LongVida Curcumin – Optimized Natural Antioxidant Formula?


LongVida is a company that provides curcumin for supplement use. They have created a formula that allows the curcumin to be absorbed and processed by the body without it being burned off by the acid in your stomach.

This is not a supplement that has been released for general consumption yet, but there is a lot of beneficial and promising information on their website regarding curcumin as a supplement.

What Is LongVida Curcumin Supplements?

Curcumin has been shown in lab studies to be a powerful antioxidant. It is found in curry from India, and is already naturally found in some foods that we already eat. The problem with using this as a supplement is that much of the beneficial elements of curcumin are burned off in the stomach acid when we digest these foods.

This renders the health benefits of curcumin to be useless, as it is destroyed before our body gets to use it.

LongVida has created a formula that helps the curcumin be absorbed and utilized by the body without the value being lost during digestion. This process makes it available for our body to gain the benefits of curcumin.

When we eat food, our bodies use a very powerful acid to break down the food items that we consume, so that our bodies can process the food and extract the nutrients from it. Unfortunately, beneficial nutrients are sometimes dissolved and destroyed as well, making them unusable otherwise.

Curcumin has been shown in many lab studies to be one of these things that are burned off before it is able to be beneficial to the body. Previously the benefits of curcumin were relatively unknown since it burns off while food is being digested.

Long Vida has shown the benefits to curcumin in the body, if it is not completely lost during digestion. In their studies they have not only shown how beneficial curcumin can be, but also have devised a way to make it accessible in the body systems even after digestion. That way the body can utilize the benefits of curcumin as a supplement.

How does Curcumin benefit the body?

Curcumin has been shown in studies to improve vascular health (CU Boulder study, 2015), is an anti inflammatory agent, and improves mood and cognition (Swinburne University of Technology study, 2015).

Studies by Long Vida and the Universities listed above have resulted in some very interesting findings regarding the use of curcumin as a supplement.

In a study by the University of Colorado Boulder in 2015, it was discovered that curcumin can improve vascular health and function. It was shown to protect the vascular system in people who were aging (and otherwise healthy).

In this study, they tested the flow of blood in a double blind procedure featuring curcumin and placebo. What they found was that the patients that had curcumin as a supplement, the vascular health was improved compared those who got the placebo. These were very exciting results that helped illustrate why it was important to find a way to utilize curcumin as a supplement.

In a BBA clinical study, curcumin was also shown to be a natural anti inflammatory. Researchers were studying the effects of curcumin on exercise-damaged muscle injury and inflammation. What they found was that the muscles treated with a curcumin supplement were less sore and inflamed after exercise.

The test subjects were tested in a double blind procedure with curcumin supplements and a placebo. Those who had the curcumin supplements reported less negative effects and showed less inflammation after muscle damage. It did not seem to have an effect on the pain level, but did show improvement in the muscle inflammation caused by these injuries

In a study by the Swinburne University of Technology in 2015, curcumin was shown to have promising results regarding the progression of cognitive decline in aging adults. In a random, double bling procedure, curcumin was shown to improve attention and memory tasks and improve mood as well.

It also showed a reduction in LDL cholesterol and higher level of alertness. This was the first study into the effects of curcumin on the brain function of older adults. This study shows the need for further studies on the subjects to make a determination if the correlation shows causation.

Is LongVida Worth it?

This is not medical advice and is not meant to be taken as such. There is a disclaimer on the Long Vida website that says it is not a site that is meant for consumers. Please discuss any questions you have about the effect of curcumin on your health regimen with your doctor. This information is strictly observational, and is taken directly of the www.longvida.com website.

This is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease.

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