MDrive Review – Results That Will Shock You?


Products that are known to increase testosterone are not new additions to the supplement market. Men and women everywhere who want to look fitter and leaner often look for testosterone boosters. These boosters can help to increase muscle mass and become ripped.

MDrive – What Is It?

In this review, we will be looking at a popular product that is touted as a way to increase the user’s testosterone levels naturally. This product is called MDrive, and there’s no lack of positive reviews to indicate potential success.

To the relief of some, MDrive is in fact an American company based out of Arizona trading as Dream Brands. In true entrepreneurial spirit, and perhaps as a testament to the success of MDrive, the address was formally a residential housing unit. Today it is a fully equipped factory.

Not only has MDrive taken off quickly, it also has an above-average rating from the Better Business Bureau, carrying an impressive A+ rating at the time of writing this article. This rating from the BBB is significant because the majority of supplement companies reviewed tend to score far lower than an A rating with most averaging a C or worse.

MDrive and MDrive Plus – What’s the Difference?

Dream brands offers two different versions of the same product to increase testosterone, they are MDrive and MDrive Plus. The former is usually featured on television commercials and is the most regularly reviewed item in comment threads online. However, an online check reveals that MDrive Plus is no longer available for purchase.

It appears that the difference between MDrive and MDrive Plus is that the plus version has several vitamins and minerals that the original formula does not.

Fortunately for future consumers of MDrive, it contains five potent and clinically-tested ingredients. This is in contrast with the majority of supplements on the market that may not have conducted extensive testing done on their ingredients.

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MDrive Ingredients Are:

  • Chrome
  • Selenium Select
  • L Optizinc
  • Testofen
  • Setria

Is MDrive Backed By Research? Where’s The Proof?

The research that has gone into MDrive is backed by the studies of their five main ingredients. Although Dream Brands has not tested the products themselves, they have attempted to source some very reputable ingredients in order to create their formula.

Below is a summary of research facts for each active ingredient. When examining each ingredient individually, one can reach some kind of understanding about the scientific basis for MDrive.


Three studies were conducted on the effectiveness of this ingredient. One study was taken on the reproductive system of male rats, showing a safe increase of testosterone throughout the test subjects.

Testofen also has a pending research study that apparently shows the effect of the ingredient on Anabolic activity and factors affecting exercise physiology. While the study has not been published yet, it has been released to the public as the basis of proof for the supplement.

The research summary of Testofen reveals that test subjects noticed:

  • decreases in body fat
  • increases in immune systems
  • boosted testosterone levels
  • muscle mass retention (in conjunction with decreased body fat percentage)


Setria contains glutathione, an antioxidant that can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Regular exercise can also increase the production of glutathione. Setria is marketed online as a ‘Detox’ supplement promoting a healthy digestive system.

There is controversy over the effectiveness of glutathione when taken in a pill form such as MDrive. It is unknown if the human body can properly absorb the nutrients into the bloodstream, so the overall results are debatable.


This is a brand-name form of zinc. Its’ function is to increase zinc absorption.

Zinc has been known to increase testosterone in some individuals, while in other people it has shown to actually decrease levels of testosterone. However, according to a recent study where OptiZinc was given to a cyclist for more than four weeks, it increased the levels of natural testosterone in the participant’s body.

It’s hard to know how much zinc you need in order to raise your t-levels, or if zinc actually helps with the production of free testosterone at all. Zinc is also a mineral that is naturally found in most multi-vitamins.

Selenium Select

As in the previous study with OptiZinc, Selenium Select was also given to the cyclist to increase his testosterone levels. Selenium Select is the brand name for Selenium, this is required in order for the body to produce testosterone.


Chromium or Chrome as it is sometimes called is a mineral that helps the body process sugars and fats more efficiently. This leads to an increase in testosterone levels if complimented with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Other Minerals and Ingredients

There are other ingredients that are both natural and man-made that are not listed here for the sake of simplicity. MDrive contains many tested and untested ingredients in its’ formula, and as such it’s not easy to know if this will work as advertised.

The Bottom Line – Will MDrive Work For Me?

The best way to be sure if MDrive is going to work is by purchasing it. Although there is a lack of scientific proof that MDrive should work, the sheer amount of positive reviews available online may provide some light for those considering testosterone boosters. While the five main ingredients have been scientifically tested INDIVIDUALLY it is not possible to know if the entire blend retains the properties of each ingredient.

Before testing MDrive it may be wise to visit a doctor first.

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