Both men and women who enjoy having the next piece of technology will want to take a look at the LunaR Smartwatch Kickstarter campaign.

This smartwatch operates on just one hour f solar power a day and in addition to keeping accurate time it also offers an activity tracker, sleep tracker, and email notification settings. Please read below to learn how to back this campaign and reserve a watch for you or someone you love.

What is the LunaR Smartwatch?

As an up and coming product this device is currently in a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds for production. Since the campaign has thirty days left and the funding goal has been reached all backers are guaranteed that the LunaR Smartwatch will actually be produced.

LunaR Smartwatch Features

Unlike any other watch currently available this tech-savvy option looks beautiful while also offering some top of the line features making life easier. A few of the features are outlined below; full details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page.

-Dual Time Zone: Users can automatically see their current timezone as well as their home time zone to help them stay organized, schedule meetings, and keep in touch with family and friends more easily. The watch can use either GPS or be manually programmed to the current time zone making this feature easy to use.

-Activity Tracker: No longer do users need to wear a separate activity tracker to gain the benefits of monitoring steps and setting daily activity goals. This watch syncs with an app making it easy to stay on track for daily step goals.

-Phone Notifications: Similar to other smartwatches this device can be programmed to give a slight vibration alerting wearers to incoming emails or status notifications.

-Sleep Monitor: By using a refined algorithm this device tracks different cycles of sleep from deep to light. It also tracks time awake to help users understand their sleep and try to improve their sleep quality. By using the app uses can also view their sleep patterns over time.

This watch is waterproof up to 50 meters and consumers can choose between a few different watch bands to reflect their personal style.

Since this watch syncs with an app it can help users stay on track with their fitness goals without having to wear a separate activity tracker. The LunaR App will be available on both iOS and Android devices.

LunaR Smartwatch Pricing

Currently this product has thirty-three days left on its’ Kickstarter campaign. So far $66,811 has been raised out of the $50,000 goal so this product will be successfully funded.

There is still time to get in on the benefits of backing the LunaR Smartwatch Kickstarter campaign.

The future retail price of this product will be $239.00 each but current Kickstarter pledges of $138.00 will each get a watch for a significantly lower price than retail.

-Pledges of $169.00 and $179.00 entitle backers to get a specialized strap design.

-Pledges of $236.00 will entitle backers to two LunaR Smartwatches which is a great deal.

Corporate sponsorship is also available for pledges of $1,980.00 or more which offers twenty LunaR Smartwatches as a thank you for supporting at such a significant level.

There are also other pledge tiers which can be viewed on the product’s Kickstarter page.

Should You Use the LunaR Smartwatch?

People who are looking for a reasonably priced watch that offers a variety of technical features like activity tracking and dual time zones will want to check out the LunaR Smartwatch Kickstarter campaign.

Since backers get a significant discount off the normal retail price it is a good time to offer support and get a good deal on this new product.


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