Liv Klarity: Nootropic Enhances Clarity, Memory & Mood?


Liv Klarity is a supplement that consumers can use to improve cognition, enhance focus, and support the health of the brain. Consumers have the chance to get a discount on their purchase by either buying multiple bottles at once, or by becoming a member of the company.

What is Liv Klarity?

The body goes through a lot of different stressors through the day and through life. Sometimes, age pays an important role in the slow diminishing of the brain’s function, but there are plenty of environmental, nutritional, and other external toxins that threaten cognition. Some consumers simply do not sleep enough, which keeps them from performing at their best, intellectually. However, the use of a nootropic supplement, like Liv Klarity, can help.

Klarity helps consumers function at a high cognitive level in a few different ways, since it may be able to:

Most people credit their lack of mental involvement during the day to a lack of energy, which they supplement with tons of coffee and soda to keep up alertness. While these substances work for a little while, they will not improve the structure and function in the brain over time.

In fact, it actually causes the brain to product less melatonin each day, which prevents the body from getting rest and repairing the brain each day. By using a balanced product like Klarity, consumers can get a little extra energy, along with the support of natural ingredients.

Read on below to see what is involved in the regimen, and why it is important to include.

How It Works

Liv Klarity features many different ingredients that contribute to the way the different chemicals and processes are changed in the brain. To get these results, the formula includes:

Huperzine A is a typical remedy that improves both cognition and mental function to help consumers retain more information. It also improves focus and levels out the user’s mood.

The natural caffeine in Klarity is simply used to improve mental performance, though consumers will also get the energy boost that they need. There is nothing to indicate how long this mental energy support will last.

L-Theanine comes direction from green tea, which is known for its metabolic impact on the body. Instead of directly impacting the brain, this substance reduces stress levels to help the individual think clearly.

Andean cocoa extract helps with the mood, and supports blood flow throughout the brain to improve function and deliver the right amount of nutrition to it. The formula naturally improves cognitive processes.

Bacopa Monnieri focuses on anxiety and depression to balance out the chemicals in the brain. With the right balance of chemicals, there will be better clarity with any new information.

Beta alanine reduces mental fatigue, and is already a natural part of the body anyway. This supplement simply adds more of the substance to the body for balance.

Using Liv Klarity

The key to getting the desired results with Liv Klarity is to use it daily. This is not a medication that needs to be used for a quick surge of energy. Instead, consumers will take three capsules at some point every day. Over time, this supplement adjusts the balance and performance in the brain.

If the consumer is presently taking a medication, it may be in their best interest to reach out to their doctor to ensure that this remedy is okay to combine with it.


The base price of Klarity is $59.99 USD (or $74.99 CAD) for a single bottle. However, consumers stand to save much more by purchasing multiple bottles at the same time. Consumers can choose to:

  • Order three bottles to get a 50% discount on shipping fees
  • Order five bottles to get free shipping on the order

These discounts are available for both members and non-members of Liv. However, as a member, consumers are able to get additional discounts and credits that they can use towards each order. Learn more about the options below.

Membership Options

The first option for membership with Liv is Access, requiring the user to pay a $50 activation fee for participation, earning 75 credits. Monthly, the user is responsible for a $49 payment, which gives them 25 credits.

The next available program is Premier, which incurs a $100 activation fee for 150 credits. The $99 monthly fee earns consumers 75 credits with each payment.

The final option to consumers is VIP, which has a $150 activation fee and 250 credits initially. For 100 credits each month, the user will pay the $149 subscription.

Contacting The Creators Of Klarity

Everyone needs to make sure that they have all of the details about the way that the Liv Klarity formula works in the body before they decide to include it in their regimen. The customer service team can be reached with a phone call to 248-764-7640.

There is no information about the hours of business for the company.

Liv Klarity Conclusion

Klarity is meant for consumers that want to stay on track with their mental performance, and to maintain a certain energy level with physical performance as well. This formula gives the body nourishment that is typically not available in most diets, with a concentration that makes a significant impact. There are plenty of ways to improve blood flow, increase energy levels, and keep a good mood. But the use of the Klarity supplement takes the performance of the brain a step further.

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