Lumi Juice – Organic Farm-Fresh Challenges For Immunity & Health?


Lumi Juice is a company that produces farm-fresh juices for consumers to improve their health. The company offers simple 6-packs, though they also challenge the consumer to make strides to improve their health.

What is Lumi Juice?

Getting the right amount of daily nutrients is all about supporting the body with vitamins. Most people can achieve this with the right beverages and the right balance of nutrients, but most people do not actually consume what is best. Sure, it is important to drink water, but there are so many other drinks that can actually fuel the body with vitamins. That is one of the many benefits for Lumi Juice.

Lumi Juice makes all of their drink options with a cold-pressing process, which ensures that the greatest number of healthy enzymes are included in the drinks. Consumers have the natural benefits of different fruits and vegetables, which means that they get all of their daily vitamins and minerals easily. The products are inspired by the nutrition that the creator found at Whole Foods, with the desire to help consumers live a healthier lifestyle. Right now, they hold the claim to fame as the only company to have a High-Pressure Processing (HPP) machine to create their drinks.

Lumi actually is an abbreviation for “Love U Mean It,” and that is exactly what they show consumers with the helpful nutrients included in the remedies. Read on below to learn about the different products that they offer.

The Challenges

There are presently three Challenges available for the Lumi Juice – the Orchard Fresh Challenge, the Five-Day Challenge, and the Upgrade Your OJ Challenge.

The Orchard Fresh Challenge is available for $14.99, and it includes five of the 10-ounce Harvest Apple juices, and one of the 32-ounce Harvest Apple juices.

The Five-Day Challenge is available for $19.99, and it asks that consumers have one of the Gold Rush juices and one of the Farmhouse Greens drinks for five days straight.

The Upgrade Your OJ Challenge is also available for $19.99, and it asks consumers to drink the Wahoo Orange juice with its impressive abundance of Vitamin C. The package contains 5 of the 10-ounce Wahoo Orange juices and 1 of the 32-ounce Wahoo Orange juices.

The Products

If the users do not want to participate in one of the challenges, they can get juices as an individual drink (starting at $19.50 for a six-pack) or as a 32-ounce container (starting at $30.00). Choose from:

  • Wahoo Orange
  • Upbeet Pear
  • Piedmont Pineapple
  • Morning Sunrise
  • Jump Shot
  • Hot Shot
  • Harvest Apple
  • Gold Rush
  • Belmont Beet

The Full House Sampler is also available for $45.00. This package contains one of each of the drinks for consumers to see which one works for their needs and taste buds the best. With this order, consumers have the chance to either buy it as a one-time transaction, or they can offer a subscription for $40.50 per shipment.

Contacting Lumi Juice

Even though the website offers plenty of details about the way that consumers will benefit from the use of the Lumi Juice drinks, there is always questions that consumers may have about the brand. The easiest way to submit a question is by filling out the online form at

If the user would prefer to speak with a live representative instead, they can call 484-320-2765.

Lumi Juice Review Summary

Lumi Juice is all about helping consumers to get better nutrition from their daily diet, since the available products in the industry are scarce. The only place that consumers can get these drinks are through the official website, but that will hopefully change with time. The packages are affordable, and consumers can buy bigger containers at once to keep in their fridge with the rest of their perishable foods.

If you want a drink that helps with your daily intake of vitamins, then the use of Lumi Juice in a daily diet will help.

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