Motorists cannot easily tell when cyclist are applying their brakes or slowing down unlike with cars, that come fitted with brake lights that light up as the brakes of the car are applied.

How Lucnt SRL1 Works

Lucnt SRL1 is a small tail light that functions as a cars brake light to indicate when a cyclist is applying the brakes. It uses multiple sensors with algorithms to sense motion so it transmits when you slow down or accelerate to the indicator, which lights up, increases your visibility and notifies drivers behind you to steer clear as you slow down to avoid accidents.

Thus, indicator goes from 10 percent lighting when riding to 100 percent lighting when the brakes are fully applied. The indicator is activated by magnets in the bike mount, making it powerful and energy efficient. The light blinks in different patterns to indicate the change of speed of the cyclist and maintains a steady red glow as you slow down.

Why You Should Use Lucnt SRL1

It Is Power Efficient

To mount the indicator, slot the bike light unto the magnetic seat mount after choosing your desired orientation; and to remove, simply pull the light off its mount. The bike light is power efficient; a 1-hour charge using a micro USB cable can ensure continuous use for 20 hours. It is also equipped with four individual lights that indicate battery level.

The Light Has A Motion Sensor Connected To The Pedals

The sensors in the indicator sense the motion of the bike, so when the bike is stationary, the light stays on for only a 90- second stand by period before it goes off. The pedalling motion of the bike activates the sensors once again.

It Is Built To Function Albeit Harsh Weather

The lighting and mounting system of the bike is designed to withstand all weather conditions such as rain, snow etc. as long as you are ready to ride your bike.

It Is Easy To Mount And Carry Around

The indicator is made in pocket friendly sizes to give an anti-theft protection and it is easily mounted and removed.

Light Weight

The bike light is made from aircraft aluminium to make it light and durable.

Lucnt SRL1 Summary

This light, weather ready, portable indicator bike that helps increase the visibility of cyclists and keep them safe and visible.


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