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Lash Renew Review – Is It Right For You?

Beauty trends come and go, but somethings are just ageless. One of those things is having thick, long eyelashes. While there are several products on the market that advertise they can make eyelashes look longer, there are very few products that can actually help lashes grow longer and stronger.

Lash Renew gives women something they all long for: A way of promoting the growth and health of their eyelashes, so they can have naturally beautiful lashes. Instead of just making eyelashes look longer, Lash Renew works to improve the health of eyelashes. By treating the cause of brittle, thin lashes, Lash Renew is able to stop the symptoms.

What is LashRenew?

LashRenew is an eyelash serum made with natural products and containing all the newest innovations in the beauty and health industries for eyelashes. Lash Renew doesn’t just make lashes look longer and thicker, it helps heal the lashes, so they continue to grow in healthily, longer, and stronger. Women will find their eyelashes completely rejuvenated after using Lash Renew.

Lash Renew isn’t just unique for its approach to treating eyelash problems, but also for what ingredients go into its serum. Unlike mascaras and other cosmetic products that make lashes look better, but are filled with chemicals, Lash Renew is made with herbs and oils. This natural approach to treating eyelashes sets Lash Renew apart from other products on the market, making it the best option for those who are ready to embrace stronger, longer eyelashes.

Why Eyelashes Stop Growing

There are several reasons eyelashes become brittle and break or stop growing. One of the main reasons eyelashes stop growing is due to the buildup of wax on the eyelash hair follicles. When this wax builds up, it causes the hair to become brittle and break, but also to stop growing, so no replacement lashes replace the broken ones. This leads to thin, short eyelashes.

While wax buildup is one of the biggest causes behind eyelash problems, there are several others. When people aren’t getting the proper nutrition, their entire bodies begin to change, including their hair. If the hair doesn’t have enough nutrients to support its growth, it will become thin and begin to break.

Another common reason for the breakage and thinning of eyelashes is if there has been any damage to the eye area. An accident or any extreme contact can cause the sensitive follicles of eyelashes to break. The aging process and menopause have also been connected to the decrease in the growth of eyelash hair.

Those who take prescription medications or who suffer from skin conditions often find their eyelashes thinning out, breaking on contact, and refusing to grow back. And finally, infections within the body can also inhibit the growth of eyelashes.

Any one of these many issues could be the reason women experience the breakage and thinning of their hair. While many just shrug off the issue and start applying more makeup or using fake lashes, Lash Renew offers a natural way to treat the source of these problems, helping lashes look health and grow back stronger than ever.

How Lash Renew Works

The best way to give eyelashes what they need to grow thick and strong is to treat what usually causes the breakage: Dryness. All of the conditions above, from menopause to wax buildup, result in the same thing, eyelashes becoming too dry to maintain their length and to keep growing. The solution to this, what LashRenew provides users, is a way of naturally moisturizing the lash follicles so they look, feel, and grow in healthy.

Lash Renew is a nutrient rich serum that is filled with several different kinds of oils and herbs. Each one has a specific benefit that works towards strengthening the hair and promoting hair growth. By using Lash Renew on a daily basis, users will be taking care of their lashes, giving them what they need to grow healthy.

And, because Lash Renew begins working immediately, users don’t have to wait to see the effects. The serum gives the lashes an immediate look of being thicker and stronger. However, unlike cosmetics, this is not where LashRenew stops. It also promotes the continuous growth of these eyelashes, taking care of the issue behind thin and brittle lashes once and for all.

Ingredients in Lash Renew

The ingredients found in Lash Renew are what set it apart as a beauty product. Instead of being filled with chemicals that might offer a quick, short-term solution, Lash Renew uses all-natural herbs and oils to give users an actual fix to their problem.

Lash Renew is able to offer such amazing results because of how carefully crafted its serum formula is, using the benefits of its natural ingredients to give users what they really need, healthy, strong eyelashes.

Vitamin E: An all-natural preservative, vitamin E also works as a powerful antioxidant and moisturizer. It locks water into the body to help keep the lashes from becoming brittle.

Equisetum Giganteum Extract: A powerful, all-natural hair loss remedy.

Sativa Seed Oil: An oil that helps reverse the effects of dehydration in the hair. Also moisturizes dry skin.

Bran Oil: A common, all-natural option for conditioning hair.

Althaea Officinalis Root Extract: A root containing powerful antioxidant properties. Also works to moisturize and nourish hair, minimizing the skin irritations caused by dryness.

Sunflower Seed Oil: A natural oil that contains high levels of vitamin E, which works as a natural preservative, antioxidant, and moisturizer.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil: An oil that works to moisturize and rejuvenate the hair.

How to Use LashRenew

There are three quick and easy steps for using Lash Renew.

Step 1 – Cleanse eye makeup from the eyes and the skin around the eyes.

Step 2 – Use the Lash Renew eye roller to apply the serum at the base of the eyelash hair, located on both the upper and lower side of the eyelid.

Step 3 – Continue daily use of Lash Renew. For the best results, it should be applied in the evening before bed.

Purchasing Lash Renew

Because Lash Renew understands that purchasing a new product can be a bit daunting, it offers a no-risk, 14 day trial for those who want to try Lash Renew.

The trial is completely free, with only the cost of shipping added. Even the shipping costs are lower, because Lash Renew is currently offering a $5 discount on all trials.

The two shipping offers for the trial are priority and expedited.

Priority – $12.95 ($7.95 with discount applied)

Expedited – $22.95 ($17.95 with discount applied)

With this trial, customers will receive 10ml of the serum at no cost. If they do not like the product, they can return it within 14 days and they will not be charged again.

If, however, customers find that Lash Renew gives all the benefits they expected, they can keep their trial sample. Fourteen days after the trial was started, their credit card will be charged $149.95 for the full price of Lash Renew.

Purchasing Lash Renew automatically signs customers up for their subscription plan. After the first charge is made, users will be charged a monthly fee of $89.95, plus $5.95 shipping and handling costs. When this is charged, the users will be provided with a new bottle of Lash Renew.

To cancel the subscription, customers can contact Lash Renew at 844-824-4384.

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