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For years now, the health market has been saturated with products claiming to miraculously burn off fat in no time at all. However, the consumer has become more and more conscious that this approach to weight loss is not only flawed, but physically impossible. Instead, those who are knowledgeable about the struggle with weight loss and its feasible solutions have turned to more realistic approaches.

If a gradual yet steady reduction in weight is one of your numerous goals then, the answer is not far away.

Often we have seen, used, or heard about dietary supplements that assists in weight loss. More often than not, many of them work in only limited capacity, and only a few stand the test of time.

LiveTru is a vitamin and supplement producer that has established itself with the goal of bettering health in its customers. From the Livetru Garcinia Cambogia supplement to the Raspberry Ketones, they are all focused on bringing the buyer good health.

What Is LiveTru Nutrition?

Livetru Nutrition, is a proven company with a good reputation that specializes in the manufacture of dietary supplements that assists in weight loss and appetite suppression.

The manufacturer's website explains that they have been in the industry for about 7 years and, over time, they have been able to gain customers' trust as one of the most reliable manufacturer of dietary supplements.

LiveTru Nutrition's products are made from natural supplements that has been clinically tested and proven.

Livetru Nutrition has staked its reputation on being one of the premiere manufacturers of health supplements on the market, and has focused on products with a long history of use and breakthrough results. One of their most popular products, Garcinia Cambogia, has seen an explosion in popularity, and has seen remarkable results if the reviews scattered around the internet is anything to go by.

Featured Products

-Garcinia Cambogia Extract: According to LiveTru Nutrition, this product makes weight loss possible by decreasing the appetite whilst the blocking formation of fat and subsequent elimination of belly fat. The product will certainly assist individuals lose unnecessary weight and fat, provided they live a healthy lifestyle.

-Moringa Oleifera: It is an herbal supplement from a plant that is found in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The uses of this plant are practically limitless. It has been used by several cultures for centuries.

Moringa Oleifera possesses the capacity to reduce abnormal stress levels as well as joint ache. It can decrease the swelling in joints and assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

This powerful antioxidant takes care of kidney stones, infections within the body, and fluid retention effectively. It can also increase sex drive and relieve pain connected with ulcers.

-Green Coffee Bean Extract: The term “Green coffee” implies coffee in its raw and pure form. The unroasted beans may slow the absorption of glucose; thus, prevent fat from accumulating in the body.

Chlorogenic acid is the key ingredient in the Green Coffee Bean Extract. The chlorogenic acid functions by preventing the release of glucose into body and also enhancing the metabolism of fat by the liver.

Chlorogenic acid is also beneficial for treating high blood pressure. Green Coffee Bean Extract is known to promote cardiovascular health. It is known to be beneficial in aiding weight loss.

-Raspberry Ketones: This improves metabolic efficiency and supports lipolysis and thermogenesis. It also regulates the hormone Adiponectin so that it can effectively cut up the fat within your cells, thus helping your body metabolize fat rapidly and more effectively.

-CoQ10 Ubiquinol: CoQ10 Ubiquinol is known to radically reduce the aging effects. CoQ10 also known as ubiquinol, is a natural fat soluble that has been scientifically confirmed to enhance cellular growth. This vital nutrient is an antioxidant that significantly reduces the signs of aging.

-Pure Graviola: Pure Graviola reduces digestive problems and hypertension. Pure Graviola is the Portuguese plant originated from South America. It has several medicinal uses including the capacity to treat fever and infection. Research that has been conducted concerning Pure Graviola appears to be positive.

-Phytoceramides: Phytoceramides are fat molecules that keep skin hydrated, fleshy and healthy. Phytoceramides are produced from plants that revitalize the body from the inside out. There are no limits as to what this wonderful supplement will do for you.

-TruFlex Joint Supplement: Tru Flex Joint Supplement is one of the renowned supplements on the market now. This joint health supplement has main ingredients that have been confirmed to aid the complete health of the joints in the human body. Tru Flex Joint Supplement increases the total ease and flexibility of your joints.

-White Mulberry Leaf Extract: Mulberry is a regularly known plant all over the world, although there are several species. White Mulberry, is the only species made used of in traditional Chinese medicine as tonics to control blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health.

-Deer Antler Velvet: Amazingly this compound is found on the bone and cartilage of the antlers that grow on deer.

Deer Antler Velvet spray supplements have been employed for use for many years to treat a various medical conditions and illness. It has the capability to elevate the strength of the immune system and also reduce the physical signs of high stress levels. Deer Antler Velvet is endowed with the ability to body ward off infection.


-LiveTru Garcinia Cambogia Extract: Its ingredients are potassium(80 mg), calcium(80 mg), garcinia cambogia fruit extract (1600mg) and vegetable cellulose.

-LiveTru Green Coffee Bean Extract: Vegetable cellulose, caffeine and standardized green coffee bean extract.

-LiveTru Nutrition Moringa Oleifera : Vital vitamins, proteins, minerals, vegetable cellulose capsule

-LiveTru Nutrition Raspberry-Ketones: Raspberry Ketones

-LiveTruNutrition CoQ10: Rice flour, gelatin capsule, Coenzyme Q10 ubiquinol and magnesium stearate.

-LiveTruNutrition Graviola: Stem and leaf extract of gaviola, magnesium stearate.

-LiveTruNutrition Phytoceramides Supplement: Ceramide pcd, Vitamins A, B, D, and E. Magnesium stearate, vegetable cellulose, purified water, and silicon dioxide, stearic acid.

-TruFlex Joint Supplement: MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine

-LiveTru White Mulberry Leaf Extract: Mulberry extract

-LiveTru Deer Antler Velvet: Horny goat weed, Tongkat ali root extract, L-Arginine, citric acid, potassium sorbate etc.

Purchase and Pricing

Any of the LiveTru products can be purchased via their website or any online stores. The manufacturer's website states that in cases of dispute, shipping costs would not be refunded.

-LiveTru Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia is $29.99 per bottle of 60 capsules.

-LiveTru Nutriton Moringa Oleifera – $39.99

-Green Coffee Bean Extract: $24.99

-Raspberry Ketones: $24.99

-CoQ10 Ubiquinol – $29.99

-Pure Graviola – $34.99

-Phytoceramides – $39.99

-TruFlex Joint Supplement – $29.99

-White Mulberry Leaf Extract – $29.99

-Deer Antler Velvet – $39.99

LiveTru Nutrition Review Summary

Each of the products available on the LiveTru website has its own pros and cons.

One of the chief examples is the Garcinia Cambogia extract, which is a major ingredient in most weight loss products and so, it may perform just like any other weight loss products out there.

While there are no customer reviews on the product page, LiveTru Nutrition has a reputation that is second to none, and its products are all individually tried and proven supplements, a necessity in an extremely conscious health market.

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