LionEdge’s Joint Edge Rx: Reduce Inflammation & Muscle Pain?


Can’t seem to feel your arms? Fed up with the crackling sound of your bones as you walk? According to the Arthritis Foundation, close to 54 million adults have been diagnosed with arthritis, in addition to 300 thousand babies and children! Clearly, it has become the leading health condition experienced by Americans. Is there any way to overcome arthritis or any other joint pain related conditions? According to LionEdge, its Joint Edge Rx has been clinically proven to bring satisfying results.

With the use of the Joint Edge Rx, not only will those suffering from joint pain potentially benefit from it, but those who are looking towards training and seem to undergo long recovery phases can also benefit from it. The following review will shed light on the notion of joint aches, and how to possibly defeat them using the Joint Edge Rx.

What Is The Joint Edge Rx?

The Joint Edge Rx is a dietary supplement that aims to improve bone and joint health. More specifically, it claims to reduce inflammation, joint and muscle pain and joint stiffness altogether. LionEdge’s approach in bringing a solution to consumers is said to be physician formulated, where its formula was tested through a three-phase procedure.

Joint Edge Rx Ingredients

After getting the approval of practicing physicians, the Joint Edge Rx was finalized to include:


Selenium is a source of antioxidant that prevents free radical damage from tackling one’s bones and joints. It is a preferred ingredient for bringing relief to arthritis symptoms because of its ability to preserve the quality of one’s tissues.

Kre Celazine

Kre Celazine is considered a “non-drug” ingredient that claims to improve one’s joint health, flexibility and can potentially reduce inflammation.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric Extract is normally found in joint relief solutions because of its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it is believed to be strong enough to reduce pain and stiffness related to arthritis.

Ginger Root Powder

The ginger root powder is said to work in the same way as turmeric, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Its uses can ultimately ease pain, improve bone and joint health. It functions in the same way as most arthritis medications because of its ability to prevent COX-2 presence.

Bromelain And Bioperine

Both Bromelain and Bioperine are highly known to increase the body’s chance of absorbing the embedded nutrients. While most supplements only use Bioperine, LionEdge’s decision to include Bromelain as well, makes it highly bioavailable.

How Much Can Consumers Expect To Invest In The Joint Edge Rx?

Each Joint Edge Rx is believed to contain 30 servings, as one is required to take three capsules daily with a meal. This being said, the current going price is approximately $49.99. For a limited time, one can get the Joint Edge Rx with a discount of 10 per cent.

Joint Edge Rx Review Summary

Overall, the Joint Edge Rx seems to reliable due to the several tests it has undergone prior to its release to the public. In particular, a group of practicing physicians have contributed to its formula, making it possibly valid. When considering the ingredients used, LionEdge has included those that can help to improve several facets of one’s health beyond the joints, bones and cartilage, which can maximize one’s wellness. For more information, go to:

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