Lash Serum Plus – Legit Essential Eyelash Nutrients?


While wearing makeup is certainly a confidence booster and alluring, sometimes you just want to go au natural. Going without makeup can be invigorating, comfortable, and it allows people to see natural beauty, which is something that every woman has. Despite the comfort and freeing experience of not wearing makeup, many women are self-conscious, especially when it comes to their eyelashes. Without mascara, eyelashes tend to appear short, thinner, and less alluring and luxurious. Fortunately, there are cosmetic products out there that can provide you with  beautiful and thick eyelashes.

The latest product on the market is known as Lash Serum Plus. Here is a review of the product so that you can determine if the product is right for you.

About Lash Serum+

Lash Serum Plus is one of the newest eyelash enhancing products on the market. It stands apart from  the majority of eyelash growth products because instead of using chemicals and harmful substances to achieve rules, Lash Renew only includes natural ingredients. The natural ingredients include substances like herbs and oils that work to provide your eyelashes with a refreshed and luxurious appearance. By using this product as directed, you will be able to attain full and thick lashes that last you for years to come.

No More Fake Lashes and Lash Curling

LashSerum+ is an attractive option for many reasons. Particularly, Lash Review ensures that you never need to put in fake lashes or curl your lashes again. The lashes that you attain with Lash Review remain thick and full, so long as you use the product as required. Moreover, curling and fake lashes are not necessary because Lash Review provides you with better and more effective results. The outcome of simply relying on Lash Serum Plus is that dealing with your lashes is much less troublesome and extensions and you certainly do not need to waste your time and money with those options.

Recognized by the Media as the Ideal Solution

It can be difficult trusting a product that you have never heard of or tried. For that reason, it is important to recognize that LashSerum+ already has a staunch group of supports, especially among the most well-recognized and legitimate news networks in the country. The product has been featured on Fox News, CBS, and NBC. Mentions of Lash Renew have enabled women around the country to stop using harmful and bacteria rich extensions and adopt LashSerum+ as their go-to product of choice.

The Manufacturer

Behind this clinically proven and tested product is a brand that has years of experience in the beauty industry. Gen X Products has been manufacturing beauty products for years, many of which are extremely popular among both men and women. The products produced by Gen X are known to be free from side effects, natural, and safe for the consumer. In addition, the brand always verifies the efficacy of its products and ensures that its manufacturing facilities are operating at optimal levels and are in compliance with regulations.

How LashSerum+ Works

To fully understand how Lash Serum Plus works, you need some background knowledge about the eyelash. Your eyelashes are attached to follicles that are located at the lower and upper eyelids. Throughout your lifetime, the follicles release natural oils that lubricate and maintain the appearance of your eyelashes. However, this process also tends to slow down as you age, thereby resulting in thinner, shorter, and less luxurious eyelashes. Another factor that diminishes the appearance and quality of your eyelashes is the buildup of wax at the base of the lash.

LashSerum+ rejuvenates lost hair and it strengthens the follicles so that they can resume production of the necessary oils that drive thick and beautiful lashes. In addition, the product also works to break down the accumulation of wax at the base of the lash. By preventing the accumulation of wax, nutrients are able to flow from the base of the lash into the lash itself, thereby leading to a longer, fuller, and thicker lash. Over time, not only will your lashes be restored to their original appearance, but they will also be longer and more beautiful.

The Ingredients

Behind this amazing product are all-natural and healthful ingredients that you can be proud to mention to others who may be interested in the product. The natural set of the ingredients not only protects your health, but it also ensures that you are only putting safe substances on your skin.

The ingredients include Vitamin E, Equisetum Giganteum Extract, Sativa Seed Oil, Bran Oil, Althaea Officinalis Root Extract, and Sunflower Seed Oil. Each of these ingredients has been clinically tested and proven to work by researchers at Gen X Laboratories.

How to Use Lash Serum Plus

Eyelash enhancing products may seem confusing to use, but Lash Serum Plus really makes the process as easy as possible. To use LashSerum+, all you need to do is follow three simple steps. These steps include:

  • Step 1: Make sure that your eyes are free from any makeup. To remove makeup, simply use a gentle wipe or wash and then pat your eyes dry.
  • Step 2: The liquid serum is on a mascara brush. Simply remove the brush from the tube and apply the product to your lashes. During application, start from the base of your eye and swipe upward to the tip of the lash. You should apply the serum to both the upper lashes and base lashes.
  • Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 every day. Those who experience the most effective results typically apply the product in the evening.

As you can tell, the steps for using this product are extremely easy and best of all, you only need to apply the product once per day. You can even add it to your brows to fill in any gaps.

LashSerum+ Summary

To purchase LashSerum+, simply visit the brand’s website. Upon reaching the website, you can place your order for your supply of LashSerum+. There is a “returns accepted guarantee” policy, which means that if you are dissatisfied with the product, you can return it to the company within 14 days for your money back. If you are ready to enhance your lashes, then visit the website today.

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  1. ALERT!!!! ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I called and ordered a tube of Lash Rejuv resonable price. That was in April/2017. After seeing it was a mascara type application I didn’t like it. I wanted the one that you line on at the eyelash line that is the best. Well of course it got in my eyes leaving a terrible film and I couldn’t see for a while and I had to wash if out and off. I called them immediately and complained. On and on she went with I didn’t know how to apply it and such, she was going to send me directions. I told her I didn’t want it 50,000 times and DON’T SEND ME ANYTHING ELSE! Well lo and behold I get another package. A tube of Lash ReJuv and a bill for 89.95! It was ordered on 5/30/17 sent on the 31st and arrived on June 2nd. Again I could not get it through her head I did not want it and did not order it. She explained they send out try and buy. I said I told the lady “don’t send me anything else” even though I did not know they would do this. They had already charged my debit card over 238.00 for just 2 items. I tried to get all my money back but on the first one she said I didn’t call in a timely manner which was not true I called the day I received it. This company is a rip off, SCAM, and out right liars. They are taking your money right out of your bank. I ended up being offered on 149.95 30.00, 60.00, and ended up getting 90.00 return if it goes through. I have to return the product I got today and hopefully will get a full return of the 89.95.
    When I told her I was going to call my bank that is when she went up on my return and said it’s not necessary to call your bank. She promised they will not send anything else and gave me a cancellation number. The bank said if they charge anything else we will dispute the charges and use their cancellation number and we will take back the funds. If you want your eyelashes to grow the best place to go is the dermatologist. They sell a serum that is applied to the area right at the lash line and wow do the lashes grow. You put it on at bedtime. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE OR ANYWHERE ELSE WITH THESE PRODUCTS. I should have known better myself, but I never thought they would keep sending something to me without my permission and charge my bank account. THIEVES!

  2. I called to cancel my subscription because I was not seeing any results and because of the cost. The woman on the phone told me I was using incorrectly even though I was following the instructions exactly. I kept saying I wanted to cancel but she kept talking over me. I said again that I want to cancel and then she offered it to me for $89.95 I said no again I do not want it. She then offered to reduce the price to 59.95 again I said no. She the reduced the price to $29.95. I told her that even if it was free that I did not want it and that I would fight through my credit card company. She finally agreed to cancel. I am waiting to see if it is actually cancelled.
    Stay away!!!

  3. Here’s my horror story. I ordered their product on 4/1/17. Didn’t receive it until 4/5/17. Called on 4/17/17 to cancel my account. Was assured my account was cancelled. Even received an email with the cancellation confirmation number. In checking my bank account on 4/18/17, I discovered they had debited $149.95. I called the company and requested they reverse the debit. I was informed that since I had the product 14 days, they were not going to refund my money. He offered $50. I told him that was unacceptable and informed him if I didn’t get a full refund, I would file a dispute. He then offered me a $90 refund. I held firm and demanded a full refund and asked to speak to his supervisor. He advised me he was the supervisor. I told him, since he was the supervisor, he had the ability to give me a full refund. Again with the apology. He told me that in order to get a full refund, I would have to return the product and wait 7 to 14 business days. Again, not acceptable. I told him if he would not satisfy my request, I was going to file a dispute, told him to have a nice day and hung up. Thirty seconds later, he called back and miraculously was able to refund $110 with the assurance that I would not file a dispute. I accepted that. I’ll absorb the $39.95 to be done with this company!

  4. Horrible product..ordered free trial…tried to cancel with no answer. Left my # on april 6, got a call back on april 14 telling me there is no free trial that to get them to cancel i would have to send back the product. Its a good thing i cancelled my bank card in the mean time and followed up with my bank after the april 14 call. DO NOT MESS WITH THIS PRODUCT OR COMPANY!!!! Terrible business practices. Total and complete scam. Not to mention the product burned my eyes and i had to wash it off.

  5. Thanks for the information it is a Scam. I called my Bank regarding the same issue am pissed off as well. It was not a 14 day Trial waiting for my Bank to investigate.

  6. They are terrible! They didn’t say anything about the overcharge now I can’t afford for my surgery because of their dishonesty. Someone bout to get sued!

  7. I, too, am a victim of this SHAM. I returned my tiny little sample along with the unopened $149.95 tube that auto-shipped. I sent my USPS tracking information to them. Sent package 11/8/16 and received confirmation email that return was received. I placed a follow up call to 888-824-8384 on 12/13/16 and spoke with Raymond and was assured that credit would be made. Then on 1/22/17 called again and was assured credit would be made and that my case is now escalated. Then again on 2/16/17 I spoke with Jara and they were sending a check out to me immediately. Today, 3/15/17, I spoke with Bryan and he assured me I would get a refund check within 7-10 business days. This goes on and on. I have found that their Corporate headquarters are Gen XX Surplus Ltd, Office 3 Unit R Penfold Trading Estate, Imperial Way Walford, Hertfordshire WD 24 4YY. I am now checking on the Arizona State site for their registration to operate in the State of Arizona and that should give me more detail. I will update with all information that I obtain as we all need to file with the Better Business Bureau in that jurisdiction.

  8. Last month, after getting a second tube of Lash Syrum Plus and being charged 89.95 I called to cancel. I was told I could not return the one I had just received but that they would lower my next payments to 39.95. When I told the woman I didn’t want any more product she said to try to use the product that I have properly and call back on April 3. I am not even sure that the tubes are not empty. I did not want to wait until April so I decided to call them now. (March 13). The number shown on the website connected to the ad was disconnected.

    I just called the number posted by Holly Nellie above and told them I wanted to unsubscribe immediately. When he started on the spiel about discounts I interrupted and said I wanted to discontinue NOW, He gave me a cancellation number. The number was 844-824-4384, Good Luck

  9. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER!!!!!!! Do NOT even order the “try it” option. Just get the word out that this company is a rip-off!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is the worst thing ever!!! They charged me $89.99 when they had no right to do that. And plus their produc is so bad, it maid my vision so cloudy and its just so bad.

  11. GenXX Serplus limited is register to a FRederick William Graf who given his address as 3882 jewell street, san diego ca 92109. I surprise is any of this will leave to the person behind this. Even though there is a Fritz Graf living in that accomodation.

  12. I did call and McCoy stated he would cancel my subscription. Thank you ladies for the updates, this will help me to keep track of whats going on. I will keep watching my credit card just in case they are scamming me.

  13. Glad im not the only one that had a bad experience with this brand and company. Wish i had read these reviews before being fooled into buying this product. Is there any way i can get my money back even after the 14 day “free trial”

  14. Every post I’ve read describes my experience with this company. If a Class Action Lawsuit is formed, I want to be included. These people cannot be allow to continue to scam the public. I am not in a position to start this law suit otherwise I would.

    • I agree with you 110% if there’s a lawsuits please count me in.
      I followed the instructions to the letter.
      I noticed my vision blurring, then my eyes started hurting I knew something was wrong.
      I don’t wear a lot of makeup I prefer the natural looks and I don’t wear it around the house just when I go out which for me is very little as I have No car or income for anything.
      I called to cancel my subscription service but got a woman talking me down to a lower price, so I waited a day or two then called again this time it was a man telling me I was using the product wrong and to give it another try. No Thanks I said I wantto cancel he put me on hold then said I was cancelled yet I was still charged $39.95 ( on my birthday NO less )it was my gas money for my upcoming Doctor’s appointment. Now I can’t get it back and had to have my debit card returned to the bank and get a new card.
      What a pain in the butt. Lashes Serum Plus is a rip off. PLEASE DON’T BUY IT.

    • Yes got some in my eyes by accident poking myself. Now I very blurry vision scared me so I went to eye doctor my vision has decreased in both my eyes.
      Eye Doctor said stop using or you will lose your sight.
      Please don’t use this product.

  15. so i recently ordered this and i just read all the comments here. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME WHAT DO I DO?? SHOULD I CALL??

  16. Worse product and company ever. My daughter (15 yrs) purchased this product online using my credit card thinking it was $8 – the promotional price plastered on the web site. Failed to read the very fine print that they would be charging $150 + $90/month subscription. This when the highest ranking lash serums on the market are in the price range of $40 – 60. She tried this product for 2 weeks and it made her vision blurry and she saw NO DIFFERENCE. Of course, when she got the next shipment and invoice, I called to cancel and notify them that an underage child cannot enter into this contract and asking to return the product for a refund. We went round and round with them offering small amounts of discount and trying to save the subscription. They offered a $60 refund. This is an outrageous price for a crap product from a company with unethical practices.

    • My 15 year old daughter was fooled the same way. I was given the same run around and only $60 credit. Filed fraud with my bank and they are telling me they cannot credit charges!

      I will join class action lawsuit as well.

  17. I cancelled my account on 10-18-16, and today was charged $89.00! When I called to ask where they were located, the technician stated San Francisco. When I told her I knew she was in the Philippines, she said no, we are in Scottsdale, Az. When I told her I was going to file a complaint against the company with my local Conressman and Assemblymen, she got nervous and “tried” to find a supervisor. After five attempts, she was unable to locate anyone, but assured me I would have my full refund.

  18. I’ve seen so many comments saying the exact same thing that happened to me! I got an email for the offer of this crap from khols saying free trial and all I had to pay was almost $8 in shipping. Nothing about being charged full price of $150 after 14 days! Nothing. I read all there was to read in the email about it. So I ordered the “free” trial. Received the project, and have noticed any difference, only that it makes my vision extremely blurry each time I’ve used it, even when I use it very cautiously. About two weeks or so after receiving it, I went to my bank for a balance inquiry, and all of a sudden I’m in the negative. I get a letter in the mail from my bank for an overdraft fee from the lash company, who conveniently was listed by another name (SKYTRYBROW) for the charge of 149.95 sense. Furiously, I looked up the website and boom there it is, lash blast syrum, same thing apparently. Found a customs service number and called them. Calmly at first, explained to them what my problem was and that I needed them to fix it. I told the foreign woman on the phone that no where did I see anything about full price after 2 weeks when I ordered the junk, therefore I did not agree to it and wanted my account that was now in the negative because of this, credited back the money they has charged. Not only did she tell me that was no record of this charge on her end, she kept telling me that there was nothing they could do about it, it was out of their hands. She kept trying to offer a lower price for me to keep it, lower each time I declined, just to proceed on offers for something I’ve obviously payed for. She said I could return the product and only have to pay $50, I told her no! I began to raise my voice at this point, and asker her why the hell I would pay more money to return a product that they have already charged my account full price for. Again, she said she saw no record of that on their end. Oh and it get even better. She told me if I didn’t return the product, that my account would be charged the price of 149.95 for the product. Yelling at this point, I told her I am not returning it when they have charged my account the full price already! I told her if they dropped that charge I would indeed, gladly return it. She said they can’t do that. I told her I wanted to speak with her manager or at least a different representative. She refused. Told me that she’s the best person to talk to. I told her I no longer wanted to speak with her because she was not listening to me. She refused. And the offered to have their corporate office contact me, which of course never happened. And then she had the audacity to ask me of my call was helpful and satisfactory… I rudely told her no it was not in any way. I then waited two days for the head office to contact me, never happened so I took it to my bank. Started the process of a credit card dispute, during explaining my case, the woman handling it informed me they attempted to charge my account of another $80 but it didn’t work because I placed my account on hold because of this. She cancelled the card I had at the time and made a new one. Told me it’d be about 10 days for my results. Got the letter from my useless bank informing me they couldn’t do anything in my defense. That even though I had not seen their terms of the full price after two weeks, that’s I still agreed to them by ordering the product. Smh. Waste of time. So because of these people I’m still in the negative for their $150 product that’s does nothing besides, temporarily blind you. DON’T DO IT! SCAM! Worst “customer service” I have ever experienced and even after I threatend to take it to the BBB!

  19. Do Not Buy This Product!!!
    The product may be good. I have not used it long enough to see if it is effective. However, to date they have robbed my account of almost $400.
    Calling their customer service number in India is a waste of time. They actually hung up on me. My only recourse is to call my bank to have the charges reversed.
    Buyer Beware!

  20. I just called and cancelled. Yes the keep insisting for you to buy the product at a lower rate and for you to call back after you finish using the product. I said, I was not calling back, I’m calling now and want the cancellation done now. I informed them if they did not take me off the system I would personally start a class action lawsuit and he proceeded to cancel my order. By the way, my vision did get blurry as well. Good luck to everyone else who false for this fraud.

      • I live in Denmark, and keep trying to call the number I have for them. It rings once and hangs up every single time. Would love to hear how to get in touch with them. I had my product for one week before they sent me a second, and took 538 DKK from my account! I have the new order still completely unopened, and they say they refuse to refund me if I send back the product. What kind of company refuses to refund if you send back a completely sealed product that you’re unhappy with?!? I thought I still had time to try out the product before I was going to be charged. One week isn’t enough to decide if you like the serum or not.

  21. I Just fell for this scam. I usually read reviews but I was half sleep and read them after. I called my credit card company as soon as I made this mistake. They blocked any further transaction. I have been on hold for the last 20 min trying to cancel…

  22. SCAM……even after my 14 days I’m returning this crap. Although a “free trial” shouldn’t require that you send the product BACK!! The woman on the phone was just relentless, trying to get me to keep the product for a lesser and lesser amount. I finally had to raise my voice and tell her straight up that I DO NOT WANT THIS PRODUCT and so help me GOD if they try to charge my CC. I actually gave them a prepaid debit card number, so I have to make sure to keep money off of it until this is over with. In this day and age, I have to give my first born child just to get a new debit card, but these people can just falsely advertise and then charge you a ridiculous amount for some mystery “oil” in a tube? Lesson learned….NEVER fall for a “free trial” again. Appreciate the lashes that God gave you and move on with life.

  23. DO NOT FALL FOR THE “FREE TRIAL” aka SCAM it’s nothing but a mascara tube filled with crisco oil and they have the nerve to try and charge 150.00

    • I just got off the phone with them. I was to the point they had me screaming. I told them they do not list the ingredients which causes possible hazard to the consumer, what if they are allergic to an ingredient they do not list. They charged me $149.95 and said they could not refund it because it was past 2 weeks. I have not even had the product 2 weeks, they go by order date so I was a day too late. I told them if they did not refund my money I would be calling my lawyer and BBB on them. It does not even work. So they agreed to a full refund if I send back the unused product which I will happily do certified mail that way they cannot say they never received it. Do not fall for this scam. It does not work….save your free trial but $7.95 for shipping !

  24. I just learned that the company is based in the UK. That’s interesting because their criminality will now have to be exposed in an international court. This is probably why they think they can get away with scamming US consumers. Here is the address..
    Gen XX Surplus Limited
    Office 3 Unit R
    Penfold Trading Estate
    Imperial Way

    When you return the product make sure you tell them the tracking number you used to send the product back. I called them and emailed them to make sure I have a paper trail in case they charge
    My credit card. Here is the email [email protected]

  25. I would like to update the latest news on this product. Firstly, I was wrong … There was serum in the mascara tube and I was able to try it. I applied as directed and soon after my eyes started to hurt and my vision became blurred. In addition I did report the problem to the FDA and they returned my call today instructing me to submit a complaint to Medwatch. ( The agent was very concerned that the ingredients are not listed on the product. in addition I forgot to mention that there is NO LOT NUMBER or UPC CODE on the product and that the product is sold unboxed. This apparently violates FDA regulations. The fact that there was little serum in the tube and that it was not sealed in any container also gives me concern that the seller could possibly be sending previously returned lash serum plus products to new buyers. In any case, I urge you to call the FDA to issue your complaints. I am assuming that all buyers received the product un-boxed with no ingredients listed and no UPC code. Hence those are all legitimate complaints that the FDA wants to hear about.

  26. I just call FDA consumer complaints for reporting problem with products. 1-866-300-4374. The person that answers will give you the number to call pertaining to your state. Since my last post, I was able to find a little of the serum at the bottom of the up tube. So I tried it and not my vision is cloudy. My eyes don’t feel the same! I don’t even know what is in this serum because the ingredients are not listed! I hope I have not permanently damaged my eyes! This company needs to be stopped from selling and inflicting damage to unwitting consumers. This is highly egregious and we need to all report them to the FDA. Call 1-866-300-4374 to report your concerns.

    • Anyone know a number to call if you’re in Europe? I’m in Denmark, and the number they have for here doesn’t go through.

  27. Rip off

    In addition, they don’t list the ingredients in the product WHICH IS AGAINST. THE LAW. Take that to the FDA and see how fast they will be fined and outlawed!

  28. This company is awful. They are a bunch of thieves. I tried it during trial period and I received an empty container. Yet I was forced to return it at my expense to avoid getting charged $150.00 per month for this junk. So I wasted $7.95 plus the return cost. AVOID THIS COMPANY AND PRODUCT LIKE THE PLAGUE

  29. I am normally always one to look at reviews before making a purchase but my half asleep judgement got me this time! I’m just going to call my bank and have them block payments from this establishment, depending on how that may go I’ll just order a new card all together. Based off your guys experience on trying to call and cancel your order didn’t go far and they are not about to charge me 40$ to keep the product or make me pay to ship it back so I’m just going to handle it with my bank and when it comes time and they want to try and charge my card, jokes on them!

    • Shoot, I also normally read reviews…just got the products, no box no directions. I never thought about them trying to charge me full price for new orders. So glad I read all ur posts. Now I’m scared to even try it:(

  30. I just received my ” free trial” today what do U do and who or what number do I call to cancel? I think I should tell my bank and close that account and open a new one. It sounds like that is going to be the easiest thing to do. Thank you all for the Truthful posts. ????????????????????????

    • The phone number that I called to cancel was 1-844-824-4384. You have to be firm with them about canceling because they will try anything to get you to keep it. They kept lowering the price until she got to $30. They also told me that they have to receive your “free trial” within 14 days of the day you placed the order. I paid the money to ship it back with a delivery signature conformation to prove that they received it and received it on time. I am still going to close my account with my bank just to be on the safe side since the so called company has no business ethics.

  31. Big SCAM! Doesn’t work. Even if it worked, it is too experience for me (89.99 small mascara tube). Had difficulty trying to cancel the subscription that I did NOT sign up for.

  32. I am writing to my State of Michigan Attorney General. They took $149.95 out of me. All I got was the $7.95 trial size. These crooks cannot continue to operate. I am retired and on a fixed income. This hurt real bad. I found the thievery on my bank statement. Thank you for showing their phone number, I couldn’t find it. I also will call them tomorrow am. Is it lash-serum plus or c&c plb*browrejuv? Disgusting!!!

  33. omg this is a compleat scam LASH SERUM PLUS
    the sent me an empty bottle at 1st then i called to tell them so they said they will sen me another one ,,,,, 2 weeks later never got anything !!!!! then they charged my cc $157.93 ,,, i called to ask what was going on???? they then offered me $20.00 back ,,,, i obviously refused then they offered $60.00 refund ,,,,,remember i got an empty bottle ,,, so again i refused i asked for a manager and she would not connect w anyone else she progressivly got ruder and ruder and she hung up on me …. i called my cc company and now in dispute status !!!!!!!!!!SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT GET INVOLVED W THIS COMPANY SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF FRUSTRATION AND HEADACH!!!!!!!!

    They signed me up for auto renewal for a bargain price of $149.99 and then charged me $89.99 I called 2x and was in the phone for more than an hour each time. They offered me a lose weight something or another for a refund. I said no give me a full credit and quit sending me this crap that doesn’t work! Then they offered me $30 credit and I pay to ship back product. I said NO I already called and said I do t
    Want an auto renew then they offered me $60. I finally hung up after yelling at the top of my lungs! They are awful and the product doesn’t work! I called my cc company and reported them as fraud. Don’t do it!!!!

  35. This is nothing but a SCAM, I ordered it and asked when should I call if I decide that I don’t like it. She started talking about something else, then I said mam you didn’t answer my question and she hesitates and tells me with an attitude the date. So, I pd. my shipping costs and received the product and it was just oily and I didn’t notice any difference. The ad said try it free, like you get to keep it for the price of shipping. Come to find out on cancellation they want me to pay to return it with a tracking number and they only gave me 7 days to have it there before they would cancel or I would of been charged approximately $150.00 for oil! No thank you. She quoted me 3 different prices for me to keep the product and not have the hassle of returning the merchandise that I thought was mine according to the ad. I wonder if this company is in with bare minerals BC they did the same thing to me, but I think I pd. with PayPal and they could not take any money out and they turned me over to a collection agency and I told them. The ad said it was free, you just pay for shipping. I never returned it and collection agency never called back! Want fall for these tricks any more!

  36. It’s NOT free! Even if you cancel it after 14 days, they charge you 40 dollars for keeping it. So I’m sending it back. But knowing them, they’ll probably charge me since I used some of it.

  37. If you read the bottom of the page on terms and agreement and says that they will charge the $100++ after the 14 day trial. I called and cancel the next day. I was offered the account cancelation plus I received 2 trials for only $20. I was lucky to have seen the terms. They are good at hiding them in white letters

  38. THIS IS A HUGE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!
    They say try our product free just shipping and handeling $7.95 only. What they don’t tell you is that you will receive a auto ship order every month to the tune of $99.95. They won’t let you cancel they callback and and harass you threaten won’t listen to the customer. They never tell you in there advertisement about the monthly charges. This was advertised on Facebook. This should be stopped. Threats of turning them over to Attorney Generals office doesn’t stop them.

  39. Total scam!! Be where!! You are not getting a free trial they will charge u 150$. This stuff burned my eyes so bad my lashes and now gone. Then they want u to pay to ship it back so they can reuse it. I thought that was illegal in the USA??!!?? Someone needs to do somthing about these ppl!!!!

  40. SCAM. This product burns your eyes, even when using as directed. I was then fraudulently charged $89.95 for more shipments. When I called, they continuously told me no refunds until I told them I would report them to the BBB and leave bad reviews. Does the product work? No idea, it burns so I stopped using it before effects could begin. Is this company reputable? Absolutely not. FIrst offered me $30 back, then $60 so I finally took it. I should’ve held out for the full refund but I couldn’t stand to be on the phone anymore. Then after all of this, she continued to tell me she would STILL be sending the product. I had to plead with the representative to take me off of the list. Absolute joke

  41. They scammed the HELL OUT OF ME, fighting this foolishness RIGHT NOW, I wish I would’ve read the reviews, the rep told me she would refund 110.00, I’m still so angry cuz I thought I was paying 7.95, instead I paid 150.00

  42. I thought wormwood was illegal in the United States? Why would they put that in an eye product?

  43. Definitely a scam!
    They even tell me that they made sure they are legally protected for the CC charges when told I was going to return the product and request a refund. They also gave me a difficult time when I asked to stop the subscription. Legally protected con artist.

  44. Think God I started reading reviews right after I ordered the so called free trial,Bull shit.I called the very next day and canceled.I read the reviews and found out it was a scam,that they would be billing me in few days over a 100.00 dollars.Thank god for reviews .

  45. Thank you, so much for telling the truth about lash serum. Does that mean they send another tube every month to qualify for the 150.00 payment. I went through something similar to this. The ad said free cream just pay shipping, it came in a box with no information, no phone #, no address, nothing. The next thing I knew my account was being billed 200.00 / month. Thank God it appeared on face book again, it took me months to fight this, make them stop sending product & I was able to prove to my credit card company the dishonest ad that was placed. It was a night mare. This should not be allowed. If the product is so great they should just sell outright and call it a day.

  46. Ha,but what it doesn’t tell you until you’ve paid for it, is that if you don’t return it within those 14 days, they will charge you about $150 a month for it. Worth it? Not on my salary.

    • I didn’t even get 14 days to try it! I had maybe 7 days before they sent me a new order and depleted my account 538 DKK I don’t have. They even refuse to refund me if I return this second, unopened order! What kind of company refuses to refund if you return an unopened, still sealed package? Hell, it’s even still in the delivery packaging.

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