Gaia Herbs Golden Milk – Vegan Powdered Turmeric & Date Tonic?


In the times we live in, a few hours in a day are enough to drain you both physically and mentally. To make matters worse more chores and responsibilities are waiting for you at home the moment you set foot inside your door. When the body and mind are not working efficiently, our productivity reduces exponentially.

Also, ensuring that your brain function is top-notch is a good way to promote healthy living and sound decision making. Gaia Herbs Golden Milk offers significant help to people trying to achieve proper body and mind function and contains natural ingredients. Expect to find no gluten, GMO’s or soy in this product with no compromise on the taste.

The omission of these ingredients is also good news to most people who avoid dairy products due to allergic reactions. Gaia Herbs Golden Milk is derived from an ancient Ayurvedic recipe, which has been used for generations on end for its medicinal and therapeutic properties. The Indians know Golden Milk as Ayurveda and consider it a delicious nourishment.

Why wouldn’t it be delicious when the manufacturers use dates as the sweetening agent. Aside from the nourishing effect Golden Milk provides your body with, some of the ingredients used are also responsible for raising your energy levels. As such, you will remain motivated throughout the day enabling you to accomplish more within a limited period.

Ingredients in Gaia Herbs Golden Milk


Turmeric is not a new name to most people and medical circles as well. Aside from the flavor turmeric adds to food and Golden Milk; this ingredient is also used for its inflammatory response support and maintaining general health. Turmeric is also a chief ingredient in most supplements thanks to its ability to increase vitality.

It also offers whole body support and supports antioxidants thereby promoting hale and hearty inflammatory response.

Black Pepper

Just like turmeric, black pepper is another readily available ingredient with multiple benefits. Also, it is often used by most people as part of a cooking recipe mainly for flavor. However, Golden Milk uses this ingredient for its ability to team up with turmeric and promote proper absorption. Also, its hint of spiciness is important for the overall flavor elicited by Golden Milk.

The pungent herb is also important for proper bowel function seeing how it single-handedly sparks proper digestive secretions while cleaning the gastrointestinal tract.


Ashwagandha is priceless in Ayurveda thanks to its ability to toxify the whole body. This herb was famous centuries ago and is still considered vital for both traditional and modern medicine. Ashwagandha acts both as a tonic and an adaptogen.

As an adaptogen, this herb ensures that your body maintains natural resistance and isn’t easily attacked by diseases. As a tonic, Ashwagandha provides that the overall well-being of your body is supported and remains top-notch.


As mentioned earlier, the company uses dates as Golden Milk’s sweetener to delicious effect. Dates are naturally sweet and an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. Additionally, they are a better alternative to sugar thanks to their extra nutritional benefits. Fossil records show that dates have been used as sugar and syrup for over 50 million years underlying their importance to proper overall health.

Gaia Herbs Golden Milk is not only a nutritional nourishment but a good replacement for caffeine or regular tea. It is sweet and way more nutritious than the options mentioned earlier and contains ingredients with healing properties. Not to mention, it is ideal for all ages; you can serve it to your kids while having some yourself.

Gaia Herbs Golden Milk Review Summary

Gaia Herbs Golden Milk might be making trends lately, but its recipe has been in place for thousands of years. The fact that it is nutritious might contribute to its long existence, but its sweetness is also a vital attribute to its popularity.

Golden Milk is the perfect way to complement a healthy lifestyle and proper brain and body function.

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