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Manuka Doctor Review – Right For You?

Sometimes, it helps to be adventurous when it comes to skincare products. Many mainstream brands use ingredients that are not always the most effective options. Moreover, as you use mainstream products with common ingredients over and over, your body begins to build a resistance to the effects.

The alternative option is to find a product that sets itself apart from what you frequently see on the market. New and innovative brands usually use ingredients that are much more effective, useful, and potent for your skin. If you really want to try something new, then you may want to consider Manuka Doctor.

What is Manuka Doctor?

Manuka Doctor is a brand that believes at putting women’s skincare needs and beauty concerns at the heart of its brand. The brand, known as an Apitherapy skincare brand, has developed a line of potent, effective, and concentrated skincare products that can be incorporated into your daily routine with ease. With Manuka Doctor, you can attain the wholesome skincare treatment that you deserve.

Manuka Doctor’s products are certainly unique, mainly due to the ingredients used in the innovative formula. The brand’s products are based upon two key ingredients. First, Manuka Honey, which acts is a natural revitalizer and moisturizer in your skin and second, purified bee venom, which contains powerful enzymes, peptides, and amino acids for smoother and flawless skin. Since the brand’s products are formulated with these ingredients, you really are getting the ultimate nourishing skincare regimen.

How Manuka Doctor Sets Itself Apart

As you browse through brands on the market, you may notice that there are others also using bee venom. As Manuka Doctor mentions, its bee venom differs because it is a high-quality purified form of venom. Purified venom shows better and more effective results than other forms of venom and moreover, it goes through a unique and patented purification process. The purification process works to rid the venom of any harmful and ineffective particles that seemed in from the hive. With the potent and pure bee venom, you’ll notice excellent effects on your skin.

Also, for those who are concerned, the bee venom harvesting does not harm the bees and they are released back into the hive to enjoy a full lifespan.

Proven to Work

You know a product works when it has been vigorously tested by the company and backed by extensive research. Manuka Doctor adheres to the best testing standards as each ingredient is used in the manufacturing process.

In addition, in terms of clinical trials, the positive impact of bee venom has been solidified by Dr. SanMi Han, one of the leading experts in bee venom. His tests have spanned 12 years and through them, he has found that purified bee venom contains potent and effective peptides, minerals, and amino acids. These compounds work to boost collagen formation, they prevent sun damage,  reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and so much more. As you can tell, Manuka Doctor’s use of bee venom is not only innovative, but it is innovation that works.

Loyalty Scheme

Before going through some of the bestselling products in both the Manuka Honey and Bee Venom product ranges, it is also useful to know that Manuka Doctor also offers individuals a loyalty scheme. The loyalty scheme is designed to provide you with rewards every time you purchase a product.

When you make a purchase, you collect credit that shows up on your account. The credit enables you to attain a discount on products that you purchase. Keep in mind that the loyalty program is only available for products bought from the Manuka Doctor website.

The Best Selling Products

Now that you know about the brand, the main ingredients, the loyalty scheme, and other useful information, here are some of the best sellers that the brand offers:

Bio Active Manuka Honey

Bio Active Manuka Honey is in the Manuka Honey line of products. This honey is an all-purpose product that goes beyond simply enhancing your beauty regimen. According to the brand, its Manuka Honey reduces acne, eczema, staph infections, tooth decay, sore throat, allergies, low stomach acid, and even acid reflux.

ApiRefine Gold Dust Firming Serum 1.01fl oz

ApiRefine Gold Dust is an age-defying skincare product that is infused with colloidal gold and plant extracts. The product works to keep in moisture, nourish your skin, reveal younger skin, and even diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over the long term. The product contains ingredients like purified bee venom, Manuka honey from New Zealand, propolis, mangosteen peel extract, aloe vera, lipo-peptides, and colloidal gold.

Brightening Skin Oil

Brightening Skin Oil is clinically proven to reduce specific signs of aging, such as age spots. The product also works to provide you with more luminous, radiant, and revitalized skin. It’s rich anti-oxidant formula helps protect against oxidative skin damage, which can set back any progress.

ApiClear Skin Serum

Lastly, ApiClear Skin Serum is particularly used for blemish control. The product only takes three weeks to heal your skin using ingredients like purified bee venom, Manuka honey, and royal jelly. In addition to providing you with anti-blemish features, the product also hydrates skin and improves its suppleness for a smoother appearance.

Purchasing Manuka Doctor Products and Returns

You can either purchase products directly from Manuka Doctor’s website or you can visit your local pharmacy. Manuka Doctor currently supplies to CVC, according to the brand’s site. In terms of returns, the process may be a bit more strenuous since you need to email the company first and explain your issue with the product. You’ll then be directed to an agent who can help you through the return process.


Manuka Doctor products are certainly unique but most importantly, the ingredients are potent, effective, and clinically proven to work. If you are looking to revamp your approach to skincare with a product that isn’t commonly featured on store shelves, then this is the brand to start with. The wide range of products also helps you choose one that works best for your needs.

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