Infinity Green Coffee & Infinity Garcinia Cambogia – Worth It?


Until recently, the process of losing weight and toning your body has been a long and difficult process.

Strict eating schedules, calorie counting and restrictive meal plans leave dieters suffering from hunger pangs and fatigue, while intensive workout regimes and arduous fitness programs take up free time that is rare for working professionals, students and busy family members.

Many dieters reach a plateau after striving to meet their weight and health goals, losing some excess weight only to gain it back when external lifestyle factors disrupt a disciplined routine.

Almost two out of three individuals in the United States today are classified as overweight or obese.

Excess weight places a strain on the body that causes a wide variety of harmful negative health effects, ranging from reduced endurance, poor skin, and body image issues that affect self esteem, to serious medical complications such as heart disease, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure, immune dysfunction and even diabetes.

The first and most important step in taking control of your health is managing your weight and removing toxins from your body.

Bloating, stomach pains, poor metabolism, impaired digestion and high cholesterol are all symptoms that emerge from carrying too much weight,

Recent developments in medical science have demonstrated the scientific evidence for the ability of powerful and natural herbal extracts to safely and efficiently speed up the process of fat loss.

While other pharmaceutical solutions interfere with the hormonal and digestive systems, potentially causing long term health damage, herbal and botanical extracts work in balance with the body to promote a heightened state of metabolism and thermogenesis, allowing dieters to burn away fat deposits in far less time, with far less effort.

SIde effect free, these solutions are derived from traditional cures and medicines that have been used for thousands of years by the medicinal systems of ancient cultures, and have gained the attention of nutritional experts in recent years for their powerful fat burning effects.

Effective & Fast Fat Burning

When selecting a fat burning product, there are a few practices to maintain to ensure the supplement you’ve chosen is going to have a fast acting and worthwhile effect.

While some solutions incorporate just one specific type of herbal extract, in many cases the efficacy of a product can by multiplied by several orders of magnitude by combining it with another herbal extract that works in synergy to enhance the overall fat burning effect while delivering a total overall health boost.

When burning fat with a herbal extract that converts adipose fat deposits to energy, it’s important to also supplement your diet with a herbal supplement that provides critical nutrients and detoxifying agents to flush the free radicals that are released from this process into the body.

In this article we’ll assess the efficiency of a combination of Garcinia Cambogia extract, one of the most potent and efficient fat burners available on the market, with green coffee extract, a powerful dual-effect fat burner and detoxifying agent.

This combination of natural cures simultaneously burns fat and purifies the body, supporting the metabolism and promoting a state of thermogenesis that tones and smooths the body while at the same time gently suppressing appetite and stops fat production.

The highest quality brand of both Green Coffee extract and Garcinia Cambogia extract are produced by Infinity, a leading health supplement provider that manufactures and distributes herbal and botanical extract products featured on NBC and CNN, and in internationally popular magazines such as Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Glamour.

How do Garcinia Cambogia Extract & Green Coffee Work Together to Burn Fat?

Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee are two herbal extracts that complement each other’s ability to work in balance with the natural metabolic process of the human body to break down fat quickly, convert it to energy to decrease fatigue and improve appearance, and flush the resulting toxins released from the body with powerful antioxidant effects.

The first effect of this revolutionary and synergistic combination naturally suppresses the appetite of a dieter to help curb impulse eating. When carbohydrate rich foods are consumed, the carbs are converted by the digestive system into sugar that enters the bloodstream, causing a sugar rush.

Excess sugar energy is stored as fat deposits, while the rest is burned quickly, and when it runs out, the individual experiences a “sugar crash” as the body spikes insulin levels.

This lowers serotonin levels and increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the brain, leading dieters to consume more carb rich food in a cycle.

Garcinia Cambogia functions as an appetite suppressant that while not strong enough to cause the appetite to become imbalanced, helps dieters gain control over their food intake.

The second mechanism of action of this super effective combination involves the release of Hydroxycitric Acid into the body.

Garcinia Cambogia contains high amounts of this organic compound, which inhibits the production of an enzyme in the digestive system called Citrate Lyase. Citrate Lyase is responsible for the creation of fatty cells, so by ingesting Garcinia Cambogia extract, fat cells cease to form, allowing the body to break down existing fat deposits for energy.

As these fat deposits are broken down, the toxins and pollutants are released into the body that can cause fatigue and make it difficult to continue the weight loss program, a roadblock that leads to many dieters ceasing to pursue their fitness goals.

Green Coffee extract counteracts this process by cleansing the body as a powerful antioxidant that removes these free radicals from the body, leaving dieters feeling invigorated.

Green Coffee is also a powerful fat burning supplement in a similar fashion to Garcinia Cambogia, releasing a natural chemical called Chlorogenic Acid into the body that promotes a state of thermogenesis in the body, melting away unwanted body fat with minimal effort. Green coffee extract has been demonstrated in multiple clinical trials to provide a boost to the natural fat burning capability of the body with no ill side effects.

By combining these two supplements dieters are able to quickly eliminate unwanted body fat, toning and purifying their body in a fraction of the time it would take through traditional and onerous exercise and food restriction regimes.

Where to Find Green Coffee Extract & Garcinia Cambogia

Infinity supplements offers the highest quality and most competitively priced herbal supplements on the market, and unlike other supplement companies are so confident in the fast acting and dramatic effect of this combination of products that both Infinity Green Coffee Extract and Infinity Garcinia Cambogia Extract can be tried for free simply by requesting a sample from the website.

If you’d like to lose weight fast with no risk of side effects while increasing your overall heath attain your health and fitness goals, this effective and powerful natural herbal combination can be tried risk-free at no cost and is an excellent organic, economical choice.

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