Lazar Angelov Online Personal Trainer

Lazar Angelov is an online personal trainer from Sofia, Bulgaria. He is a bodybuilder and personal trainer and has been able to transform the bodies of thousands of his clients to their desired figures.

Before he became a personal trainer online, Angelov played professional basketball for ten years where he led his team to win several points and become one of the best defensive guards. He played on the Bulgarian national basketball team at the age of 16 before joining the army at 18 years of age.

In the army is where he discovered is skills for body building and went on to get a body building certificate. He then started training people and helping them achieves their maximum body potential. He has since dedicated his whole life to body building and taken part in different competitions.

He has never failed to win in all his competitions, winning bronze medals every time. The fact that he has achieved all this without taking any steroids makes him one of the best bodybuilders out there.

His body has some of the best abs in the world, making him a model. He has participated in many video shows and adverts. He created a lot of attention before deciding to create his site and help thousands of other people reach their maximum physical potentials without ever using steroids.

Why Is The Lazar Angelov Online Personal Trainer Needed?

Maintaining a healthy, fit body is one of the best ways to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid common diseases that affect human kind. People that are physically fit rarely fall sick or suffer from common ailments associated with poor physical health. They can reach maximum performances at work without feeling fatigued by the end of the day. Being physically fit is a must if you need maximum results in whatever you do.

It is another great way to avoid the weight gain problem that has affected millions of people worldwide. If you work out often with a proper plan, then you can be assured of having a fit body with a balanced weight. You will not be among the millions of people affected by obesity worldwide, but instead, you will live a healthy lifestyle and be able to achieve most of your goals in life.

Are there activities you wish to perform but feel you don’t have the energy or the body to accomplish them? Taking part in the Lazar Angelov Online Personal Trainer will tone your body and build core muscles, giving you the energy and the strength to engage in any activity you want with ease.

In a world where people are eating a lot of junk food, then the best thing to help you live a healthy lifestyle is a proper training program that incorporates individual diet plans. This is exactly what Lazar Angelov offers on his site, making him one of the best online trainers in keeping a healthy lifestyle.

What Exactly Is The Lazar Angelov Online Personal Trainer?

Once you subscribe to the site and make your purchase, Lazar offers you the following:

  • The Ultimate Nutritional package and training program.
  • A personalized program designed for you to help you reach the set-out goals.
  • Personal expert guidance from Lazar Angelov himself to help you know how to train and when to train.
  • A personalized meal plan that will be based on your lifestyle, body type, and the foods you prefer and the goals you plan to achieve.
  • A guide showing you the moves to follow, the resistance exercises to perform, the number of reps, the frequency, the number of sets, and rest time.
  • There are also videos that show you how to execute the exercises in the program.

This is just an overview of what you can expect from Lazar Angelov’s site. The author and personal trainer offers a lot more in depth benefits for members.

Personal Exercise Program

The main core part of the site is the personal training program that Lazar will create for you based on your body type, your goals, the times you’re free, and many more factors. Every single program developed for you is based on the personal experience of Lazar and the training methods he has experienced.

There are well-rounded exercises that will be designed to specifically meet the set-out goals you fill when registering in the training. The entire program will cost you $69.99, which is pretty good considering the training programs are not general but tailored to your specific body, needs, and goals.

Personal Nutritional Plan

Lazar will also offer you a personalized nutritional program that will guide you on the foods to eat, the times to eat, the foods to avoid, and much more. The personalized meals will be based on your body type, lifestyle, the foods you like, and the goals you’ve set out to accomplish.

Lazar Angelov Online Personal Trainer will also provide for you a recommended grocery list to help you buy the required foods with ease. If you want to include supplements in your nutritional plan, you will also be given a list of some of the best supplements to use.

The plan will also guide you in one major area that most people fail. Here, you will be guided on a number of calories to take and the exact portions that will give you the recommended calories without having to put everything on the weighing scale. There is one free consultation guaranteed, with customers getting a response within a short period of 24 hours. The nutritional plan will also cost you $66.99.

Team Lazar

Lazear Angelov further gives you an opportunity to train with him one-on-one if you happen to be among the few selected. This is made possible by taking a picture with the TeamLazar T-shirt and posting the picture of it online as you proudly show the abs you’ve developed by following the training program.

The East Mode

The three-month program will give you all the tools required to achieve amazing results. This includes programs, diets, and videos that guide you on a daily basis and make working out much easier.

The East Mode is a 90-day transformational program based on Lazar’s ten years of experience in bodybuilding. The 90-day complete package is nicely designed giving you coordinated training exercises and nutritional strategies to achieve the set-out goals. You even get to have a special bonus where you meet Lazar Angelov directly on Facebook.

This program is one of the best and will help you avoid copying what you see online or in movies but do something that works for your body. Training must be reconciled with regeneration, and that is exactly what Angelov aims to achieve with four workouts in a week.

You will learn a lot here on what to eat, when to eat, and how much is needed to achieve certain results. The information here is quite detailed and not just a meal plan. You get to learn about caloric intake, macro nutrient distribution, and all the important formulas used to get the diets on set. It is good to learn all this information, as abs are not made in the gym but the kitchen.

Lazar’s eBook

This is an eBook that gives you the ultimate information on nutrition and abs. It is a mind-blowing book with over 150,000 downloads across the world, where the secrets to developing abs are revealed.

This book is pretty detailed and will give you all the information you need regarding a healthy, fit body. The proven training techniques are taught here as you learn to develop a long term focus of maintaining the body figure you want.

The Benefits Of The Site

The site is one of the best for those individuals looking to learn personal training without necessarily hiring a personal trainer at home. It is relatively cheap as compared to hiring a personal trainer, but gives you a lot more than what a personal trainer can offer. The site is pretty easy to navigate to get all the desired information with ease.

Information, tips, videos, guides, and training on the site are explained in a step-by-step manner, such that they can easily be followed by any person. The individual approach developed by Lazar is one of the best that helps tailor the training to your very specific body needs. You don’t just work out because it’s recommended but because you know it will work for your body.

The trainer Lazar Angelov seems to have a good understanding on the topic of bodybuilding based on his experience and training. He is well placed to offer personalized training. The reviews online suggest positive results from his previous clients, which go to show the program can be relied upon and is worth every penny.

Most of the training techniques in the program are based on his personal experiences. Overall, this is a good online program that can help you reach your goals.

Downsides Of Lazar Angelov Online Personal Trainer

  • It is quite detailed and will require a lot of effort, commitment, and time.
  • It is only available online and not ideal for people without a good network connection.

Lazar Angelov Online Personal Trainer Conclusion

The Lazar Angelov website is a great way to keep your body fit and choose the desired body shape from the comfort of your home. It needs time and effort, but the results it delivers make it a worthy purchase.


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