Love Life Supplements Natural Lift – Nootropic Brain Booster Aid?


The average individual is ridiculously busy these days. Not only do they have more work and tasks on their plate than time to execute and get all of them done, they also have to attend to family, spend time with loved ones and maybe even play a role in their local community.

Unfortunately, there’s a limit to your energy levels and brainpower. Even the most effective individual often struggles with peak performance and consistent results on a daily basis.

This is why many are turning to nootropic supplements in the hopes that they would help them get more done faster, boost their productivity, increase and sustain their energy levels, as well as improve their mental clarity.

One of these nootropics is Love Life Supplements Natural Lift. The supplement, which contains, green tea, guarana extracts, chromium, acetyl l-carnitine, and acai berry supposedly does everything from boosting mental clarity to improving your energy levels, and helping you maintain your weight.

This is courtesy of the ingredients, all of which have various properties. In this Natural Lift review, we’ll be looking to either corroborate some of these claims or outrightly debunk them.

The hope is that by the time you are done reading this review, you should be able to make an informed decision about whether Love Life Supplements Natural Lift can actually help you in is stated capacity.

Pros Of Love Life Supplements Natural Lift

Doesn’t Use Gelatin

The first thing you’ll notice is that it doesn’t use gelatin material for its capsules. It instead uses a vegan based cellulose material. This is great because it shows that the company apparently values customer well-being more than they do profits.

Most supplement companies tend to use the often cheaper gelatin based capsules in order to make more profits.

Green Tea Extract Looks Good

In the right amounts, green tea extracts are often linked to improved fat loss, improved cognitive function and performance, boosted metabolism and overall improved health. This makes it a popular ingredient in most weight loss supplements.

Green tea extracts can deliver all these benefits because of its theanine and catechin compounds. The amount of green tea extract in Natural Lift is pretty significant at 80mg per capsule.

Now, this may look insignificant until you see that the strength of the extract is 30:1, which translates to about 2g of green tea in one capsule, and is more that is available in many other supplements with similar claims.

Chromium and Acetyl L-Carnitine

These also play a critical role in weight loss. Chromium for instance, is commonly found in leafy green vegetables. As you know, eating these in sizable quantities will not only help suppress appetite, they can help you lose weight.

Chromium is also effective for insulin sensitivity, which in turn, affects your metabolic rate. Individuals with higher insulin sensitivity, tend to reduce their risk of becoming diabetic.

Cons Of Love Life Supplements Natural Lift And Possible Side Effects

One of the things we’re seeing with this supplement is the quantity of the ingredients and compounds. For instance, you need a lot more chromium to get the weight loss result. The same goes for l-carnitine. You need as much as 500mg to 1g dose per day to get the maximum benefits from its use.

A major side effect that we are concerned about is the amount of caffeine inn the supplement. You see, the guaranine in guarana extract mimics the effects of caffeine. The manufacturer states that each capsule contains about 666mg of guarana extract.

The problem with this is we don’t know just how much caffeine you have in that amount of guarana extract. This makes it dangerous for people with caffeine sensitivity and heart defects. Excess caffeine intake can cause symptoms like anxiety, irritability, photosensitivity, headaches, elevated heart rate and insomnia.

On the other hand, healthy individuals with significant caffeine tolerance may actually benefit from the possibly high dosage of caffeine.

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