Liv TriGestive: 3-in-1 Prebiotic, Probiotic & Digestive Aid?


Liv TriGestive is a supplement that helps consumers to restore the health of their gastrointestinal tract to relieve discomfort and promote better absorption of healthy nutrients. The treatment is available with multiple opportunities for discounts.

What is Liv TriGestive?

The digestive system requires balance in order to thrive. There are plenty of different diets and cleanses that aim to help the body promote a healthier environment, but there are traces of every food that gets left behind in the digestive tract at some point. Even though a cleanse can rid the body of the toxins, this type of remedy also gets rid of the healthy bacteria that is necessary to the pH balance. With TriGestive, consumers are able to get impressive support that other products do not have.

TriGestive offers a proprietary blend that deals with the different bacteria that need to be present in the body. It can:

  • Keep up with the needs of a healthy digestive system
  • Create a healthy and supported immune system
  • Reduce the amount of toxins in the body
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Balance the need for healthy bacteria
  • Reduce discomfort
  • Reduce gas, bloating, and other digestive issues

When there are problems in the digestive system, most prescription medications only deal with one or two issues at once. A supplement that includes probiotic bacteria strains is the best way to soothe the issues in the body, because they are the most similar to the enzymes that should exist in the gut in the first place. There are plenty of supplements on the market with probiotics, but the inclusion of multiple types of enzymes is something that Liv TriGestive specializes in.

How It Helps

There are over 20 billion active cultures for the user in every single dose that they take, balancing the needs of the user’s digestive system. There are 10 specific strains chosen for this formula, but the whole remedy comes down to three parts – Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Digestive Enzymes.

Probiotics are easily the most common part of the supplement. They give the body healthy and balanced bacteria in the intestines to balance out the toxins that exist there. By introducing this type of bacteria, consumers can have balanced pH levels, support immunity, and give the right flora in the gut.

Prebiotics offer nourishment to the probiotics. There will be a point when the body is not able to eliminate any other toxins within the gut, but the bacteria still needs to thrive. It essentially keeps the probiotics active.

Digestive enzymes are the final part of the blend. They focus on reducing the pain and discomfort that comes with digesting certain foods. It helps the body to nourish the immune system, but it also promotes an easier processing of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

How To Use Liv TriGestive

The best part about TriGestive is that the treatment plan is not complicated or exhaustive. The user needs one capsule each day, which has all of the digestive support that they should require. Even without storing the product in the refrigerator, the formula is guaranteed fresh for at least a year.

Pricing for Liv TriGestive

The total cost for Liv TriGestive is $45.00 for a single bottle ($57.00 CAD). However, the website offers a promotion to receive more of the products in one purchase with different discounts that are available to every buyer, which are:

  • Buy 3 bottles to get 10% off the shipment, and 50% off the cost of shipping
  • Buy 5 bottles to get 20% off the shipment, and free shipping

There are a limited number of bottles, so it is important to get the supplies while they last. For consumers that decide to become a member, there are additional discounts listed.

Read on below about becoming a member.

About Membership

When consumers decide to join and become a member, they have the opportunity to choose from three different packages. Consumers can choose to have a Promoter or not, depending on whether they need the coaching.

The first option is Access Membership, which costs a $50 activation fee, and a $49 monthly payment. They will have 75 credits immediately, and will earn 25 more credits each month.

The next option is the Premier Membership. This membership’s activation fee is $100, and the monthly cost is $99. Participants will get 150 credits when they activate the membership, and will continue to get 50 credits each month. They will have access to bonus levels and the virtual assistant.

The final choice is the VIP membership, which has special upgrades and discounts that are not available with any other package. The receive 250 credits upon activation, with 100 more credits per month. Plus, the member gets to apply more credits towards their purchase than other programs. The user needs to pay a $150 activation fee, and a $149 monthly payment.

Contacting the Creators of TriGestive

The website offers a lot of information about the use of the TriGestive supplement, but there are always questions that consumers have later on that they want to address. The customer service team offers both a phone number and an email address for consumers to ask anything that they want to discuss.

Liv TriGestive Conclusion

Liv TriGestive works for anyone. The key to getting digestive balance is to consistently keep up with this type of regimen. The creators of the remedy recommend that everyone take some kind of remedy to make sure that their digestive system and GI tract works in the way that it should. Even with the smallest change in diet, the whole body can be thrown off. With TriGestive, that risk is significantly reduces.

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