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Luminique Review

Luminique is a skin cream created by Dr. Michael Fiorillo MD. Learn everything you need to know about Luminique today in our review.

What is Luminique?

Luminique is a skin cream created by board-certified surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo. It promises to offer powerful anti-aging results through a topical skin cream.

The Luminique brand includes several major products, including all of the following:

— Age-Defying Complex
— Cleanser
— Toner
— Luminique 90 Packettes
— Age-Defying Complex Kit

By using all of these products together, you can purportedly enjoy powerful anti-aging results.

How Does Luminique Work?

Luminique products work in similar ways to deliver anti-aging benefits beneath your skin. The company describes its products as “the perfect combination of a new generation of skincare ingredients that work together to reduce the appearance of existing and new sun damage.”

So what exactly are those ingredients? Here are the most active ingredients included in the Luminique formula:

— Marine Botanicals: Marine botanicals are extracted from the ocean – including algae extracts and “exotic plants found deep down in the ocean”. The manufacturer of Luminique uses a special “liposome delivery system” to deposit these ingredients exactly where they need to be inside your skin.

— Other Botanicals: Ingredients like aloe vera and green tea extract are all commonly found in Luminique products. The company is also open and honest about its ingredients and provides a full listing of all ingredients on the side of each Luminique container and online – so you’re never left to guess how each product works.

— Paraben-Free, Non-Irritating Complex: Since Luminique promises to use only natural ingredients, the formula is non-irritating and paraben-free. If you’re the type of person who likes to apply only natural botanicals and extracts on your skin, then Luminique can meet those needs. However, it’s important to note that not all ingredients in all Luminique products are 100% natural: check each product’s ingredients list for more information before you buy. As mentioned above, the company is happy to provide its full ingredients list for all products, so it’s not hiding anything.

Luminique Products

Luminique offers all of the following products as part of the lineup:

Age-Defying Complex ($79.95)

This is a moisturizer designed for both day and night use. It uses “age-defying enzymes” to improve the appearance and complexion of your skin, including reducing oxidative stress and exposure. Key active ingredients in the formula include Octinoxate 7.5%, Octocrylene 4.5%, and Oxybenzone 3.5%.

Cleanser ($39.95)

This cleanser promises to melt away dirt, oil, and impurities on your skin to leave it feeling fresh and clean. It’s paraben-free and uses active ingredients like botanicals that are rich with antioxidants (Aloe Vera and safflower seed oil are two of the most active ingredients).

Toner ($39.95)

The Luminique Toner is a non-drying toner that promises to eliminate excess dirt and oils caused by everyday pollution and stress. It also balances pH levels in your skin to leave it smooth, soft, and refreshed. Key ingredients include lavender oil and green tea leaf extract.

Luminique 90 Packettes ($79.95)

This 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer comes in the form of 30 packets. Yes, the word “90” refers to the fact that it’s a 90 second treatment: there are only 30 packettes included in each box. So don’t be fooled. In any case, each wipe promises to reduce your wrinkles in 90 seconds, giving you an easy on-the-go treatment.

Age-Defying Complex Kit

The Age-Defying Complex Kit is available when you buy 2 Luminique Age Defying Complex jars, in which case you get the cleanser and toner for free.

How to Buy Luminique

Luminique products are all available online through the Luminique online store, where you’ll find the products listed at the prices we’ve mentioned above.

All purchases from the online store include a 30 day money back guarantee. you can contact the company for a full refund any time within 30 days of receiving your order. You’ll pay your own return shipping, but you receive a complete refund on your product order.

About Luminique

Luminique was created by Dr. Michael Fiorillo, a native of Rockland County, New York. Working with a “talented team of dedicated skin science researchers of the Hydroxatone Labs”, Dr. Fiorillo claims to have created a lineup of powerful skin care products that use clinically proven ingredients to provide real anti-aging results.

At the Luminique “About Us” page, Dr. Fiorillo is described as “among the most highly experienced and sought after plastic surgeons.” He claims to have worked with celebrities, television stars, and professional athletes while also acting as a specialist for media outlets like Good Morning America and Fox News.

You can get in touch with Luminique by viewing contact information on the company website. The company has four different numbers for customers in the USA/Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the UK.

You can also contact the company through the online email form her:

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