaluation connects you with a doctor in your area who is licensed to give away medical marijuana prescriptions.

The service is priced at $100 per doctor’s appointment. The appointment takes place via HD videoconferencing or over the phone.

During an appointment, your doctor will “perform a good faith exam”, which is a discussion of your reasons for wanting a medical marijuana card. The exam is non-invasive and designed to determine whether or not your health will benefit from marijuana.

You can also renew your medical marijuana card through the service.

In California, medical marijuana can be a recommended treatment for conditions like cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief, including insomnia, anxiety, stress, or PTSD.

About Meadow

Meadow graduated from startup accelerator Y Combinator in Winter 2015 after being accepted in January 2015. Founders of the company include David Hua, Rick Harrison, Harrison Lee, and Scott Garman, all of whom previously worked together at a startup company called Sincerely. After that company was acquired by Providence Commerce, they moved onto Meadow.

David Hua has been a cannabis user since high school, according to, and he went to school to study marijuana (seriously – you can do that). Oaksterdam University offers classes on horticulture, culinary arts, dispensary options, the history of cannabis, and ongoing legal battles surrounding the plant.

The startup is based in San Francisco. It partnered with delivery startup Onfleet to deliver weed across the Bay Area. Crunchbase reports that the company has raised $2.22 million in two funding rounds from 9 investors, including the initial $120,000 investment (for a 7% stake) from Y Combinator.

Today, Meadow isn’t the only company getting into the “Uber for weed” game. Competitors include Nugg, Eaze, Canary, and Nestdrop.

You can get in touch with meadow by emailing [email protected]

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